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“Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained, nor be ignored.” Agatha Christie.


DICKSON didn’t start off his day thinking about how he was going to sweet-talk the weird chick in red, he was a serious enough student and so he was focused on his studies until the bulk of it were over and he was free to hit the school’s main library right after midday. Since he’d first run into her there the day before, he figured it was a good place to hope for luck.

And he was in luck. Just as he came through the side of the building, he saw her, seemingly coming out of the Library and heading down the walkway. She was dressed much the same like the evening before—that was, too elegantly. It was flared mini skirt this time and a tidily tucked-in lightweight top that clung over soft curves. It was still an all red ensemble—blood-red ensemble down to the heeled sandals on her feet. There was no hat though and her long hair—and, if that wasn’t extension, Dickson wryly thought, then the stylist that handed out that long, straight pitch black gorgeous array must be a real pro.

Lady in red, that’s what Lekan had nicknamed her yesterday. It was apt, and weird. It was baffling why anyone would wear red all through. Maybe Osawe had a point. Maybe they should let go this one bet. There was something odd, and disquieting, about her. He moved his foot, to retrace his steps and head back to his faculty, but found himself stepping forward and tugging the crotch of his jeans trousers as he felt a distinct tenseness there.


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“In a bet, there is a fool and a thief.” (Author unknown)


SHE came out of nowhere.

That was how it was perceived. This sudden apparition that emerged out of nowhere and conflated with the scene without quite blending in. The evening sky had lent shadows to most corners of the quadrangle yard of the biggest off-campus hostel in the university. The formal studying hours of the day were gone and most students had come out into the four-square yard to either mingle with their colleagues and neighbours, or simply, to enjoy the cool, breezy atmosphere.

She stood alone, and she stood out. She approached no one, and no one approached her. But they all saw her; and most talked about her strange appearance in perplexed whispers. Many were wary, a few disinterested and a lesser few, intrigued.

Osawe and his friends belonged to that latter group.

“Who is she?” Lekan asked.

A third-year Anatomy student, he considered it part of his study-description to behold, analyse and when possible, explore the human body.  Human body in female form, of course.

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story



TOYIN HAD NEVER felt as frightened and nervous as she felt two day later when she decided to visit Jerry. She would have gone the day before, but they had had tests in school and she had been so busy until evening time. Luckily the next day was a Saturday, so she had left in the morning.

She was a nervous wreck when she knocked on the door.

To say that Jerry was surprised when he opened the door would be an understatement of the year. He was astounded.

“Toyin!” He exclaimed.

“Can… can I… please come in?” Toyin stammered.

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story



NGOZI DECIDED to go and visit Toyin again. Since her last visit, which was over two weeks now, Toyin had turned worse. She never seemed to smile or laugh anymore. She was always on her own and seemed like she always cried a lot.

Ngozi felt sorry for her and decided to go and talk to her again. She went into the room without knocking. “Hello.” She greeted smiling.

“Eh Ngozi, you be thief, abi?” Juliet said jokingly in pidgin English. “You no dey knock for door again?”

“Knock for which door? This una yeye door?” Ngozi spoke in pidgin too.

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story



JERRY FELT DESOLATE when he got home. All he could feel was that Toyin didn’t want him anymore. He felt so miserable.

What kind of God made women? he wondered.

Gloria was standing on his veranda, waiting for him.

“You are late. You promised to be here earlier.” Gloria said with a smile. “Got an excuse for yourself?”

Jerry looked at his cousin wearily. “No excuse.” He replied.

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story



AFTER SPENDING two more weeks at home, Toyin went back to school. She was still confused about Jerry. Though he had phoned twice since his first call, each time telling her how much he loved and missed her, but she still couldn’t forget Juliet’s warning and the fact that she had seen Jerry leaving Gloria’s room.

Back in school, she couldn’t concentrate on anything she was doing. She was gradually losing weight and was very unhappy.

“Toyin, you’ve been very sad since you came back from home, hope nothing is wrong?” Ngozi her course-mate and friend asked concernedly.

“Nothing is wrong.” Toyin smiled weakly.

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story



SITTING IN HIS FATHER’S OFFICE was Jerry Adeniyi. He was thinking deeply about Toyin. He missed her very much.

Chief Kayode Adeniyi looked at his son and frowned. “You’ve got to stop thinking about that girl.” He reprimanded. “If she is no longer interested in you, then you should forget her.”

Jerry raised his head to look at his father. “Forget Toyin, father? That is not possible. You know how much I love her.”

“Yes I do. But obviously she does not love you if she can so easily break up with you.”

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