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The Marriage Ultimatum



Kaine still wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. “You are… pregnant?” She stared at Anwuli with confused eyes.

Anwuli blinked, wiped off the tears with her knuckle and nodded. “Yes, I am pregnant, Kaine. I am having a baby.” She added as if to make it clearer.

Kaine’s mouth formed a round O as she continued to gape at Anwuli. She didn’t know what to think—what to say. What was the right thing to say in these situations? How did it happen? She didn’t need to ask that. She knew how babies were made. Would the right question be—who was responsible for the pregnancy?

“Don’t judge me, Kaine.” Anwuli murmured, her voice imploring. “I know we were supposed to wait until we were married before having sex. It was how mummy counselled us. And I really wanted to. He was my first. My only.” Her tears came harder.

Overwhelmed with compassion, Kaine rose and went around the table to wrap a hand about her. “Of course, I’m not judging you, Anwi. How could you think that? You are my sister and I love you and will stand by you no matter what.”

The Marriage Ultimatum

EPISODES: Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. Finale.

*** ~~~ ***


As the last of the distant relatives and not-quite-close-friends mourners drifted out of the house and through the gates, Kaine breathed more easily.

She didn’t really feel relief—or comfort. She was too aggrieved, too sad and too empty to feel relief. She was just exhausted and wanted, needed to be alone again. It had been one horrible week. One week that had changed her life forever. One minute she’d been a simple, not overly ambitious young lady of just twenty—well, not even twenty as her birthday was next month. But she’d been content and full of dreams and had had a father.

She’d had her father. And now, he was gone.

Gone in an accident that had been sudden and fatal. An inebriated truck driver, who’d also died in the accident, had crashed into her father’s car as he made his way back home from the office. That was how the Police had put it, along with other details Kaine didn’t have use of. The only worthy information was that her father was gone; taken from her by a cruel stroke of fate.

Kaine rose from the rather worn couch and trudged to the light switch to turn it off. It was early yet, just barely six-thirty p.m. and she knew the night was still too young to go to bed but she needed rest. Yet, she knew she wouldn’t get any. But a lie down would do her good. She should have some of the rice Aunty Colette had brought along.

She wasn’t really her aunt. Just a third or fourth cousin of her father’s.

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