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One More Time… And Forever – 5




It has been a busy week and some. Maybe it was the rain infecting people with the fever to make impulsive purchases or maybe it was the exchange rates galloping downwards every now and again, whichever it was, the store has been busy and Kobi was grateful for it.

She hasn’t seen him since he stormed into her office and talked his nonsense and dared to kiss her. She didn’t want to see him. She’d be happier yet if she heard, by chance, that he’d left Lagos once again.

She hasn’t seen Naeto either. Just a quick lunch-break stopover four days ago when he told her that he was travelling home for a family affair. He’d invited her along to his younger sister’s wedding but she’d been relieved to wave the store as her excuse. She wasn’t yet ready to slide into the meet-the-family part of a relationship, especially when she wasn’t sure yet—wasn’t sure anymore which way their relationship was headed.

Naeto wanted more. She didn’t.

But she missed him.

Sort of.

Ndubuisi – 4




THE sun was eager to exhibit its competency, it seemed. It was an hour off midday and yet, the sun had taken a centred spot on the skies and was blazing its beams mercilessly on those who dared to brave its shine.

Ndubuisi tracked off a stream of sweat from her temple and wished she’d remembered to add a cotton piece to the meagre contents of her purse. The satin fabric of her blouse which now clung to her skin, added to the heated discomfort. If she had considered the possibility of the sun being so hot today, she might have chosen a more suitable fabric instead of one that didn’t deal well with heat. Of course, her skimpy wardrobe didn’t allow too many choices but the satin blouse wouldn’t have been one she’d have chosen.

“Excuse me?”

She halted and half turned her neck. “Me?”

The man who’d made the call hastened his steps to meet up with her. “My apologies for detaining you, but I’m going to the school and wanted to know if I was still on the right track.”

Ant Hill – 10



TOKI chatted animatedly as we marched on towards the Queen’s chamber. As usual he was brimming with excitement. And as was usual for me, I was both baffled and irritated by his incomprehensible exhilaration.

What did he have to be excited about? What was it about our miserable existence that kept him effervescent and eager all the time? Even now when we face summons by the Queen, which can only mean one thing—the announcement of our nuptial flight—he is brimming with enthusiasm like we are about to be served lifelong awards, instead of our death sentences.

“You know why we all have been summoned, don’t you?” He asked now.

I didn’t respond. Every drone on the line knew.

“I think it is to announce to us the day and time for our nuptial flight, don’t you think?” My silence didn’t deter him as he stayed in step with Kite who was marching beside him.

Ant Hill – 9




DOGA had summoned her!

Zita knew she should feel apprehensive that the head of her unit and the third in command after the Queen and Kaza had, for the first time ever, summoned her. But she just wasn’t.

She couldn’t explain why or how, but she felt like a whole new ant—fearless and full of a hope that hadn’t been there before. The experience of the night before out in the open field, uninhibitedly free of laws and restrictions, away from ever-probing eyes and the mundane regularity of their everyday ant life on the Hill, has filled her with this new strength. It has awakened in her a hunger for something more. A desire for a life that was more than just waking up at the break of dawn and working tirelessly till nightfall.

No, she wanted more. She wanted the fun, the laughter, the freedom… the love. And no, she wasn’t afraid to appear before Doga.

One More Time… And Forever – 4




She had indeed loved him like she’d never loved any man before. He’d known it because she’d bared her heart open to him, shared all that was inside of her, all that she’d felt for him with him without holding anything back. She’d loved him without restrain and without reservation, and in same way, she’d given herself to him.

He had been her world, her everything.

And he had destroyed that world and everything he’d meant to her.

She no longer loved him. She would never again love him. She would never again love any man. She was done with love, with men and with relationships.

She wished he hadn’t come back to Lagos.

Kobi stared morosely at the paced traffic. She wished he hadn’t waylaid… okay, maybe he hadn’t actually waylaid her Monday night but it sure had felt like it. It had startled her hearing his voice so close to her ear. It had stirred up a feeling of helpless infuriation having to listen to him talk in his usual self-assured manner. And it had been a quick slash of pain his reminding her of what she’d once felt for him.

Ant Hill – 8



WE made our way hastily towards the exit of the Hill, our antennae linked as we marched side by side.

“Are you sure we won’t be caught?” Zita asked again, her words trembling.

“I am sure we were meant to do this.” I answered. My tone was gentle. “Stop looking behind you, you have nothing to fear.” I made a gurgling soothing sound.

“I can’t help it.” Zita whispered, but she strived not to angle her head backwards again. “Maybe Kiki was right. Maybe…”

“No, she was not right.” I cut in. “Stop second guessing yourself. You wanted us to do this because you knew it is the right thing to do.”

“It is?”

“Yes.” I stopped at the sandy exit. “This is it.” I told her, my eyes glowing as they looked into hers.

One More Time… And Forever – 3




He’d always known he would come back to Lagos. It was a city whose vitality and vivacity roared in his blood. It was where he’d been born, where he’d grown into a man, where he’d sown his wild oats, where he’d make his mistakes and repaired some. But he hadn’t known he would come back for her.

He had left the city, not exactly running from her, but he had returned to it, only because of her.

He wanted her back, desperately.

He wanted her his, like she’d never been before. And he intended to have her. That was non-negotiable. She was his, his for the taking and Chima didn’t care if he was chauvinistically arrogant thinking that way. His wasn’t interested in his motives or means, just in attaining his goal.

“Why exactly are you after her?”

He set down the blender right beside the microwave and turned. Uche was slanted against the door jamb and watching him with his hands jammed in his pockets and his expression, half suspicious.

“Because I want her back.” He bent and lifted the electric stove and wondered why he’d bought it. He wasn’t much of the cooking type and there was the one burner gas cooker already. “I want her for my wife.”

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