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Sweet Forbidden



Benny strolled into the small eatery attached to the hospital and as soon as he saw Nengi, he told himself to walk right back out. Then felt ridiculous at the idea. He was the Consultant for heaven’s sake and she his subordinate. Besides, he wasn’t even the least bit interested in her and just because she’d tossed an audacious wink his way that morning didn’t mean he should be avoiding her as if he feared her— or her powers.

Kiss Me If You Can – 4


I only want three things: See You. Hug You. Kiss You.

This I saw on an images site. And it completely defines how I am feeling about this date with Naomi.

Now before I go on, I know a whole lot of you are expecting apologies for my journal entry for the third week of the year being missing last week. I did tell you guys from the very first entry, you don’t see my Kiss Me If You Can entry any Thursday before six am, hold TM responsible. I don’t get how anyone can be this…

Sweet Forbidden



Nora was humming as she got out of the car, grabbed her saddle-brown handbag from the passenger seat and locked the car. It had been a hectic day and she was so looking forward to a long cool shower, her dinner and her warm bed. Gosh, next to Fridays, Wednesdays were the most demanding at the bank. It was as if the mid-week reminded customers that they had a bank account that required all manner of attention. And today being the last Wednesday of the month, many workers were already receiving alerts from their employers and that intensified that need to attend to their accounts.


Today for our relationship and life session, I want us to reflect on how we treat the people in our lives, on the shortness of this mortal life and on the burdens we place on others in the name of rights and tradition with this flash story below.


He died twenty-three days ago, today was his funeral.

So many people had come. He had been that popular and that well-loved. His mother was wailing, I could hear the loud, piteous cries from outside the window of my room. He had been her only son, her most priced jewel.

Sweet Forbidden



When your man’s attitude becomes a source of worry, you go on your knees and pray.

That was a lesson on marriage from her mother and Sharon had always believed that she’d do it when she had her husband, or a man. But it was easier said—or thought—than done, she realised it as Tim’s latest preoccupation with his phone began to worry her.

Sweet Forbidden



It was madness, Tim knew it but he couldn’t stop himself going or acting mad. He was outside the bank building waiting for the close of work when all the staff would start leaving and he will catch a glimpse of Nora getting into her car—if she had one—or walking out of the bank’s yard to take public transport home.

Kiss Me If You Can – 3


A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear.

That is part of a quote from Ingrid Bergman. If you ever saw old TNT movies and you know Casablanca, she was in it. That’s all I’m telling you about her. You want more information, Google is your friend.

My emotions are a million-and-one and all over the place after re-reading Rodney’s text message from the early hours of this morning. Like I told you guys last entry, Rodney is a Casanova. Casanova with a majuscule, bolded, coloured-in-red for emphasis C. So, amid my many emotions is that tug of irritation you get when you anticipate the appearance of an annoying character. Some of the other emotions would be, nervousness, excitement, panic, confusion, curiosity, amusement and somewhere in the dark, obscure background, fear.

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