Definitely Sealed – #4

She wept with Chioma too, the young woman who kept house for Mama. Three or four neighbours came in, wept too. Mama had been dearly loved. She’d been ‘mama’ to many. She’d been mama, a second mother, to Kristi. Her…


Definitely Sealed – #3

Some clients made being an efficient professional twice as hard to pull off. Kristi was presently sitting across one of such clients and her jaw was starting to feel stiff from the effort of her amicable smile. “I just want…


Definitely Sealed – #1

Levi had two great loves in his life—life in itself and his dear mother. He never bothered to ponder which was his greater love though. There was no need to qualify what didn’t require qualifying was always his thinking. Especially…

Book Release

Released: All Business

Hiya people, #1 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy is out! Get your copy of ALL BUSINESS from Okadabooks HERE. Or get in touch with me via: sophiabernard198@gmail.com or via WhatsApp: 08142300549 for a PDF copy. PRICE is: N400… only. Lol


Glimpse: All Business

“HE kissed you?” Ima sighed at the astonishment in Fejiro’s voice. She had done nothing but think about the kiss since getting home from the airport and still unable to figure out why he would kiss her left her as…

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