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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – 3



“It is revealed. So, I know.”

* * * 



* * *

 “We can’t just offer money to a man and take his baby, Uduak.” Ken Dikko-Jack rebuffed the suggestion his wife had just made.

“He doesn’t want the baby.” Uduak gripped his hand as she earnestly insisted. “Ken, I held this baby in my arms, cuddled him against my breasts, and it felt like he was mine. It felt so right holding him and he quietened once he was in my arms.”

“Uduak…” Ken shook his head, confused and worried about the whole idea. “But we are working on adopting our own already. That would be legal and straightforward. Why can’t we be patient and wait for that?”

“This baby is mine, Ken. He is ours. I’ve held him. I can’t again forget him.”

“He’s not ours, Uduak. He has a father… and possibly a mother somewhere.”

“So would the child we are hoping to legally adopt. Yet we’d still adopt him.” Uduak argued. “Ken, I don’t know what this young man would do with that baby. He’s no more than twenty-two at the most and he looked so troubled. He doesn’t want the baby. He wants to get rid of it. Somehow… anyhow.”

“And he asked you for money?”

Midnight Dance

SHE wheeled her suitcase down the lone street. She needed to find a hotel; definitely not one in these parts. She couldn’t afford any here. She couldn’t afford…

Prue broke off her thoughts, let go off the handle of the suitcase and pressed her fingers against her eyes as hot tears surged out. Oh God! Why did these terrible things keep happening to her? Why did she keep coming to a place in life where she was stranded with nowhere to go? Why did she always have to wind up alone—always alone?

The gates of the house she was standing close to shuddered open and the rear lights of the car backing into the street beamed on her. Prue hastily brushed off her tears, jerked up her suitcase and stumbled out of the way.

The car, a dark grey coloured SUV, likely a Honda, fully reversed and started up the street. Then it screeched to a sudden stop, backed up and stopped right beside her.

Prue took an involuntary step backward as the driver’s side glass wound down.

“Miss Rawlings? Prudence Rawlings?”

Recognising him, the art dealer who’d come to the gallery a little over a month ago, Prue’s quick panic turned to acute embarrassment. “Ah… Mr Abang, good evening.”

“It’s actually Clarence.” He pushed open his car door and stepped down. “Going somewhere this time of the night?” His gaze lingered on her suitcase.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – 2



“Questions beget answers; answers we might not be prepared for.”

* * * 



* * * 

“Stefan! My God, what are you doing here so late?” Kufre stepped back from her door to let him in. “I thought I was the one coming to PH on Thursday? And I’ve been calling you the last hour or so. You were going to call me after you were done with your dinner, remember?” She abruptly stopped talking and peered at him closely.

Stefan wondered what she saw—confusion, fatigue… fear?

He certainly felt all three, and worse. He could barely see her himself. He could barely make out her full curvy frame in the cotton purplish pink nightwear with its rows of centre-lined buttons.

“Darling, are you all right?” She reached for his right hand and pressed it with her own. “Did something happen? Is that why you drove down this night?”

“Kufre…” Stefan swallowed. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to say.

Why had he come here? When he’d stalked out of the restaurant, he hadn’t been thinking of— He hadn’t been thinking. Period. He had just gotten in his car and without thought, had started driving. Then he’d ended up in front of the house she lived… at Uyo.

“Stefan, what happened?” Her fingers curled around his and squeezed.

Kiss By Moonlight



LOVE is out there. Be bold. Be adventurous.’

That was what she was doing, being bold, being adventurous and going after love—which was, at present, right in front of her now. Only instead of being cuddled in his arms, sprawled out on his bed, he was sitting across of her in a restaurant, looking dissatisfied. And instead of the declarations of love she’d anticipated—well, longed for really—his tone was outright serious and a trifle annoyed. While her suitcase, which should be in his bedroom, was sitting cold in her boot with no hope of being taken down. Not by him, at least.

“You know you should have called me before coming down.”

He had said that before. It was the first thing he’d said when she walked into his office. “I thought a surprise would be nice.” Zinny smiled, bright and upbeat. Which wasn’t how she was feeling at all. “We haven’t seen each other in two months. I missed you.”

“I have been busy.” Kene dodged the hand she was inching towards his and picked his drink. “You shouldn’t have taken the day off work just so you can drive down.”

“I wanted the full weekend with you. At least today and tomorrow.” She looked at him, an attractive man who knew he was attractive, and Zinny tried a soft-spoken tone. “I thought we could spend some time together. I really did miss you, Kene.”

Kene looked away from her eyes. He would not allow his conscience prick him.

“Still, you shouldn’t have just turned up without first letting me know.” He complained. “What if I wasn’t around? What if I’d gone on an official trip? Or had a family emergency?”

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – 1

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4.


“Hidden truths are unspoken lies.”

* * *



* * *

“No one gets a job offer out of the blue. It doesn’t feel right when things like this happen. I mean if you never applied with the company, how did they get your information, let alone offer you a job with them?”

Uduak Dikko-Jack, his sweet mother and an exasperating pain in his ass at the moment, had on her get-her-way sulky frown on and her mouth was puckered up in a displeased pout.

She didn’t want him moving, Stefan knew that and sighed. “I don’t know how they got my details, mum. The HR personnel said I came highly recommended and they want me starting immediately. I can’t turn down the offer, not when they’re paying more per trip.”

“You’re earning just fine per trip right here.” She countered, her sulky pout puckering even more. “In any case, I thought you were considering giving up driving and starting up your own company? We agreed on it.”

“I’m giving myself six months, a year at the most, and its goodbye to Long Haul and welcome to SDJ Logistics.”

“Is that what you’re going to call it?” Ken Dikko-Jack queried.

Phantom Caller

The phone rang.

Reena picked it. “Hello.”

“I’m at the door.”

“Come to the door.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m waiting.”

The call clicked off.

Reena dropped the phone and stared at the door. She shifted her gaze to the wall clock.

The Thief… who stole my heart

He was a thief!

And like the thief he was, he’d come, skulking, unseen and nimble-fingered.

How she’d not known he was a thief, Amina did not know. He’d come when she’d least expected it… But then, whoever expected the coming of a thief?

He’d stolen from her; robbed her of that which she treasured most. That rare treasure, the most priceless of jewels, she’d been saving, preserving for the one deserving of it.

But could she have stopped him?

Amina flapped her hand-fan, her swing aimed at the fly that buzzed by. She would have reinforced her defense walls had she known what he was. She would have locked the gates and stood as sentry against any false entrance, if she had anticipated his intentions.

The thought, and the imagery, soothed her and her hand flailed to fan herself.

But he had been coy.

The charlatan!

His tongue had been costed with sugar-sweet words and like a wordsmith, he had known what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Sweet-tongued charlatan!

She should have averted her eyes and blocked off her ears. Amina hissed, flapped her hand-fan and beat at invisible flies. She should not have been over eager to listen his words and to clutch at them with her tender, naïve ears.

A liar, with no truth upon his tongue.

And yet, she had believed him.

She had, at the cajoling of his words dripping like sweet nectar, thrown open the door and allowed him to enter, confounding her more with each plunge, he was careful and steady to make.

Sated, he had become blasé. And with indifference borne out of constant knowledge and over use, he had walked through the door… and he had not looked back.

A thief and a charlatan!

But she knew better now. Amina narrowed her eyes, steadied her hand and waited for the perch. Then she swung the hand-fan and caught beneath it, the fly that dared to want a piece of her.

Thief! She would allow him no more. She was wiser now, steadier of mind… and of resolve.

“My priceless jewel.”

Lying words from a sugar-coated tongue. Oh, but why did they have to sound so sweet?

Amina slowly raised her head. And there he… her thief.

“Thieving scoundrel!” She cursed, and wished she carried more venom in her voice.

“I couldn’t stay away from you, so I returned.”

“You returned because you could not find any who would serve you honey from their garden without settlement.”

The words, spoken by her with more punch than the first, were a slap at her pride more than a sneer at him.

“I returned because I could find no one like you. No one as beautiful, as tender, as sweet.”

Liar! She should turn him away. Have none of him.

Amina opened her mouth to do just that. She was, after all, wiser now.

But if she sent him away and no one else came? She no longer possessed the treasure that made her truly priceless, did she? She’d given it freely… to him.

He was a thief and a charlatan. But he was now the possessor of her priceless jewel.

“You will not leave again?” Her voice pleaded even as she demanded.

“I will stay as long as I have you.”

She knew better, but she allowed her heart to cling to the lie. She knew better, yet Amina set down her hand-fan, and opened her arms to him.

“Welcome back.”


A 584 words Flash Fiction. A simple lesson: He… or she, can only do as much as you permit. Your body, your mind and your heart are your own… GIVE WISELY.


After 13 days, still no power. Go save a nation such as this!

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