Ant Hill – 2

AH EPISODES TWO ♣ I stretched and edged toward the exit of the drone chamber. I had quickly gulped down my food and was impatient to get out and see my exquisite Zita. “And where are you going again?” Toki’s…


Ant Hill – 1

AH EPISODES ONE ♣ I saw her as she ambled her way towards the Nursery chamber, a gleaming glorious beauty on six legs. Zita. She was a minor worker attached to the Nurseries. She was also the centre of my…


My Heart’s Song – 14

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER FOURTEEN  ♫  HIS heart hung like a heavy lead against his chest even as he knocked on the door. Then it sank when it was Shiloh’s mother who opened the door. “Good evening, ma’am.” Jeth worked up…


My Heart’s Song – 13

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER THIRTEEN  ♫  JETH stared at the row of chocolate bars and candies. If she were here with him inside the store, she’d be grabbing on every kind of candy on the shelf, piling on Snickers and Kit-Kat…


My Heart’s Song – 12

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER TWELVE ♫  SHILOH whooshed out a long deep breath through her mouth and set down the bible. There was no need pretending that she was reading the words on Romans 15 when she wasn’t. She pushed off…


My Heart’s Song – 11

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER ELEVEN ♫  WHEN he thought of marriage, and the truth was that he’d never much thought about it—until now. But when he, in those few moments, thought of marriage he’d always thought he’d have a perfect sense…


My Heart’s Song – 9

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER NINE ♫ “So when are we going to meet her?” Jeth swept up his head at his brother’s question. “We just started dating.” “Which is why I’m finally broaching the subject of us meeting her despite our…

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