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something new for Easter

TM’s still on break.

I thought I’d say that first. Lol.

Hello, good people. How’s everyone who’s anyone doing? Gotten over the BBN fever? Cured now? Mystiq?… *side-eyes-at-you*

So, it’s Holy Week… as we Catholics term it. It is the week that closes the Lenten season and opens the door to the season of Easter and the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. Who’s looking forward to Easter Sunday? I am now. I’ve been much blessed this season by a family that truly loves me and have got my back no matter what. Hope you are getting blessed too.

Anyhoo, cos it’s Easter and I just can’t bear to leave you guys lonely… someone grab my halo and slide it over my head, please   . Yeah, yeah, thank you. That’s me, sweet, saintly TM who can’t leave her peeps lonely. No, haven’t got the good heart, gentle soul and… all right, you get the picture… it’s up there.

Something new for Easter week. Something new and something short. A Romantic Fantasy short story of five parts. Much like Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, only one part longer. A Fantasy short story embellished with the atmosphere of Romance.


Our heroine gets into a cab, pipes out which direction she’s headed and sits back for the car to move. But instead of kicking the car into gear, cab driver a.k.a hero turns over one shoulder and says to her: Say Yes.

Like… WT…H!

Is he nuts? Our heroine is certainly considering that possibility as she scrutinizes him head to… well, it’s mostly head because of the limiting car factor. You get?

She debates with him. It’s mostly a one-sided debate as hero hasn’t much to say except to keep parroting: Say Yes. Finally, exasperated… like who wouldn’t be? *rme* Heroine considers getting out of the car but its pouring like the heavens are weeping for a lost angel and she can’t storm out. Just to humour him, she purses her lips, arches her well-trimmed eyebrows and says: Yes.

And what do you think happens next?

Now that is where our Romantic Fantasy short story begins… and I know you want to know all about it. So… tune in tomorrow 12.04.17six hundred hours… *calm down*… That is simply: 6 a.m. Be here tomorrow at 6 a.m. and SAY YES would have preceded you… and asking you to read it.

Other parts of the story will be posted: Thursday, 13.04.17Saturday, 15.04.17Sunday, 16.04-17… we can’t miss Easter Sunday, people! This whole thing is about keeping you entertained that day… duh! And… Tuesday, 18.04.17. All @: 6 a.m. … not a second later.

I know you don’t want to miss it, so I’m just gonna say: Get your reading glasses ready!

After our short story, TM will go back to her break until after her birthday and we will continue “rolling along” on this blog.

SAY YES… it takes only YES to make magic. 

trailer: No Perfect Life

I am thinking another series. Something else to read. Something else new and different. Something to fill up the “Diaries” section of the blog. I started the “Diaries” posts way back on Alifediary with Keziah’s Diary. Which, by the way, I will be editing soon… and then decide what to do with it.

Good morning, folks. How’s the week coming along? Who found this place empty the last two days? Lmao. Been busy… in various ways *wink*.

So, something to occupy the Diaries category. Hey, don’t start going *rme* at me. I know I left Kiss Me If You Can uncompleted and also abandoned Margaret X. Now, KMIYC is going to return in 2 or maybe 3 years’ time when Emma would be all grown up and I can do something else with his kiss-phobia self. Lol.

As for Margaret X, it will return someday soon when I am mind-ready to resume writing it.

But this new series, it’s the real deal. No breaking. No abandonment.

It’s going to be a long series. Long-time, no-hurry, take-our-time series and it will come in a format akin to the LSDL short story. By that I mean, it will take the short-scene-titled format. Only in this case, scenes will be titled by the names of the protagonists.

Like LSDL too, it will be all straight-to-the-point. No dilly-dallying. Our goal is to follow the life-events of these protagonists. So, it will all be important-events based. No time for unnecessary wahala.

Another thing is that: EPISODES ARE GOING TO BE SHORT.

See how I put that in uppercase and bold format? That is because that part of this new deal is very important. Each episode is going to be short. So no go looking for a long read. We will stick to the point and keep it short. Reason is that I won’t have the time for long write-ups on this one.


A Realistic Fiction following the life of four Women.

Buchi Ugorji. Lade Balogun. Doofan Ambrose & Telema Amachree.

Four women whose lives tell different stories. We follow their struggles. We follow their pains. We follow their joys. We follows their triumphs. We go through the journey of their lives that proves that there is nothing like the “perfect life”. However “perfect” another person’s life seems, there is always a struggle there; and every life has its moments of joy and moments of sorrow.

This so-long-a-series begins Tuesday 28 February 2017.

Like our new posting time-schedule, it will be posted: 10 p.m.

Days of Posting: Tuesday. Thursday & Sunday.

I think it’s going to be a great, life-touching read. BUT if as we go along, I find it’s not something readers like, as was the case of KMIYC & MX where comments on both series were very scanty, I will halt posting and we’ll all forget about it.

So, NO PERFECT LIFE coming soon and its success and lifespan is all dependent on us all. I promise to do my part as Writer and I hope I can count on you all to do your parts as Readers.

Okay, that is. Onto something else…

Writers’ Guide 101 is returning tomorrow. And I am looking to make it twice monthly. That is, first Thursdays and last Thursdays of every month.

Remember: Let’s Talk Sex will be here Fridays and on Saturday mornings a new “talk” post will be taking position: All About Gist. All About Gist will be a recap of the week-long events. Anything at all, we… yes, WE (all of us) feel like sharing that happened during the week… or at any other time… we will “gist” ourselves about it.

Blovels is still Wednesdays & Saturdays Nights and at the moment, we are enjoying the love story of Shiloh & Jethro in My Heart’s Song.

That is it, people. Wishing you all a great day… and tune in tonight ten-ish for MHS.


Trailer – My Heart’s Song

“I opened for my beloved, but my beloved had left; he was gone. My heart sank at his departure. I looked for him but did not find him. I called him but he did not answer.” (Songs of Solomon 5:6 NIV)

The Songs of Solomon are songs of love, and like a perfume, its fragrance beguiles our souls when we meditate upon it. It certainly did that for Shiloh. She loved to read these words of passionate love and to secretly fantasize that they be one day spoken to her by the lips of a man whose heart was overwhelmed with love for her.

Then she met Jethro; and then she gave her heart to him, and then she opened up herself to him. And instead of the embrace of a lover’s arms, it was his back he turned to her.

“Who can find a woman of virtue? For her value is far above rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10 NKJV)

Jethro wanted that woman whose value was above rubies. When he thought of a woman to give his heart to and share his life with, he thought in the lines of a “virtuous woman”. And where else, but in the house of God, to find such an admirable woman? And he found her, on a day he was not looking to find her, and like a man worthy of his nature and his calling, he valiantly pursued her.

Love took shape and became. Excitement and Contentment built and overflowed. Then came the revelations and then, the shocks and… dashing hopes.

MY HEART’S SONG: an Inspirational Romantic tale of learning that all things of God are not always glitter-perfect. Sometimes, God takes the broken potteries and he remoulds them into honed miniatures. He doesn’t wipe out the past; but recreates a brighter future.

Jethro & Shiloh: letting the Master Potter do his job!


This Inspirational Romance is beginning Wednesday, 8 February 2017. It’s a 10-chapter Romance Novella and it will be dedicated to all February Celebrants and to all lovers of love. Yeah, we are the in the month of love, folks!

Posting Days: Wednesdays & Saturdays.

Time: God-ordained hour.

Venue: Life and Spices.com… can’t be no other place, can it? *wink*


This is likely going to be one of my last long free-reads for a long time to come. For come the month of March, we will move into Premium Stories and then I will be dedicating my time and writing skills to “profitable ventures” *wink* *wink*.

So therefore, get your reading eyes and devices ready and come tomorrow, be here… and don’t be here without inviting someone along with you!

MY HEART’S SONG… read, learn… and love.

Hey, did I just hear someone say: “TM’s going church romance on us!”

Nah, TM’s had this storyline and even plotted it and wrote its first page way back in July’16… hehehe. But… TM, on a slow and steady pace, will be tilting more to Inspirational when we talk Romance. But that is talk for another day.

Today, I say get your reading gears ready, folks… it’s going to be a bumper ride. Whoo-hee!!!

Trailer – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Stefan Dikko-Jack has a life most young people dreamed they have.

He just turned 30 and he had everything going for him.

A family that loved him like he was Isaac, Samuel & Jesus all made into one to become this “golden” child. Then he has a job that garnered him a hefty six figures at a time when folks screamed “recession” like it was a spiritual-cleansing mantra. Then he was in love with a gorgeous woman and he had the satisfaction of knowing he was loved right back.

Life was perfect.

He thinks that.

But every wise man… well, if he has had the experience to be thus wise… knows that life is never perfect. Especially when you think it is perfect.

Then he gets a new offer that ticks up those six figures and in a city many Nigerians don’t mind moving to… at least once in their lifetime.

Surely the angels in heaven were singing a special Hallelujah on his behalf?

Stefan certainly thought so.

Then he moves… And he meets… And he’s shocked.

And the questions begin.

What does a man do when he discovers a thirty year old secret?

How does he deal with a secret that changes everything he once knew… and leaves him shattered?

Who does he turn to when everyone in his life seem to be part of the conspiracy he cannot comprehend?

Some folks say: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

But can he when everything has become so unsettled?

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie : a short story that will have you taking another look in the mirror.

A story that will reawaken in your heart that ever-gnawing question: Who am I?

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie : meet Stefan Dikko-Jack and the discovery that changed his perception of life.

This Blockbuster Story opens on Life and Spices.com: 12 January 2017.

Viewing Time: … *The right time*.

Viewing Days: Thursdays & Sundays.

It’s just a 4-part story… but you don’t want to miss any part.

Now, the question is: What is that one secret that when uncovered, you can’t let it go?

Let’s share, folks, while we wait Stefan Dikko-Jack to tell us his own discovered secret.

Trailer – Mercenary Wife

This November, a high society wedding takes place. A wedding ceremony that leaves many hearts wistful and envious.

The groom is that dream man that the 21st century Nigeria-in-economic-recession woman secretly, and for some, not so secretly, desires. A financially sturdy man with that fine combination of being a devout Christian.

The bride is the forever desire of every male with a nodding  nether member—gorgeous, sexy, with a body and heart that is now all his.

The dream wedding. The highly sought-after bride and groom. A perfect world.

But for Simon Tim-Jaja, his world is tottering into an overwhelming disaster when on the evening of his wedding day, he overhears his new bride confess that she married him only for his money. A man in love with all his heart and all that he is and to discover that he is nothing but a means to an end to the woman he loves.

For Richelle Alabrah her dream of living the good life is about to begin as she officially becomes Mrs Simon Tim-Jaja. She is a woman with her eyes solely on the prize. she’s been trained to calculate and to calculate rightly. She is body, bone and blood—the mercenary wife.

MERCENARY WIFE coming this November right on the 17th day of this sweltering month.

What does a heartbroken groom do with his MERCENARY WIFE?

Find out by tuning in on Life and Spices.com every Thursday & Sunday right before noon—unless TM says differently.

Romance with smouldering spice—Nothing hotter.

MERCENARY WIFE can love trounce greed?


Now I ask our gentlemen readers: Iyke, Jeff, Victor, Marnie (it is my greatest hope that you are male), Datoks (are you a dude?) Justice… et al, what would you do if you find out that the woman you loved, and married, only married you for your money?

And to all the sisters in da house, will you marry a man just for “the blinks”… so to speak?

Let’s share our thoughts as we await our opening day of the MERCENARY WIFE… tell someone another hot Romance is starting on Life and Spices.com this Thursday.



This Romance story will be partly dedicated to November celebrants (until the month ends) and to December celebrant until the story comes to an end. It is, by God’s grace, going to be a 10-chapter novella. Our last story for 2016… unless I can do a Christmas short story like last year.

I have also, due to my own schedule, switched posting days to Thursdays and Sundays. And I will strive to post before noon… all things being equal. First week of 2017, I will publish the 2017 LS Blog Schedule.

Y’all have a good day now *wink*

Trailer – BTG: Blood of the Innocent

We are slowly drawing the curtain close on DINNER FOR TWO. We, actually, have just two episodes to go. It has been my sincerest pleasure writing this Romance story. It was a wicked-gleam-in-the-eyes pleasure choosing to begin the story from a place where both my hero and heroine were already in love with each other. That is the beauty of Romantic Fiction, and fiction in general, you can begin just about anywhere and still draw same conclusion.

You know, I am proud of romantic souls like Jojodia—who everyone now knows loves love. Lol.

Know why romantic souls like her make me proud? Because they are not scared to believe. They are not afraid to believe that love like that, all mushy and silly and “earthily” impossible can happen. They are not cynical or all “down-to-earth” practical. They are like me. I am a romantic and I love romance. I love the romance that makes a man wrap his arms around me when I slip into bed and begin to do things I probably wasn’t thinking of doing. I love the romance that makes me reach out and just hold his hand. I love the romance that makes us smile foolishly at each other over jokes that will make sane people go, “say what!”

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