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The movement has started… *hehehe*

MY E-Books are now available @ OKadabooks and that is including FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE.

Many of you (if not all here) are quite familiar with the ebooks presently available there… but don’t let that stop you from getting your own right-in-my-phone copy *wink*.

All Ebooks @ the Okadabooks store is also available here on the LS EBookstore at a discounted price. This is mostly because I’ve got heavier charges to meet up with at Okadabooks. But it is also my way of rewarding those who patronize the blog’s Estore *wink*.



I want to simply welcome all of us to this new month of NOVEMBER.

May all our dreams come true.


Wow! I can’t believe this day finally came. I can’t believe I am finally writing on my own self-hosted blog!

I first dreamed this day two years ago +. I started out dreaming to own a blog in 2012. Then I thought of a relationship mostly and some short stories blog. But it was in 2013 that I actually—to borrow a cliché—took the bull by the horn and got down to blogging. That was the birth of Alifediary, where we are coming from.

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