Moses and Jesus: a lil laugh

A burglar broke into a house one night. He shined his flashlight around, looking for valuables when a voice in the dark said, “Jesus knows you are here.” He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and…


New Look… loading

Hiya, peeps, It’s finally that big day for me… yay!!! I just bought my very own premium theme and I am so hyped and vibrating with happy vibes. Lol. It’s a big day, or maybe I should say, night, for…



Good morning, people Hope you are all doing good. I am, and I hope, and plan, to do better. This is a very important notice because an era is about to come to an end… finally. Many of you know…


SomeThing New

Hello, guys, It’s been a long, long while, hasn’t it? Well, we brought the story to an end, once again, on Who Killed Dana Bala? and now, we should be all set for something else… at least, that’s the way…


Last Post at 39

Una know wetin wan go down tomorrow, abi? TM about to hit 40! That kinda shit is not easy mehn. Abeg make I take style remind una something. I don put am for Facebook, dis one na for una. I…


Welcome to June

 is here. Hurray!!! Welcome to the best month of the year. May you enjoy the very best of 2017. To all, birthday celebrants and everyone, happy new month and a blessed each day of this amazing month. Keep smiling, keep…


Ah, books… #sigh

Who is feeling this way? Or ever felt that way? Like you’ve read all the books on your shelf, reread most and read all of those on your mobile device… all ’em TM David-West’s and now… there’s just nothing to…

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