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Thank YOU

I don’t always say it but… THANK YOU.

Yes, YOU…

You who have faithfully followed me…

You who always take the time to share your thoughts with me…

You who seek me out when I’m gone for days on end…

You who show your support in extra little ways…

And You who believe in me, enough to be here, enough to read and love, enough to share my works, enough to lend some support…

I love YOU.

I just never say it.

*@Paula, Toyenlon & Jeffrey, I see your support and I am eternally grateful.*



The movement has started… *hehehe*

MY E-Books are now available @ OKadabooks and that is including FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE.

Many of you (if not all here) are quite familiar with the ebooks presently available there… but don’t let that stop you from getting your own right-in-my-phone copy *wink*.

All Ebooks @ the Okadabooks store is also available here on the LS EBookstore at a discounted price. This is mostly because I’ve got heavier charges to meet up with at Okadabooks. But it is also my way of rewarding those who patronize the blog’s Estore *wink*.

Come now, let’s bond again…

Oh, my darling, darling readers. Dear, dear gorgeous beautiful people of my heart. The true spices of my e-heart *wink* *wink*.

Darlings, I am truly sorry to have been so unceremoniously away. I could not have helped it, however much I wanted to. I desperately needed to round off some editing works and finally finished Thursday midnight. I wanted to be here yesterday but the almighty  power people will not let it be.

But I am here now, sweet, sweet fanta dialo (s) *lol*. I am here and though I still have much work on my plate, I’ll endeavour to be here at the minimum twice weekly. This is a promise I solemnly make you all, dear folks, and I do mean to keep it as long as God provides life and flourishes me with grace.

I now implore you, sweet, lovely, only-the-best-on-the-web folks, to pardon me, and whilst your gentle hearts are reeling with the power of your forgiveness, to enjoy today’s episode of TMU. And honey-pie folks, I know that you so love using Opera-Mini but take the time today to go outside of that little browser-nutcase and leave me some good comments… I’ll be on the look out for your sweet, heart-pumping words *wink* *wink* *wink*.

I’ve got much to share with you guys… new developments… and I’ll be right back to do so. Let me feed hub, my No.1-true love, first… *hehehe*


**Choi, see love letter and love pishure sef… this love is real mehn!**



Frankly, I am irritated this morning. I am thoroughly and absolutely irritated. There is something I cannot stand and that is doing everything I can to proffer a solution to a problem and not have the persons concerned stay with me to see if that solution works.

Some of you can up with complaints about the Comment Form (Box). On Sunday… actually beginning Saturday night, I started working on it. And in the process of working on it, I almost lost my Post.php (that is my entire posting section). I managed to correct my error and got things back in order.

COMMENTS??? – Browser Problem?

I have been getting complaints about the Comment Form. When McStefan first called my attention to it, I didn’t understand his complaint, not until Adefunke sent me a mail concerning it and then I received another complaint from Doyin via the Facebook Page.

Now, yesterday I tried to work on it via the Comment.php and my theme’s style.css. Well, all my codes tweaking caused a ‘Parce error’ (that means the entire section vanishes) and I had to quickly revert to bring it back.



I want to simply welcome all of us to this new month of NOVEMBER.

May all our dreams come true.


I just replied a mail from a blog visitor and it struck me that some may have visited the E-Bookstore and were confused on how to proceed.

I put up two methods of purchase on the E-store–one, using my bank account details which I pasted below and the other, through the SimplePay Payment processor.

To use the SimplePay Payment gateway, just click on the title above or the more link below  “[…]” and it will take you to the ‘add-to-cart’ page. Click on ‘add-to-cart’ and then on ‘checkout’. On the Checkout page, fill in your personal info and then click ‘Purchase’. And this will take you to the SimplePay payment site and there, you fill out given option until you get to the Interswitch payment reception page and you can key in your bank-card details and pin.

Once payment is completed and a success, you will be brought back to Life and Spices E-Bookstore where a lovely Purchase confirmation mail will be waiting for you with your download link. Then you can download away.

If you are using the Bank Transfer method, just pay money into the account listed, send me a mail with your bank deposit details and I’ll send you a download link.


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