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A bit of Talk

So I wanted to say something about HOTH (House on the Hill). Today’s episode was imperative. When I started out “envisioning” this story, what we are reading now is not exactly what my vision saw. But this part of the writing-style I will tell you guys when we are done and I do a TM SAYS post on “Writing HOTH”.

Today though, I just wanted to say that we are fast drawing close to the end of our story. Yeah, a surprise will be nice but I daresay many, many, MANY of you will be surprised still… possibly shocked on how this ends.


Who’s to Blame?

I don’t mind taking responsibility for my failures and mistakes… not since I grew up anyway. But who’s to blame when something beyond our control happens? When we apologise, as I am often wont to do, aren’t we claiming responsibility for whatever error?

I returned from my trip on Monday and that day was the last I saw light… electrical power. Since Tuesday there’s been no power. I have so much work to type. I used whatever battery I had to make the Tuesday HOTH post and when it was done, I could work no more. And the week wasted away without my being able to put in any work – not here on the blog and not on the UP story I’m working on.

NLYG Giveaway *Yay!*

So, Never Let You Go has been published. We’re more than a week late but better late than never, right? And I say ‘we’ because ‘we’ are all in this together, not so? Lol.

This is th16, and it surely won’t be the last… heck no!

In line with my plans for 2016, there will be eBooks giveaways and discounted purchases for every eBook published this year. There will be no stone-written method for these Giveaways, each eBook will have its own style. The only common ground is that these Giveaways will be won by commenting-readers.

The Return

She walks in, her steps unhurried and consciously paced. She looks around; there is no one in sight.

Where could they be?

Her forehead wrinkles with a frown. Her brows draw together and her heartbeat begins a lone drone palpitating. She calls out. “Iyke? Toyen? Dami?”

There is no response. Instead her voice echoes like the drumbeats on top of a mountain. Her worry becomes fear. And her fear accelerates the rapid beatings of her heart.

Comment Form – Can You Now See it?

Still too many complaints and after several more trials (which usually sends my blog into disappearing-mode *lol*), I was giving up when a thought struck (from heaven above *wink*) and I went ahead and deactivated my Jetpack Comment Module.

Soon as I did and I checked Opera Mini, the normal WordPress Comment form/box appeared (in all its glory).

So, if you have been complaining (hounding TM *rme*), please, please and PLEASE come in here, check if you can eazy-pizzy make a comment and then shout a big “TM, you rock jor”… Lmao.

I truly hope this solves the problem. I used the Jetpack Module because it was easy to tweak and all that. But TM is here to satisfy her readers, right?…….. *not always, hehehe*.

Let me know how it works now, please. Have a good night, y’all. *Off to sleep*

Thank YOU

I don’t always say it but… THANK YOU.

Yes, YOU…

You who have faithfully followed me…

You who always take the time to share your thoughts with me…

You who seek me out when I’m gone for days on end…

You who show your support in extra little ways…

And You who believe in me, enough to be here, enough to read and love, enough to share my works, enough to lend some support…

I love YOU.

I just never say it.

*@Paula, Toyenlon & Jeffrey, I see your support and I am eternally grateful.*



The movement has started… *hehehe*

MY E-Books are now available @ OKadabooks and that is including FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE.

Many of you (if not all here) are quite familiar with the ebooks presently available there… but don’t let that stop you from getting your own right-in-my-phone copy *wink*.

All Ebooks @ the Okadabooks store is also available here on the LS EBookstore at a discounted price. This is mostly because I’ve got heavier charges to meet up with at Okadabooks. But it is also my way of rewarding those who patronize the blog’s Estore *wink*.

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