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SomeThing New

Hello, guys,

It’s been a long, long while, hasn’t it?

Well, we brought the story to an end, once again, on Who Killed Dana Bala? and now, we should be all set for something else… at least, that’s the way it should be.

With that expected order of things in mind, I am announcing the beginning of something new. I, in fact, consider that we got lucky with the timing of this something new. It couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time and from a more appropriate source.

A new story, that is the something new. And not my story, that too is another something new. We haven’t been opportune thus far to read stories from other writers, but it is going to happen now. A new story just walked into my inbox and I have been given the express go ahead to share it here on lifeandspices.com.

Story is titled: Ricochet Of Cataclysm.

Yeah, I know, big words… lol. But that’s the title and it is a story written by one of our very own: Esther Ugbaja, aka Exceptionalstar. Esther is professionally an ophthalmic nurse but on the side, when she is able, she’s also a Fiction Writer. So, we will be reading her story here on LS starting this evening… and I hope we do enjoy the story and give her visible support via comments as we go.

All right, I know many are going to ask: what about One More Time… And Forever and Ndubuisi? Well, those are presently still unavailable and I am, at the moment, unwilling to resume work on them. I’m looking at a lot of things and a lot of those things need to be put in place and required changes need to be made. When everything is all set, I will announce a resumption date and we will go from there.

In the interim, let us enjoy Ricochet of Cataclysm and keep a date with whatever else would be going on here.

Thank you as always and y’all have a success-filled day.


Still messed up schedule

I was just going to continue being absent with no explanations until when I can fully return. But it makes me feel irresponsible if I don’t offer excuses, and explanations, especially when I can.

First, I do want to apologise that things are not yet back on schedule here on the blog. I’d wanted them to be by last week, or at the latest, this week. But I discovered I needed to round off a personal project, actually two personal projects, before getting back to full-time blogging.

I am editing, still editing, an old story that I want published for paid reading and I had hoped that by now it would be out and sales ongoing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet my own deadline. No surprise there, right? But it does surprise and embarrass me when that happens.

So, because I have lapsed, and terribly so, behind schedule on the publishing of this story, I’ve decided, and really since last week, to take all the time I need off to edit carefully and publish before returning to the blog. I also have a pending edit for a friend of mine which I should have finished by now and so, will get through it before I get back here. Therefore, there are two works to be edited and then published before the possibility of a return would be considered.

This is truly important, very much so, because I sustain this blog via my earnings from sales of my eBooks. This blog is not yet self-sufficient and won’t survive if I don’t write, edit and publish. So, I need to do this.

I’m not going to pretend to give a time frame and then fail on it. Not this time. There are too many constraints, too many unforeseen circumstances, arising from varied angles, so it’s going to be one step at a time. Also, after I’m done publishing, I will take the time to completely write all remaining chapters of One More Time… And Forever before I begin posting. I consider this as only fair as I have over-delayed the story already. There would be no point coming back and making you guys go through a weekly posting after waiting so long. Best if it’s a daily post after my return. It will make up for my absence and make things more interesting for you.

So, I ask that we all stay calm and be patient, things will soon revert to its normal course. Hopefully.

Once More Ready

We only get things done when we get ourselves prepared, in every way, to do them.

Good morning, fam. It’s been a long away-time, and its been worth it. I did not think to take some time off, it just happened and now, I am grateful it did. When one’s been lying on one spot too long, there is a desperate need to move, even if it’s just to shuffle one foot. And when you blink and still cannot see clearly, you will need to look for something to wipe your eyes clean with.

Change is good.

Change of scenery. Change of mind set. Change of attitude. Change of heart. Whatever the change, and the best ones are those we make happen within us, change is good.

I am happy to say that I am back. I have been since Saturday actually but needed to get my home in a semblance of working order again. I also needed to put myself in working mode. Things will not swing back to normal magically. We will need another week for that to begin to happen. But I am back and I am fully ready to get back to work.

Let me repeat that: I am back and I am fully ready to get back to work  😀

I wanted, and needed, to repeat that because it is such a positive affirmation and one I am so proud of. Maybe some of you noticed, or maybe no one did except if I told them, but I have not been writing. I have not been writing at all for publishing, and this state of mind where I am unable to write has been existing since June 2016. I think I may have mentioned this in the past. I only force myself to write here and simply because I can’t quite let the blog go. I barely managed to complete writing and publishing Midnight Dance and Kiss By Moonlight but since then, I’ve been unable to write anything else.

Story-lines just keep building, covers are designed and re-designed by me, but I could not write.

It wasn’t writers’ block. I don’t believe in writers’ block. It was just a state of inertia, a kind of depression, that rendered me non-functional. But not only could I not write, whatever I was writing, or struggling to write, didn’t come out right. Midnight Dance and Kiss By Moonlight are big-time evidences, and so are One More Time… And Forever and Ndubuisi… at least, until the last couple of episodes for One More Time… And Forever.

I was dispirited and in a horrible state of melancholy and it showed in the manner I wrote stories, the tone I used, the lack of life and lustre of plot and characters. I noticed but could do nothing about it. I was just helpless. Downhearted and helpless to lift myself up.

And on my birthday, I had a breakdown. Just… broke down. So… I travelled home… to mama. Lol. I went to my mother and to mys sisters and just bared my heart open and somehow, that small healing process started.

It’s still a work in progress and it will be a long long time but I am stronger and even more, I am willing to work on getting stronger and getting better every day. And career wise, as per my writing, I am working on that big time. I am studying writing styles, studying the styles of the masters and mistresses of the art, looking into where I went wrong and what went wrong, working to get back my style, to build a new style and to let that style express itself.

Bottom-line, I am re-establishing myself as a Fiction Writer, a Genre Fiction Write, and above all, a Romance Writer extraordinaire  😉

So, I am back and fully ready to work. But I am not over doing it. I am not going to put myself under pressure or permit anyone to put me under any pressure. It is going to be one step at a time, one story at a time, one chapter at a time and one scene at a time. No pressure, no hassle. Only great stories and a good life.

Hopefully, by next week, every story will go back to its slotted schedule and personal work will begin. And while we are looking forward to that, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who felicitated with me during my birthday and also thank all who checked privately on me while I was AWOL. I also would like to thank all who remained a part of this blog and particularly those who took the time to share their thoughts via comments on whatever posts were made. May God bless you all.

So, it’s welcome back to lifeandspices.com where we try to spice up the life we’ve got and make it more enjoyable  😀

Blog Announcement

Hello everyone,

I want to offer my sincerest apologies for being absent on the blog. I was on the road on Friday, which coincidentally was my birthday, so couldn’t function. I didn’t take my laptop with me, so I have only my mobile phone to work with. Where I am, there’s minimal availability of electricity, they function only on generating sets powered only a couple of times a week
And worse, there is a shortage of network.
So posts like NDUBUISI and ONE MORE TIME… AND FOREVER are going to suffer regular lateness until I get back to PH first week of July.
WHO KILLED DANA BALA? won’t be on at all because the story is on my laptop which I didn’t take along with me.
I am therefore asking that we all bear with each other this week and next and take posts the way we see them.
Thank you and Cheers.

Re: Unfinished Stories

Hello blog family,

I was in the process of writing a post on the halted series No Perfect Life when I opened my email and read a comment from Tara on same subject expressing her dissatisfaction on its state of in-completion. Now, I will hesitate no longer to do that post, and to address all other halted series on Life and Spices.com. Which are, I believe: No Perfect Life, Say Yes, Margaret X and Kiss Me If You Can.

I would like to begin though by sincerely apologising for leaving these series, or stories, uncompleted. That, at all, was not my intention on the commencement of each one of these stories. I begin a story, and its posting, with a vision to enthrall you all and to bring that enthrallment to a satisfying end.

Unfortunately, I have failed to do so four times now. So, I ask your pardon for this failure.

Blog Matter

Hello, e-fam. I hope you’re all having a great Sunday. I am, so all thanks to God the maker of our ways.

Okay, let’s talk like the one family that we are. I believe we have a unique writer-readers relationship that goes beyond just that on this blog. I know I love every one who is a part of this amazing e-family and not only because you are my reader and follower, but also because I consider you my friend. And I believe that I am loved back in same way.

Now, as a family, our motto or slogan should be: “We got your back for whatever it is you need.” You should have my back as readers/friends and I should have your backs as the writer/friend. And as shared-members of Life and Spices.com blog, we should have its back and make sure it is never left without activity.

You all agree, right? *wink*

So, I need you all to have my back at this time. I really need it — your support, your prayers and your presence here no matter the activity going on. I need to take time-off. I put that in bold format so every one can see it. I need to take time-off to focus all of my time and attention on writing for paid publishing.

It is important I do this because I am lagging behind on a whole lot of stories and more so, because this is my job. It is how I earn a living. I know we all know that. But whilst, I have in the past combined my writing here with my writing for paid publishing and somehow managed to pull it off, I can no longer do that. I am at a place where my mind and heart are not entirely where they should be and certain factors weighing on them constitute insurmountable distractions.

That big grammar is just me saying: I am not wholly me at the moment. I’ve got these naughty burdens and they weigh on my heart and mind.

I can only be me and I can only be human. I might want to do more, but I find myself incapable of doing more at the moment. And besides, I must honestly tell you that whilst writing is a pleasure and something I do with delight, it is also something I want to “take me there”. It is something I want to pay the bills. So, I sometimes look at free-publishing and I am fatigued. I’m just being honest.

Anyhoo, I am taking time-off. I am not asking permission to do this. I am telling you guys and I am requesting your support and continued prayers. This time-off simply means that I won’t be starting off another blog free-read as My Heart’s Song has come to an end. Actually, if anyone can recall, I did state at the beginning of the year that I won’t be able to give free-reads as I used to. I said then that I would be more focused on short stories and no longer novelettes and novellas.

But that, given my present circumstances, has changed. Change, after all, is the only constant thing in life, abi?

So, no new free-read coming up for a while. It would be off from this very day until after my birthday in June. And in case you’ve forgotten, my birthday is 16 June. So, it’s no new blog story until after 16 June. Only then, would we have another talk and redo a new blog story schedule.

But taking time-off doesn’t mean LS is going to be activity dead. Heck no! There will be activity going on on the blog as many times a week as I can create the time for and this is where I need your support. We still have stuff like “Let’s Talk Sex”, “All About Gist”, “Soul Train” and “WG. 101”. They are mostly non time-consuming posts I can do within minutes and so, I will be putting them up a couple of times a week. So, I ask that you make the time too to be a part of these posts even when they are not pleasure-to-read stories.

Also we still have No Perfect Life. That series is not going off. It has only been off now because I chose to dedicate what time I could give to MHS.

No Perfect Life is not considered by me a blog story such as the likes of MHS, MW, DFT etc. It falls in the category of KD, MX, KMIYC etc. Therefore, it can go and come at any time and it can take as long as the series demands. No pressure as far as I’m concerned.

So NPL will still be here. But… it won’t return until after Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is 16 April and only after that day will I return to create a new posting schedule for NPL. We cannot resume the series on the schedule I initially created. I wasn’t even able to meet up with that schedule as I’d envisioned I would and now that I need time on my hands, we will have to work around what is feasible and create a suitable schedule for it… after Easter.

And so, that is it, e-fam. TM’s in dire need of a time-off and craves your support whilst she takes it. While that time-off is ongoing, one more thing we’ll be doing is revisiting some of ALD’s old reads and we will start off with Ant Hill. It was foreseeing this demand for a time-off that prompted my quick stop to that re-post after the first episode posted here in March. We will begin with Ant Hill and then revisit Who Killed Dana Bala?

So, it won’t entirely be a no-work time-off. I’d still be here, the only snag is there won’t be a fresh blog story. Not like there usually is.

So… keep your fingers crossed for fresh premium reads. I’m working only on novellas at this time and I’ve already announced one of the titles on Facebook and Twitter: One Glass Too Many. I also have another Contemporary Romance title: Tangy and Tasty and then a complete set of Trilogy: Winning The Bachelorette, Passionate Intruder and  Surrender. See that is going to be a packed time-off? Lol.

Thank you all for always being here for me. You, every one of you who are genuinely for me, make fiction writing not only a pleasure but an appreciated effort.

Y’all have a blessed Sunday, a fruitful week, a joy-filled month and a continued marvellous 2017.



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I dey come.

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