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Raining Tuesday

Hiya folks.

Gosh, it’s raining cats, dogs and sinkers over here in PH. What’s the weather like on your end? The rain a blessing or a what-da-heck-is-this? Lol   😆

Well, whatever it is, just remember, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. And I know I got tough folks here  😉

Hey Iyke, saw you’re back. Hope you’re tons tons better. God’s divine health upon you… and us all.

Y’all have a good day now  😀

And oh, OMTAF is bound to be late today. No power and it’s raining… can’t say when they’ll restore the light. But keep your fingers clicking-ready and your romantic hearts reading-ready  😉

Cheers and kisses  🙂

Thrilling Tuesday

One of my best animation movies of all time is The Lion King. Like I watched this movie, on DVD, back to back, all two and half parts. Amazing movie, amazing voice cast and definitely amazing crew to put out that amazing movie  😀

It’s raining here in Port Harcourt… well, maybe not all of Port Harcourt  🙄 but right here where I am, it is raining. That’s no biggie, we are in the season for it. But rain apart, or with it, I consider today a thrilling Tuesday. I am excited and frankly, I don’t know why. I only know, TM’s getting her groove back… yay! I feel good and I want to keep feeling good. I want to feel better than good. Is that even possible?  😯

But above all, I want to know who I am. I am going to be forty soon… okay, duh, everyone in the whole wide world knows that, I’ve been chirping about it. But it’s big for me. It’s a new beginning. A new life. I want a new life. I need a new life. All my life, I’ve been living less than me. Less than who I am. I want that to change. And I’ve been working towards that change. Doing a countdown on Facebook towards my big day… my day of rebirth.

Sometimes, life steals away who we are from us. Sometimes, people snatch away who we are from us. Sometimes, we forget who we are.

This morning, today, Mufasa, the Lion King, has a word for you: “Never Forget Who You Are.”

That is very important, that we never forget who we are. And if after reading this you start to wonder: “Who am I?” Don’t panic! Many of us don’t know, and it’s okay, and not too late. As of now, begin discover who you are. Learn about you. And when you find you, love you, appreciate you, and be you.

It’s Tuesday and here in my side of the garden city, it’s raining. What’s happening with you?

Oh and P.S. … One More Time… And Forever will come in late today. It will be here, but late. Keep an eye out. Cheers

Sleepy Saturday

The alarm clock rang. She flung out a hand and punched it shut. A clang announced its fall. She grumped, sniffed and rolled on her left side. The piggy little noises resumed again.

It was sleepy Saturday and her plans were… no plans!

Hiya, peeps, it’s Saturday and I am calling it: sleepy Saturday. I got one plan and that is: put up my feet… well, right after I’m done with today’s episode of Ndubuisi and have it posted  🙄

But you… what’s your Saturday plan? Who had a mega Friday night last night? Anyone still hungover?  😮

Who’s going to remain under the covers all day long and let the world sweep by in slow, rhythmic streams, huh?

Wishing you a super great Saturday and remember:

Cheers  🙂

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