Just Life

Be You… Do You

I have someone in my life and I just came across some thought he left for someone, and it made my mouth curve with a smile and some kind of calm, that wasn’t there before, settle in my spirit. I…


No Second Chance

“You are married now?” He was shocked to hear it. “Yes.” She nodded, smiled. “Just over three months.” Three months? If only he’d… but it was too late. “I never heard.” He said. “So much happens this way and we…

Bites of Life


She waited for him. She knew he would come. He never failed to come every night. She sat huddled at the left corner of her bed, her heart beating so fast, she could almost hear its thumping sound. Her body…

Bites of Life

The Rigors

“You need to do more.” He said. His eyes were dispassionate and looking at the tablet in his hand. I wondered if it was the contraption that told him what he just told me. “How much more is more?” I…

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