NEPA struck. “Idiots,” Oguche grumbled, shaking his head. It was a few minutes past ten and he was already in bed, counting sheep and waiting for sleep to show mercy and come. Falling asleep for him was a multi-stage process,…

Guest Story

Unfinished Business

Dear Diary, Today, the seventh day of October in the year of Our Lord 2017, I remember him. I do, that always smiling, laid back and soft spoken Doctor Subar; my handsome knight in the sparkling white lab coat. If…


No Place For My Daughter

If I could wish for a daughter Maybe I’d wish for a dark-skinned goddess Always smiling, a pearl toothed ajebota One smart and svelte, or a robust bundle of human sweetness Whom I, and her mother, would lovingly call Nneka, Fatima…

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