The sense of entitlement is the worst feeling ever and it is completely out of place.

Yet, in a moment of self-examination, I find that I, myself, fall into it once in a rare while. Like most recently.

I have always been a touch arrogant. And frankly, I have been proud of that little “virtue”. But maybe in my sense of pride, I failed to notice when I was slipping into the ditch of feeling entitled.

When in the bid to think of me and to protect or defend me, I forget to think of others, it is a clear sign that I have unconsciously shifted from humane, and maybe even decent; I certainly have shifted from compassionate, and become only self-absorbed, and thus thoughtless and unkind.

Something I have absolutely no wish to be.

It is weird how we object to something, and even abhor it, but without our being cognizant of it, become that thing.

But maybe when you lie too comfortably in that thing that is not really virtuous, you lose sight of what is truly the virtue – and truly right.

My nature demands a constant sense of self-consciousness, seeing as I am on the path of self-discovery.

Then again, human nature demands that we stay self-conscious as we are easily susceptible to… straying.

Maybe a little arrogance never hurt any. But too much of it certainly makes me unbearable… and even to myself.