That I love food is no longer news.

Now, there’s this thread I follow on the Nairaland forum and it’s all about cooking food in your kitchen, taking a picture and posting it.

I dwell there the better half of every week. Lol.

Once upon a time though, not too long ago really, a lady (I choose to use this term) appeared on the thread and started posting her food pics.

First thing I noticed, her food was always neatly plated.

Now, there are quite a number of the thread faithfuls who also neatly plate their food. But there were, and still are, those who just dish their food, grab their phone, snap and upload without caring that the trail of soup or splattered look of beans, porridge or rice can be distressing.

Lady who newly became a thread faithful (at the time) was obviously one of these ‘ew’, ‘that’s tacky’ effizy types. It didn’t take long before she brought out her hammer of “Presentation is everything” and slammed it hard on the heads of “na presentation we go chop” defaulters.

All hell soon broke lose on the thread.

Very distressing period for me, I must tell you. For instead of drooling over pictures of food I can’t wave a magic wand and abracadabra into my room, I was hounded by long lengths of written war between Lady Presentation and the rebels.

The annoying thing? It was a messy war.


Anyhoo, I started to think, as aproko no let me skip the written war posts na, what is so hard in rightly dishing your food before eating sef?

I’m not talking about for the purpose of taking a picture and posting online, mind you. I mean for your everyday living.

Would it hurt to take a minute, plate nicely and eat five-star looking dish every single meal time?

Well, I think not. And since the effizy display of Lady Presentation, I have taken to liking my food well plated.

Not everyday though. Sometimes, my desire to just dig in won’t let me be a lady.

Awon gourmandise! Mtcheew!

Still, I’m a work in progress.

What about you, are you a lady or gentleman when it comes to plating your food?



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