“I thought we had a good time last night.”

Oh God! “It was just sex, Kyle.”

“And it meant nothing to you?”

And they said women whine. “It was good. Good sex. Great sex even. But it’s over now.”

“Didn’t I do you right?”

Seriously? “You did, Kyle. You were a stallion. But it was just a one night thing. Nothing more. It’s over. Time to hit the road.”

“Oh.” He stared. Then he nodded. “Okay. Thanks for last night, I guess. Take care.”

“You have a good life, Kyle.”

She waited until the door shut behind him, then she snorted, snatched up her phone and punched into her favourite blog.

First headline hit her eyes.

– ‘Millionaire Business Man Says He’s Ready To Settle Down.’ –

“Holy F$£k!”

It was his picture on the post.


“Hey! Imagine seeing you here. You do remember me, don’t you?”

He did. “No, sorry. Have we met?”

“Yes, of course. Two Friday nights ago. At Club-50. I’m Nina.”

He remembered her name. And that she’d had that big toothy smile flashing that night too. “No, I don’t recall.”

“But you must. We went home together. Well, home to my place. You spent the night. On my bed. With me.”

They’d made love twice. Well, had sex as she’d corrected him in the morning. “Really? That’s odd. I’m drawing blanks on this. Sure it was me, not some other guy?”

“Of course it was you! I don’t just sleep with any guy. You were pretty special.”

Yeah, one night thing special. “Bizarre. But can’t remember. Sorry. I have to run though. You take care.”

“Hey, wait!”

He shot her a wave, got into his Benz and sprinted off. Yeah, two can play the game, gold digger!


NOT-FAIRYTALE coming out 25 August 2018… stay tuned!