In all honesty, I’ve become worried lately about how easy and cheap sex has become.

We are all so buried in the clamour for ‘freedom of expression’ that we no longer question what we are expressing.

Just a few days ago, a young boy, and I studied his picture and felt he couldn’t be more than twenty-three (23), came online and posted a picture of his girlfriend’s panties and accused her of being dirty.

The state of that panties and the accusation are not part of my thoughts today. Those are issues for another day.

I looked at the picture of the girl he uploaded too and I just started to wonder how we have become a world where very young people carelessly indulge in and talk about sex.

Maybe I am old fashioned. Maybe I am old and not getting the times. Maybe I have become a boring adult preaching what she didn’t practice. Maybe I just don’t get this ‘YOLO’ ideology.

But I looked at this girl and boy and I thought to myself, ‘aren’t two of you too young to be having sex in the first place?’

I know all about the old-enough-to-have-sex rights. I know if you are eighteen, or twenty or thirty, you can have sex if you want to. The choice is yours.

But should you be having sex if you can’t handle the responsibilities and consequences of sex and after sex?

Why have we become a society, and a world, where we so easily announce the power, the pleasure and the possibilities of sex and we cringe at acknowledging its consequences?

Single-parenthood is on the rise.

Abortion is destroying lives.

STDs and Viruses are taking their toll on human lives.

Blackmail, and from sex related images, have become the order of the day.

Defilement, rape and all other forms of sexual assaults have become every day news.

Emotional traumas and heartbreaks are the top causes of depression, a mental illness plaguing today’s world.

Sex is your right – when you are old enough. But should that right be abused?

Should that right be taken for granted and treated carelessly?

Has sex come to mean nothing more but two bodies coming together simply for pleasure?

Has it no deeper meaning and purpose any longer?

I think we are abusing sex. I think we have made it so easy and so cheap by our so called liberality. I think that we have lost sight of the true purpose of sex.

And I think young people of a certain age shouldn’t be having sex. Shoot me, I am old fashioned and I have no apologies.

Anyone want to share their thoughts on this?

Good morning.