Dear Diary,

Adanma is pregnant. She came last night to share the good news with me.

That was how she put it, ‘good news’ and she was excited and brimming with joy as she talked about her big plans. But all I could think was that she was pregnant for her own sister’s husband.

Ex-husband, those who care to be specific would remind me. But what difference does it make?

Maybe I am too judgemental, but what kind of a woman sleeps with her sister’s ex-husband and conceives a child for him? Where is her sister’s loyalty? Or should none be expected in matters like this?

Dear Diary, I am shocked and disappointed. I did not even know there was something between her and Chinua until last night. I would not have believed it if it wasn’t Adanma herself who told me of this.

I asked her, “does Onyeka know?”

She carelessly shrugged and said. “Yes, she does. Everyone in the family knows. But so you don’t judge me like most of them are doing, let me tell you that I wasn’t dating Chinua while he was still married to my sister.”

She had said it flippantly and I knew that she wouldn’t care if I judged her, or if anyone else did. She had done what her sister had not been able to do in six years of marriage and she was proud of herself.

That is my way of seeing it. And yes, I am judging her. I told her yesterday that this was wrong. And that she had known in her conscience that it was wrong, which is why she kept the relationship secret. But she had left with a sneer on her face, calling me ‘jealousy’ in a mutter that was loud enough for me to hear.

Oh, who can do this to her own sister?

Surely it must be wrong?

Yes, Onyeka and Chinua are no longer together and Adanma is free to pursue her own happiness, but why find that happiness in her sister’s ex-husband’s arms?


I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I feel things like this should not be done. Sisterly love should put a stop to it.

Anyway, I am going later to see Onyeka. My hope is that she won’t permit this to deeply sadden her.