You know, I sometimes think that we, as women, are quite peculiar beings. When we love, we love with all our hearts and when we hate, we hate with… well, I guess one hates with all their heart too.

Most often, women don’t go half way. The walk the whole mile. Most often, not always. And certainly, not all women.

But there’s something curious I have noticed in the reactions of many women when it comes to their man cheating, or having cheated.

I read a couple of blogs, one especially, and I enjoy reading comments by blog visitors. You never know what you might learn from someone, and best of all, you never know who might be in the mood to spill ‘badt’ gist in the comment section. Lol.

Anyway, her man is cheating and she writes in to share her dilemma with others and get a few suggestions on what to do.

Well, amid the many suggestions, and most, sometimes, worrisome, you start to take note of similar ‘extra opinion’ from the women folk and it usually goes like this: ‘your husband’s been bewitched.’ ‘the husband snatcher has bewitched your man.’ ‘Dis one no be clear eyes again o.’ And so on.


I snort, smirk, sneer and even laugh out loud at these opinions. I mean, it’s crazy. Why do we even think this way?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t doubt at all the presence and power of black magic. It exists and people all over the world use it when they want to.

But dear lady, your man’s cheating on you and you think ‘she bewitched him’ is the best excuse?

Is that excuse to make you feel better?

He’s with her, not because he wants to be, but because she has forced him to by casting a spell on him?

Okay, that is possible. That has been known to happen. That might even be the case of someone you may know.

But… That is not always the case and don’t try to make it the case, so you can forgive ‘under a spell’ hubby and curse and fight ‘spell casting’ husband snatcher.

And really, I should put that husband snatcher in quote because that’s another droll opinion from us women.

But my bemusement is why do we like to make this excuse ‘he’s been bewitched?’ Why do we even have to think that? Is he so weak and mindless, this man you are with and possibly married to?

Is he so weak minded and gullible and also possesses no spiritual strength that he can be ‘bewitched’ and made to act against his will?

And that is the man you are fighting to be with?

Hey, like I said earlier, I know black magic exists and people use it. But more than the men cheating on their wives are not doing it because they are under a spell. They know what they are doing and the wives need to accept this bitter truth.

It’s the bitter bite of life and if we are faced with it, then we should deal with it, not hide behind a silly lie.

Y’all have a nice Tuesday.