So, PHED struck, as usual, yesterday and we went to bed in the dark. Had a few things to do but had to postpone them.

Then woke up this morning and still no power. Pile of work to do but no way to do them. It was all so annoying and made worse by the fact that I had me a crippling migraine.

Ended up sleeping a couple of hours and then woke up to meditating on Just This Once, which is the second story of the Once duology.

A couple of scenes opened up before my eyes and I took notes. Risk of thinking I would remember is that I don’t quite remember as I should. So, notes help to keep it as real as it was when the “vision” hit.

Anyway, power is back and now, I’m in the kitchen making dinner. It’s going to be a late one though. I’m all set to hear M’s complaint. Set with my barb tongue… Lmao.

Just another boring day today. Tomorrow, we’ve got plans to go see grandma-in-law. That’s going to put a lid on some of my plans, but hey, that’s life and it doesn’t hurt for me to act “human” sometimes.

Anyhoo, back to the kitchen with moi.

Y’all have the best week.