I am quite often torn in two about losing weight. It’s a real dilemma when you are small of build. You are worried whether you should be looking trimmer or tinier?

The battle between brief and precise.


Anyway, I think I should. Round… Or well, rounder, it’s where I seem to be headed at the moment and that is really worrisome. And the worst is M now says my head is getting smaller than my body.

So hurtful. But sadly, so true.

So, it’s get rid off the extra unneeded kilos. Ten off me right now will shoot me into the pretty little women league… Ah, if only I had that magic wand.

You know what makes weight loss tough business though?

My love for food. Lord have mercy!

I love food. I wake up thinking of food. You know all that nonsense about eating in dreams and malevolent spirits? I try my best never to think of it as I’ve been known to dine a time or two… Or maybe even more in sleep-mode. And a fine dining it always is. Lol.

Ah, food makes shedding the pounds tough. Why do dieting foods have to be so tasteless, I’d like to know. Why do they have to eliminate all the good stuffs and bore you with all the boring stuffs? Like my life isn’t boring enough. *rme*

Anyhoo, I’ve got to brave it. Can’t afford being the butt of M’s naughty jokes. But it’s going to be a one day at a time mission. And no, today’s not day No.1… Uh-uh. I’ve got fried rice on my mind. Or yam porridge.

Lord have mercy!

Meanwhile, don’t forget that All Business and Definitely Sealed are on Okadabooks. I promise you will have yourself an amazing read. Satisfaction guaranteed like when you eat a well-made Nigerian Jollof rice. Lol.

Cheerio, folks.