It can be fun when I make a new discovery. Or, it can be downright mortifying.

A couple of days back, while putting finishing touches to my first chapter of Not Fairy-tale, I had a desperate need to ask Google a question on writing trilogies. So, I did… and to my heart-breaking mortification, I discovered there’s a teeny weeny thing wrong in Sophia Bernard’s first Trilogy: The Workplace Romance.

Oh my God!

Really, if you know me, you will know I had my head buried in shame and utter mortification for an entire day. Then I had wild visions of me going back in time to All Business and righting that teeny weeny mistake.

But going back in time only happens in fiction and unfortunately, I am not part of the fictional world of the trio couple of The Workplace Romance Trilogy.

Oh poor me!

I wondered what to do though. Well, again, if you know me, you would know I wouldn’t pretend or hide about such a matter. I have this crazy weird need to tell my truths my own way, and in my own time. So, I made a post about it: on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The trio world of my life on social media.

You know the thing about trilogies, which I discovered, is there has to be a connection, a quest, a trouble, one that will remain unresolved until the final part of the Trilogy. Should you even resolve it, you raise another. It can also be the connected lives of three people… Or, as in Romance, three couples, linking through from first story to last story until all three are settled.

It shook me to my very core that I did not recognise this, seeing as I am a passionate reader of trilogies written by Nora Roberts. And she writes them real good.

In my Facebook post on the matter, someone said I will learn and keep doing so. Or something to that effect. M (hubby, that is) said same thing. They were both right. Life is a school and we keep learning as we go on and never stop until we go out.

So, what was that teeny weeny thing not so right in The Workplace Romance Trilogy?

Let me put it this way… If I were to go back in time, like maybe I had a magic wand to do so, I would make Tekena Cookey some kind of worker at Mama’s Kitchen, a newly hired one, and make Ima an old staff there and then tell same story, in a different way, from the nice three-star restaurant called Mama’s Kitchen.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. But life’s not fiction and I can’t go back in time. So, we will keep on and as I said on Twitter, finish this and make a new and right beginning in Sophia Bernard’s next Trilogy: Flower Garden Trilogy.

As the French say after all, c’est la vie.

People say, science is discovery. Me, I say, life is discovery.

And oh, P.S., in case you’re still wondering, Sophia Bernard is all about Romance Trilogies, nothing more, nothing less.

Well, that’s that. Quite boring, I’m sure. But that’s my life, a boring trail back to eternity. Lord help us!

Y’all have a nice day now and never forget: Definitely Sealed is two weeks old now in the store. Get yourself a copy HERE.