You will probably have a need to wonder, or ask, what is the first most important thing in a relationship. And if you are asking, you will end up with quite a number of different answers.

Some will say it is communication. Some others will tell you trust is the most important factor in a relationship. Another might say, respect. And somewhere you will meet someone who will tell you it’s definitely honesty. So long as these two people are open and truthful with each other, they are good to go.

Well, all of that is quite true. A relationship, and mostly we are talking romantic relationship here, won’t work without good communication, trust, mutual respect and honesty from both partners.

But… and I do say this ‘but’ with consciousness and knowing this is my personal opinion, and maybe the opinion of a few other people.

So, but… I think that the first most important thing in a relationship is connection.

It is the first thing. It is the thing that will continue to hold you two together. It is the thing that will take you to the end. A happy end, hopefully.

Connection is sharing same thoughts and feelings with someone in the most important things. Not in everything. That somehow is rarely possible given that we are individuals from diverse backgrounds.

But in the most important and important things you two share same thought, same belief, same feelings. That is connection. It is also understanding each other. You get this person. This person gets you. They just know who you are and what you are about. And you know them.

Connection is also having same goal and same vision. You two are travelling on same road, heading to the same destination. You two want the same thing, in the important aspects of life.

Connection is attraction. Physical and sexual attraction. It is passion. It is a spiritual link. It is affection: like, caring about this person. It is love.

Connection is unity in body, in mind, in spirit. Two people connect and over time, they deepen this connection and it becomes a bond.

That to me, and to my thinking, is the most important thing in a relationship: being connected.

What do you think?

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