Munachi was worried. Maybe she should not have told Brittany about it. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Brittany. She did. But this was something sensitive. A very personal matter. Maybe she shouldn’t have told her.

What if she feels a need to share it with someone else?

Or it slips out of her mouth by mistake?

Munachi did not like that she was thinking this way of Brittany. But things like this sometimes happened, didn’t they? You get so caught up in a conversation, you don’t notice when a story slips out and you can’t retract it.

It could happen to anyone. It has happened to Brittany. More than a few times when they were both chatting. Once or twice when other people were present.

What if she let it slip?

It might be unknowingly but it will still have same effect: total disaster.

Maybe she shouldn’t have told her. Maybe she should have kept this one just to herself. It was supposed to be a secret after all and a secret should be between us and God who alone sees everything, right?


Life and friendship is like this for most people: we have friends we believe we can share just about anything with. We call them ‘best friends’, ‘confidantes’ and sometimes, if we are sentimental enough, ‘soul-mates’.

But life is not always what we think it should be, and people do not always act as we hoped they would. Surprises happen and many times they come from sources we have not expected them to.

So, have you ever felt like Munachi, shared something with a friend and wished later that you kept your mouth shut?

Have you ever had your confidence broken by someone you trusted?

And have you broken anyone’s confidence in you? You ever been the blabber mouth who couldn’t keep the secret?

We’re already half way through the week. Really amazing how time runs. All Business coming 16 May 2018, stay tuned.

For now, y’all have a great day.