Hello, e-fam. Up on the post title is probably the question many have been asking: where’s TM and what’s she up to?

First though, let me deliver a long post alert. It’s going to be long, but please, read.

Okay, what’s TM been up? Well, these days, I have been up to writing actually. Unbelievable, I know, since I haven’t published anything. But it’s true. I’ve been writing. I worked on a story, researched on it, plotted and completed the writing of the story. It’s in the incubator right now. Lol.

After that story, I started work on another and that is the one that has me recalling that I’m about to delve into new waters and I haven’t yet given my e-fam the official heads-up.

Well, it’s not going to be a surprise for those who either are friends with me on Facebook or they follow me on Twitter as I’ve been letting this cat out of the bag over there.

I’m about to release works on another pen name.

Yeah, that’s what’s about to go down. Another pen name stamped on new books. It’s something I’ve always known I will do and have wanted to do for quite a while now. Actually, I don’t at all think this will be the last of my pen names. Not likely.

Question would be: why another pen name?

First answer would be, honestly, because it’s something I’ve always wanted. A personal choice. But more than a choice for me, it is a desire, maybe we can even call it a need, to differentiate length and style of writing.

I have always wanted TM David-West to be focused on the writing of novel length stories that handle certain kind of themes. Writing and publishing stories like Midnight Dance, Kiss By Moonlight, Waiting For Love, Match Made In Heaven, made me realise I was starting to operate outside my vision and I was not pleased by this discovery.

Thing is, I have story ideas that ran along the length of novelettes and novellas and that were built purely for entertainment fiction. I want to write these stories and I want this style of writing not to confuse my other style of fiction writing: bigger books, bigger themes, by being written under same pen name. I thought about it and I knew it was time for another pen name.

Usually, you will find writers say another pen name is suitable when you write different genres. I agree completely and that too will come into play in the future. But this pen name I am about to release books under this May isn’t about a different genre as it will be focused on writing Romance… Just Romance. I only want this pen name because I want to dedicate TM David-West to a certain kind of Fiction writing as the future unfolds.

So, what is the other pen name?

Sophia Bernard.

OMG! She’s come again with another non-Nigerian name!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. But, Sophia is actually my name. One of my many names. Lol. And Bernard? That I coined from my sweet mother’s first name: Bernadette = Bernard.

Simple, right?

So there, that’s what I’ve been up to. Nothing changed about me, except that I added a ton of unacceptable weight… say what? I know, it’s not good for me and I’ve got to do something about it. But other than the bad weight gain, I’m doing good, better than the old days even, and back to writing fiction steadily.

I know I owe you guys on Lena’s Christmas Wish. I promise to complete and give out the PDF copy for free download… Soon.

And about ONCE (new title for both Once and Forever and Just This Once), publishing will be in August. No more playing with you guys, I swear. Lol.

But for now…

ding-ding-ding-ding-ding (band roll)

Sophia Bernard is releasing her first Romance novella: ALL BUSINESS. And date of release is: 16 May 2018.

No joke on that date. Sophia Bernard means business, and amazingly, so does TM David-West these days. Lol.

So, come 16 May 2018, we’ll be seeing ALL BUSINESS by Sophia Bernard on the sales stands.


And something tells me she has a surprise for you all once you get that book and get to the last page. I would tell, but I’m not allowed to leak the secret. Lol.

Well, well, well, that’s it. I’m back again. I’m still TM, the blogger, and I still love y’all like what-da-heck!

Lol. Thanks to everyone who asked of me. Y’all have a nice day now.