Oopsy-doopsy! Lol. I am feeling like Mrs Crawly from the animation Sing today. I was supposed to set up this post in the morning and I did start setting it up, then I saved it and then completely forgot it. Phew! Life of the middle-aged, too-much-on-her-mind woman.


Anyhoo, how y’all today? Everyone keeping on and not giving up, I hope? Let’s hang in there, folks. If things don’t get better, we will get better at handling ’em things, all right? *wink*

So, today, I want us to ruminate on this relationship nightmare called: Blood Oath.

It’s something from of old and nothing at all new, but it’s still a menace even in this 21st century and that is so disturbing. I’ve had the privilege, if I am to call it that, to read stories from a certain blog from its visitors who are looking for help on how to get out of the blood oath taken with a now ex-lovers and some who are seeking counsel on whether or not to take a blood oath, or any form or love covenant/oath, with their lover.

So, you see, it’s still a problem today. Many don’t consider it a problem though until after the deed has been done and the troubles begin, and that is mostly after relationship break-up.

I, myself, have never been a believer in such emotional-trappings wahala. I’ve never been invited to take one, and thank God as I would have had to find my Usain Bolt shoes even before Usain Bolt came into limelight, lol. But it’s not something I’ve experienced, not something I’ve had a personal encounter with. That is, have a close friend or relative who’s been involved in blood oath taking. So, it’s not something I know much about apart from stories I hear and true life stories I read.

So, let’s talk. Have you had experience with blood oath taking or any form of love covenant?

Is it something you have done or will do?

Is it a hell-to-the-no thing for you?

It’s Relationships talk day and I am inviting you right in here to share and talk with us.

On the side, today is the very first day of the month of November, so Happy New Month, y’all, and may November be a blessing to us all.