Hiya, people,

You know, I, sometimes, sit back and wonder how many of you are still here. How many are still a part of this blog and by extension, a part of my life. How many have not given up and run off. How many have not abandoned ship. Lol.

Possibly not many. Or even fewer than not many.

But my heart is not troubled. I tell you the truth, it is not.

What is lost, will always be found. And where there is vacuum, something must occupy. Should any vacate their office, another will take it. That is the way of life. That is how it should be. We have no need to break our hearts, bother our heads and burden our backs just to make something happen. What will be, will be.

Life’s a journey and we all choose our paths. We go where we will and stay where we want. The journey of life and the choice of sojourners.

Today is a big, big day for me. For some, it is a repeat. Something old and so, no interest. But for me, it is something new, a new ground broken. A new door opened. A goal fulfilled. Another battle won.

OPERATION STOP THE WEDDING! is published anew for paid read.

I am thankful to God.

Many do not know this. But how could they? We are, many of us, not really a part of each other’s life, except as writer, blogger and readers. We all have our own lives and live it separately. No one knows the troubles of the other. And sometimes, when we share, when I share, it might not be properly understood. Because time, distance and individuality limit our understanding.

But today is a big day for me.

I have been in a hole for many, many months now. I am still struggling out of this hole.

I have partly shared here that I was in a place where I could not write. I am still sort of in that place. Every word written these days is a struggle.

On my Facebook wall, I will deeply share this, possibly later tonight.

Here, I will only tell you that to have completed the editing of Operation Stop The Wedding! and having it published is a milestone. A victory won.

I conquered depression.

I faced it and I beat it.

I am facing it and I am learning, daily, how to beat it.

I am no longer giving up. I am keeping on and keeping up.

That is my victory today.

It is not an old story. It is a new one retold by me with same storyline. It is my life relived again in another book. I conquer, because I do not give up.

I have come from a dark place. I was in a hole where there was only darkness. I saw no light. I saw no hope. I was broken.

That is the woman, the writer, that has been writing for you for a long time now. A writer living in a dark hole and having no hope. I cried out sometimes, I lashed out other times. But there was still no hope, only darkness.

Every word written took something out of me and gave nothing back.

Soon, the words began to lose meaning and to just become words hurriedly and carelessly written. Where there is no hope, there can be no inspiration. Where there is no inspiration, there can be no story.

That has been the story of this writer. No hope, no inspiration, no story.

But today, through her struggles, through her fears and her wars, she has lifted up this one and she stands, head held up high to say: It is here. I finally gave it new life and bring it to you.

I sound too melancholic for a day I published a new book, right?


It is not my intention to sadden, for I am indeed happy and proud today.

You may not understand where I am coming from. But it’s been a long journey. If you can, join me on Facebook tonight or tomorrow and hear this story told another way.

The writer in me almost died. She almost died.

But today, I live. And living, I thank my Source, the Almighty, God, Himself, the Giver of my talent and the Definer of my destiny. The Only One who sustains me. My Sole Provider.

I thank You, My Father.

And I thank you all, who are family and friends. May God bless you.


It is on Okadabooks and it is here on the blog and you know you can get it through me.

We should all buy it. Really, we should. We, you know, is actually YOU.

You should all buy it. It’s same storyline, same story, revamped and re-styled. The new touch of TM David-West is felt on every page.

Buy it, even if you’ve read it. It says when you do: TM, I love your work. I give you my support.

Nothing greater than true and loyal friends.

There is no giveaway on this. I’ve already given it away as free-read before. Now, you give to me… but only if you love me.

Price is N600.00… and it is worth it.

I use this time to announce that I would no longer be doing recharge card sales. The charges are no longer worth it. So, purchase via the e-Store, Okadabooks or via bank transfer directly through me.

By the grace of Him who strengthens me, my next work is: ONCE.

ONCE is the cover title for: Once and Forever (no longer, One more time… and forever) and Just This Once. These two stories would be found in one book… or eBook. It is the story of Kobi and Chima and the story of Naeto and ***… find out later. Lol.

It’s going to be a 2-in-1 book and it is going to be super interesting. Trust me, I am already reworking Once and Forever. Things that didn’t sound and feel right and things that were missing, I am slipping them in and it is getting bigger and better.

You will love it. I promise you.

And in Just This Once, you will totally get to know Naeto Bernard and be a part of his love story. It is an interesting one too.

And both of these amazing stories will be found in One book. You read the first and the sequel all in one place and all at once. No waiting, no delays, no wistful feelings and no disappointments.

Amazing inspiration God gave me, right?

He’s got my back real good. Lol.

Okay, OPERATION STOP THE WEDDING! is out there for you… grab your copy and get reading. Waste no time. And remember if you buy on Okadabooks, or even here at our e-Store, rate and review. TM loves rating and reviews.

I would also love readers who would want to share reviews on the story. If you want to do this, either here on the blog, on Facebook, or on your blog (if you have one), just connect with me via: tmdavidwest@gmail.com and I will get giggy with you. Lol.

It’s been a pleasure, as always, sharing myself once more with you all. I love you all… I really do. And I ask God to bless you and bless yours.

Y’all have a fine evening now.