How do we speak of another’s business like we know what they are about?

How do we even demand to know what is going on in their lives like it is our right to do so?

How do we drive our noses into other people’s lives and businesses like we have a right to sniff about them and sniff out what their problem is?

Something happens to someone, most often a misfortune or something not so praiseworthy, and we are all over it, having opinions and dishing them out without solicitation. Not to talk of pushing same unsolicited and unneeded opinions down the throat of everyone else.

Who do we think we are to know our “neighbour’s” business when we don’t know our own business, huh?

Who are you to sit in judgment of another’s failure, or actions, when you cannot clearly define and defend your own actions?

We make speculations, form hypotheses, evaluate, reevaluate and deliver judgments. And all of that, no better than the inane words of a half-wit. Or worse, the mumblings of a malicious tongue.

And the popular excuse these days is that, “they put their businesses out there for all to see.” Well, that might be true. But I ask you: “Did they also put you out there to mind those personal businesses so publicly arrayed?” Did they also make a demand on your time, and it should be valuable time, to be spent analysing that open-sesame private business? And even more thought-provoking: Have you nothing better to do than to roll around in another person’s affairs, and more disturbing, a person you don’t really know?

See, people might put their business out there… that indeed does happen but that is a different matter altogether. The fact though is: It is their business and we have our own.

The time spent discussing and debating what happened to A, B, C, and D, and the energy wasted trying to comprehend why E is pregnant out of wedlock and now has a baby for you-don-t-know-who can be better spent adding true meaning and value to your life.

Or don’t you think so?

Don’t waste your moments and your days. In truth, we all have very few of them. Let us learn to be conscious of how we spend out time. Let us learn to be mindful of what we spend our time and strengths doing.

And let us remember: That we have our own business, and we know nothing much about other people’s business.

So, today, live and let live… and be more concerned about you and your personal business.