I have someone in my life and I just came across some thought he left for someone, and it made my mouth curve with a smile and some kind of calm, that wasn’t there before, settle in my spirit.

I think he, this one I have in my life, is just one and the same. Maybe… okay, let’s scratch that, lol. Definitely, there are still plenty I don’t know about him. But who can boast of knowing everything about anyone except the Almighty and the All-Seeing and All-Knowing One himself, huh?

Thing is, there are people who are like an open book. You turn every page and what you read is what is written. There are no hidden words. There are probably hidden meanings, lol. In literature, after all, you must look beyond the words you read. See beyond the meaning that is apparent.

But there are people who are plain as a book. They say what they mean and mean what they say.

I think we should all be like that. And why not really? Why can’t you or I do you or me? Why can’t we stand, with our heads held up, with our eyes unflinching on the world, with our hearts firm with courage, even in the place of fear, and just be who we are?

Why can’t we be we and we do we?

Ha-ha-ha, did that last phrase sound as hilarious to you as it did to me? Lol. It’s almost like Pidgin. Now, I’m wondering if it is “correct” English. Lol. Doesn’t matter. I think we get the message.

You know, when we were all coming here, the only thing Our Creator gave to us to accompany us on our journey was a manual on how to be us and He implanted it inside of us. He didn’t add a textbook on how to survive on Planet Earth. He didn’t add a know-how book on how to relate with other humans. He didn’t add a religious book on how to choose the God we will serve and how to serve that God.

He only put, and inside of us, that little manual that says: This is you. This is how to be You. Just be You.

You will think I’m lying or worse, playing with words, right? But it’s true. The only person you know how to be perfectly and without pretense or failure, is you. And why is that? Because that is the only person you are meant to be. You, no one else.

There is only one version of you. You can never be replicated… Or like the brilliant minds like to hope, cloned.


Maybe you are not perfect. Okay, let’s scratch that again. We know no one is perfect. God alone is perfect. But maybe you don’t feel like you are good enough. Maybe you feel like there are attributes that require changing in you. Maybe you feel like there are attitudes you need to work on.

That is okay. That happens to us all. We all have something inside of us that might require honing, or changing or simply, restoring.

The fact is when coming here we all came with our complete individual pack. The Whole Us. But somewhere along the line of life and living, we lose some of the nuts and bolts in that pack and some things start to hang loose and some fall off.

We can screw back what is hanging loose and we can find again what has fallen of. We can.

But, again, we must recall that we are created individuals, even twins or multiple-birthed people, and we are meant to be individuals. I always say to people: Be you and do you, and if you must change you, do so only because you want to. Don’t do it for me.

The same words are for you today: Be you, and do you. You want to change something in you? Do so for you and not for me, or anyone else.

I hope this thought of mine this Thursday morning touches someone in need of it. Y’all have a good day now.