If I could wish for a daughter

Maybe I’d wish for a dark-skinned goddess

Always smiling, a pearl toothed ajebota

One smart and svelte, or a robust bundle of human sweetness

Whom I, and her mother, would lovingly call Nneka, Fatima or Kofoworola.


If I could wish for a daughter

Maybe I’d like a light skinned bundle of ebullient feminine delight

Well behaved, with an infectious laughter, eyes sparkling bright

Talented much, an angel of dance, poet or a queen that sings

Dotun, Lola, Moyo, or maybe an Oluwaseyi.




Sad to say, I won’t be wishing for a daughter

At least not now, not any time soon, maybe not even for ever

Abi, why wish for a gem, in this topsy-turvy world

Of discrimination, rape and the cruel ignorance of genital mutilation

Why swell victimized numbers, birth another to suffer societal indiscretions?


I’ll rather work for female lives to get better

And it starts with recognizing and fighting, for the rights of her mother

Education, gender equality, security and respect, the freedom to choose for herself

To create a world where, her existence isn’t testosterone dependent

A world that sees her as a person first, not a chattel, not ‘the weaker sex’


Only then, would I my stance be reconsidered.


Get on the horn, sweet talk to God, Santa, Orunmila…

Or whichever benevolent higher power, sits in charge of dispatch

About delivery of a gift that continues giving the world, forever

The gift that’ll be pride for all, a daughter.

*** ~~~ ***

A Poem dedicated to the girl child.