Am I the only one disgusted by the P-Square latest Social Media drama, or are you as appalled, sickened and thoroughly exhausted by this display of utter immaturity as I am?

Is it really a publicity stunt, as some like to believe, or just a duo of toddler-brained adults doing “their thing”?

Well, it is their latest “act” that brought on this thought: Is there a No-Privacy Policy on Social Media platforms, and one written not by the creators, but by the users of these platforms?

At a point, I started to think that it must be a celebrity thing. You know, a high indulged in by those desperate to remain in the limelight. But then I came across a Facebook drama months back between two lady friends and a pair of blue shoes, and I realised that this love for public drama went beyond celebrities and the many wannabes.

So, is it the “in thing” coming on a Social Media platform to have a public fight with a person you have personal access to?

And it is not only about fights either. There is also this sea of over-affectionate users who now do the e-version of PDA (public display of affection) on the Internet and then the flash-and-flick group who showcase their many acquisitions on their walls and pages.

I am not disputing the right of these users to do as they please with their accounts. But… Is there a No-Privacy Policy on board today? Is it wrong or right? Can family and friends no longer relate with each other privately?

What are your thoughts on this?

Is this something you do, or will do?

It’s Tuesday morning and on Just Life, we are talking the new rage of baring it all and no care about the consequences. Be a part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts with us.