Last Post at 39

Una know wetin wan go down tomorrow, abi?

TM about to hit 40!

That kinda shit is not easy mehn.

Abeg make I take style remind una something. I don put am for Facebook, dis one na for una. I for don do this post since morning but PHED dey show demself as usual. Mtcheew!

Anyway, e never late. I still be 39 today. So, back to reminder. Una know sai when dem born Jesus, three wise men go visit am, abi? Dem no go empty handed o… DEM CARRY GIFT.

God pikin o. Na im papa get heaven and earth, still dem carry gift. Abeg, forget all dat theology and religious meaning wey surround those gifts: Gold, frankincense and myrrh = MONEY. Simple!

Na money Dem carry go see am for im birthday.

Money… No be flower. Money… no be birthday card. Abeg, I no be oyibo. I no get time to dey smell nonsense smell. Save your birthday card. I no get space to pack junk. Na better money dem carry better money come give am.

Tomorrow… Or you even fit start this night sef. I dep available 24/7. Send me mail. Or hit me up on WhatsApp. Ask me for my account number. Surprise me with happy birthday alert tomorrow. I like dat kain surprise.

To be 40 no be moin-moin. E get age wey dem dey celebrate. 40 join am. Tap into my blessing of long life. Sow into my life dat Baba God might multiply your seed. Be generous. I repeat: be generous.

Abeg no talk sai we no be friends. Sai na only LS connect me and you. Those 3 wise men no know Jesus before dem start their journey. Na stranger im be to dem. But me and you we don dey gbadu together for LS here since tikpe-tipke. Our relationship don tey. You go fit know everybody finish for this world. As we know, don reach. And if I hear your bank alert, we knowing each other beta. Na so.

If you no fit send money, buy recharge card. My number dey here, just scroll down. You go see my MTN WhatsApp number. Send pins o. I no beg anybody for transfer. You no know whether Na only #100 I dey use for a month, so no do pass yasef. MTN recharge pins only. Again: BE GENEROUS. God loves a cheerful giver… and so does TM.

If money and recharge card hard for you. Enter okadabooks, you go see my author’s tab, buy ALL my books there. If you don buy dem before, delete dem and buy dem again. No be only one time you dey buy Gucci. You read am before no mean sai you no fit read am again. And if you no wan read again, just buy dem again. I no send!

In case you wan wish me happy birthday tomorrow, abeg cram the following words:

Extraordinary Writer
Number 1
The best of the bests
TM rocks jor

I no wan hear: “You’re cute.” I no be doll baby. “You might be chubby but…” Mba. But me no but. Achorum. Na my 40th birthday, I no want don’t-be-silly compliments. Tell me sweet things. If you no mean, still talk am, I go manage am like dat.


Remember: To show God sai im love am, Solomon kill 1000 nama; the people of Isreal give all their costly jewelleries; Mary Magdalene clean Jesus leg with expensive perfume and the 3 wise men carry expensive gifts come.

Love no be for mouth. And you no need to know me before you love me. I be your neighbour and Jesus don tell you to love your neighbour as yourself. No even worry your head sai me and you no dey practice same religion. Love no get barrier. The 3 wise men Na star gazers, no be jews o, still dem carry expensive gifts come give Jesus.

Tomorrow is the D-day. I wan to dey hear kpankam, kpankam, kpankam… #bankalert

Abeg, no lazy tell me happy birthday in advance for this post. I no dey like that kain nonsense. Come tomorrow come talk am. I go do Fabulous 40 post with pishures. Ehen!

Oya, make I go wait for una for my inbox and WhatsApp

#last day @ 39

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16 Responses to Last Post at 39

  1. Happy birthday in advance big sis.

  2. Patience Bassey says:

    Belated happy birthday to you tomorrow!. Make we wish you today, tomorrow we go send gifts.

  3. Haleemah says:

    HBD to you ma’am.
    The beautiful, delectable, extraordinary, one in a million, awe-mazing, number 1 writer. God’s unending grace and favour upon you today and always.

  4. FavouriteShades says:

    And we say goodbye to 39

    Its officialy Tm’s 40th birthday, boooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Paula says:

    Goodbye 39, welcome 40

  6. I love you. You’re a great woman and I celebrate you, I pray God enrich your new season and bless greatly the work of your hands.

  7. ebysandra says:

    Happy birthday Ma. Life begins at 40. Wishing you heaven’s best

  8. chic says:

    Ah! see gbedu! where d groove at?

    Happy belated birthday TM May God Almighty shine his face on you as you add a new year.

  9. Bummy says:

    Happy belated birthday ma,God please continue to bless,nourish,beautify,empower, strengthen TM,I pray the countenance of the Lord will shine upon you and the Almighty God will give peace and grant your heart desires in Jesus name Amen.

  10. Esther says:

    Happy birthday madam TM, so sorry it’s coming late. May God bless you and keep increasing you on all spheres of life

  11. Ego says:

    Aww see my life o late comer…well better late than never.
    happy belated birthday to you Ma’am TM. May God bless your new age and make everything beautiful for you

  12. Anuli says:

    Happy birthday ma’am……wishing you heavens best.

  13. Nykky says:

    Happy belated birthday TM. Been away for so long, Iam undergoing a professional exams but thanks to God it’s over now. I hope you had a blast? May the good Lord enlarge your coast and prosper you on every side. You will not just prosper you will Flourish from now on. My regards to your husband.

  14. Glow says:

    Well hello there!

    Wow congrats on your proximity to 40. I wish you God’s best in life and may you celebrate many more beautiful years as you age with grace.

    P.S: Your post was quite funny. Hope you had an amazing day though 🙂

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