Ah, books… #sigh

Who is feeling this way? Or ever felt that way?

Like you’ve read all the books on your shelf, reread most and read all of those on your mobile device… all ’em TM David-West’s and now… there’s just nothing to do and you’re like: “oh lawd, what next do I do with myself?”

Who’s feeling this way? And feels like screaming at me… or some other writer:


It’s all about gist today and I want to hear how you are feeling with no new reads… so, let’s talk.

And you have a great day.




how TM’s feeling though:

…oh, times that by 50… #walking-away-and-whistling

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9 Responses to Ah, books… #sigh

  1. David Iyko says:

    Any book that interests me is always a new read for me.

  2. Sly says:

    Personally I’m using this time without new reads to catch up with old ones i missed while i was away.

  3. FavouriteShades says:

    Lols…..1chapter to go multiplied by 50 huh?issokai

    • Hahaha. You caught that, did you? But I could tell you that with the right inspiration, 50 chapters can be written in 10 days.

      But how “booksie” are you feeling though?

  4. mystiq says:

    Lemme start by screaming *ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* (feel better) . its like all my fathers decided to go ghost mode one me . I miss d bookie land.

  5. Patience Bassey says:

    I read and reread any book that interest me

  6. mady says:

    Tank God we have online books nw..Deres wattpad n u Wil surely see wah 2 read dere
    When I do read paperbacks I don’t allow em books 2 get scarce on me, I Wil jst feel so bored n useless Wid masef.. Even if it means forfeiting lunch n using d money 4 it…

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