Hello blog family,

I was in the process of writing a post on the halted series No Perfect Life when I opened my email and read a comment from Tara on same subject expressing her dissatisfaction on its state of in-completion. Now, I will hesitate no longer to do that post, and to address all other halted series on Life and Spices.com. Which are, I believe: No Perfect Life, Say Yes, Margaret X and Kiss Me If You Can.

I would like to begin though by sincerely apologising for leaving these series, or stories, uncompleted. That, at all, was not my intention on the commencement of each one of these stories. I begin a story, and its posting, with a vision to enthrall you all and to bring that enthrallment to a satisfying end.

Unfortunately, I have failed to do so four times now. So, I ask your pardon for this failure.

I would not bore you with excuses. I have my reasons for stopping each one and my reasons for the state of this blog at this time. But I have no wish to bore you with my personal affairs, as I am not seeking sympathy at all… or even understanding. Which is why, I offer you all my sincerest apologies.

Let me begin with the latest story I halted. That wasn’t at all my intent. It was, after all, a 5-part short story and I had every part plotted. Once again, not bothering to bore you with my excuses, I will only state here that Say Yes will be completed next week Friday… without fail.

About No Perfect Life, I have, unfortunately, decided to discontinue that series. And I must offer an explanation for this, I think. I came to the realisation that I had a huge story-line on my hand with No Perfect Life and a very important theme which required that I write it with every consciousness and dedication. I also realised it would come in three parts: Their Life, Their Struggles and Their Triumphs. And each of these parts is a large story and must be told well. Realising this, I knew it will not all be completely free-reads. And if it won’t be so, then I must be prepared to have the other two parts of the story in the store as soon as I bring the first part to an end.

For this reason, and for no other, I have decided to halt the writing, and posting, of No Perfect Life and would only continue, or better yet, re-begin its posting when I am done with writing all three parts of the story.

Let me, once more, apologise for starting something, I cannot now finish and thus, disappointing you all, my readers. I did not foresee this, this I can promise you.

On Margaret X: I will complete the writing of that story and then announce its re-opening. When that will be, I cannot, in all honesty, say now. But it will be done before the second quarter of this year is over. I crave the indulgence of those who were interested in that series until such a time as I can complete it.

And finally, Kiss Me If You Can. This was just a fun series and a testing of my ability to write in present tense. Whilst it was ongoing, I realised it wasn’t a popular series with many of you. That was only partly why I halted it. But now, I have a different plot for it. Well, same plot of a young man who has a phobia for kissing but this time, a novella and written in my usual past tense and third person POV format. When it returns, which I can assure you, is likely going to be in 2019… God willing… it will not be a free-read and only those interested will avail themselves of it.

So, that is it. I hope many of you would read this and accept what is at present. I have taken the care to go to every last episode of each of these stories and there, I have placed a notice of discontinuation. That will, at the very least, stop expectations of it from readers.

And as an extra to this post, I am making you all the promise that I would never again bring on a story that will have to suffer a halt. A halt will only be caused by circumstances beyond my control such as probable illness… or death. I pray not for either now.

The stories we are presently reading: One More Time… And Forever and Ndubuisi will both be posted until completion. You have my word on it. Not that you should require it, seeing as most of our stories here have been brought to completion. But of course, a few errors, usually ruins a clean record… that is our humanity.

As a reminder: One More Time… And Forever will be posted Tuesdays and Ndubuisi on Saturdays.

I do hope that everyone who reads this will accept my apologies and continue to be a part of Life and Spices.com.

I wish you all a blessed weekend.