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    It’s Let’s Talk Sex Friday, people, and I am… uh, I’ve got my lazy-hat on today, gotta confess. Don’t want to think much and don’t want to work much… it’s Friday, give me a break! Lol.

    Today, I want us talking ’em kiss and tell folks. You know how it is some folks can’t kiss and not tell? And how it is that most crimes against sex is heaped on our men folks and yet the ladies too are guilty of it? Mmm-hmm, you be breaking that law and getting away with cos you are female and the law is light on you. I know it… and you do too.

    But sister, that kind of sh*t don’t work in God’s own country (Heaven, in case you are wondering). The law applies same to all, without exception. And the kiss and tell law… or Kiss and NOT tell law is being broken by females too, only they call it “bragging on my man”. And what is sick is that the men folks just love it when their women “brag” on their “performance” capabilities.

    But how about when you get to know that “bragging” is not all she does, huh, brother?


    It’s Let’s Talk Sex and we are talking the kiss and can’t-keep-their-mouths-shut lovers. Ladies be like: “Hmm, John ke? That one that is quicker than two minutes indomie noodles. #yimu.” Or: “John?” Exchanges looks with the girlfriends gangs. “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with him oh. But… well sha, a speed train runs on slower rate. And the thing sef, this lipstick long pass am.” Brings out her fake-ass Mac lipstick and refreshes her lips whilst rolling her fake-browed eyes. “Na so I hear sha.”

    If that scenario sounds anything like familiar, Sister, you are a kiss and tell lady #guilty.

    Honest to God, I can’t stand kiss and tell lovers. I think them the lowest of the low in the low clan. So it happened… now keep your mouth shut! Don’t go telling all your friends how you “hit on that ass”. Don’t go bragging how many multiple “hit styles” you and her went. Don’t go rolling your eyes and lip-sneering how he couldn’t last forever and a day before he wanked off. It was just sex… and it was private business. Your sexonsibility demands that you know how to “keep it private”.


    People, it’s let’s talk sex Friday and talking kiss and tell is what we are going to be doing.

    Who enjoys kissing and can’t wait to tell?

    Who diabolically hates telling like I do?

    And who plans on keep on kissing and telling… no holds barred?

    Let’s talk it… and no holds barred… except for the “eff” word *wink*

    *** ~~~ ***


    I did indulge in a kiss and tell act online a couple of years ago. Must have been 2015 and on SDK, I went telling on how my M knows how to “bring it”. Lol… naughty TM. But it was that kinda of a post *wink*

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  • Reply FavouriteShades April 7, 2017 at 12:30 pm


    I hate kiss and tell folks, its the height of immaturity and disrespect, those who do that has no respect for themselves and none for the other party.

    There’s also another group who didn’t get the memo that private biz should remain private, like they ain’t kissing and telling to be vindictive, its just thier nature to be a gossip

    • Reply Sylvia April 7, 2017 at 12:59 pm

      I for one can’t imagine how one will succinctly dish out details of a sex episode with their partners to their friends
      That’s like porn to me only that they don’t get to watch 1st hand only imagine you do it which frankly is disgusting.

  • Reply Iyke David April 7, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    There are many stages in life,
    A time to’kiss n tell’
    A time to act maturity.
    I think it is for the beginners to kiss and tell.

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