I just want to gist… nothing else. To gossip dey hungry me… chai!

How’s everybody? First working day of the week, how are you enjoying it? Abi, you’re like me who hates Mondays to Wednesdays? Lmao.

Chai! I’m supposed to be writing NPL ep.6 now and preparing to post but I can’t fit. I’m not motivated rah-rah. That is why I love that series eh. It will take like 18 months to 2 years of their lives to tell the whole story, so why hurry? He-he-he.

Meanwhile, have I ever confessed that I’m a lazy writer? Chai! I lazy die! Writing exhausts me. It’s when I’m done and I begin work on editing that I go: “Choi, TM, you too brilliant! Did you write this? Fiction Writer like no other.” I love to hype myself gan. I am my best fan o and I read my stories like it’s not me who wrote it… with dedicated, passionate attention. Before nko! Lol.

Meanwhile again, I discovered I have gaps in Whispers Of The Heart (novel I was writing while MD & KBM were published). It requires 3 extra chapters… I tire. I have put a small break in transmission on it. Now I’m focused on a novella: One Glass Too Many. That’s TM for you… no worry your head, you hia?

Another meanwhile, can you imagine that I was browsing SDK… Those of you who “know” me will know that I love chooking my eyes inside SDK. I read almost every-every there. In short, Sweet Forbidden was inspired from same-same chronicles there in 2016… abi na 2015 sef? #scratches head

Anyway, there I was o this weekend and read that some oyinbo couple were postponing their wedding until they find their missing dog. Dog kwa? Chai! This oyinbo people serious so? You fit hear that kain thing for our Naija here? Taaaah! If bride or groom try talk that kain craze talk, dem go begin find where their village people take their picture dey do hand-fan.

Me leave my wedding because of dog? Na im be Fada wey wan conduct the marriage? Or my Uncle wey wan receive bride price? Abeg, stop ruff play jor!

Ehen! Who and who are watching this BBN something?

I am not watching o. Cable not available. Should cable be available, TM won’t watch. Why? TM has long banned Big Brother from her life since tipke-tipke. But I am seeing that some people carry the matter for head like gala for Lagos traffic. Especially this Kemen vs. T-Boss matter.

O gah o! What was that sef?

I even glimpsed some FB pages #side-eyes @… and found some Opinion-Poll Masters saying that who authorize Big Brother to moralize?

Woh! My take is: whilst the BBN or any kind of BB house is not the most moral homestead… in short, it’s 21st century public-approved Sodom and Gomorrah sef. But despite that, I think it’s a “it only happens when consent is given by both parties” kind of thing. From the gossip I gathered… yes o, it was gossip and I was enjoying it while gathering… he-he-he… but from what I gathered, many “Voltrons” are saying this T-Boss mixed-breed chick did not permission Kemen to go down below with his fingers. So… it is “sexual molestation”. And on that basis, and make world people and plenty “Voltrons” no kill them, Big Brother and co decided to pursue Kemen go back to im papa house and im weight-lifting studio.

Honestly, I no send dem. Not one of them. Shebi, they stand a chance of winning 25m and me, I am here struggling to write chapter-1. If I hear sai person ask my opinion again… mtcheew!

Meanwhile the 3rd time… abi na 4th time sef? I want to lose weight. Seriously. But I love food too much. Even as I’m typing this, I am hungry and thinking what next to eat. Why is it a crime in this world to be “cuddly” eh? Must we all be long-necked and atinga-looking? Why can’t I have some “folds” and feel sexy? Why?

Mtcheew! I cannot come and be killing myself abeg. After all, Oga M no even too send. Over-sabi people everywhere.

But the problem is I want to look like a hot mama… ewo! That is the nsogbu!

Anyway, gist me too. What is happening with you? Anything big online, offline and ati-gbo-gbo-e lines? What’s the latest gist? Abeg, no tell me sai FG wan approve budget. Na dat wan consign dem. Mtcheew!

What’s up with you? At work and that mean boss is messing with your head? In school and that Mr. Lecturer is determined to ruin your grades? Bf and Gf wahala? No big-bucks mataz? Whatever it is, share with us. We want to know because we love you like family… and we too like gossip… *wink*

Make I go hunt down food abeg… no be me create overweight… na God dem sai create everything.