Hey you… I feel good

Hey you… I feel good. I really do. Lol.

So, I’ve been ruminating over this: The “It’s All About Gist” section of this blog was supposed to have started two weekends ago but on both occasions, PHED messed up my our plans. But it just struck me this morning… it’s all about gist… no biggie. No formalities. No fancy words and no fancy methods… just gist. Talk.

So… I decided to open the floor on “It’s All About Gist” this morning. And funny, PHED struck yesterday morning and I haven’t seen power since then. Well, they did restore it this morning but it’s gone now… #dang!

But we got to do what we got to do, right?

I woke up mega happy this morning. I just feel good. I want to scream it: I FEEL GOOD.

Hey, nothing has changed… nothing I can yet see. But… I feel damn good. So good I’ve been chanting the Maltina ad song: “I feel good, ta-la-la-la-la. You know that I do now…” Wonder if that is the lyrics… #thinking… Lol. I think it’s a James Brown song, right?

Anyhoo, I feel good. It’s a beautiful day and I feel like I’m a conqueror and I can do just about anything. Maybe I’m high on having “sentenced my enemies” last night in church or maybe it’s the “cool” night M and I had… what da heck! It doesn’t matter the “why” or “how”. What matters is: I am feeling good right now.

So, how about you? Are you damning all the troubles and situations and… just feeling good?

What’s your state of mind this morning?

Or is there any “gist”you have for us? Something happening in your neighbourhood? Read something “gisty” somewhere? Gist us… let us gossip talk together.

It’s All About Gist and we are just “gisting”… keep a smile on, people. Life can only get better *muah*



MHS maybe be in very very late today. I’m attending a church program this week and usually do my writings in the mornings. But with PHED on the roll and battery reading 24% now, I can’t write until… God knows when. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Meanwhile… gist us.

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59 Responses to Hey you… I feel good

  1. FavouriteShades says:

    Amebo mode#

    So I got a new Job…started this Monday.

    I sure know that feeling… When you feel so excited and happy,yet you can’t place your hands on a specific feeling….mostly I think it has to do with a change of perspective…. U just figure, why keeel’ yourself over something you have no control over…

    Would be back with more gist….for now that’s it…lemme earn my salary for today

  2. As for me, lately I’ve been having this indifferent attitude towards a lot of things…Like last week, my mum told me somebody died and I was like “okay…I feel like eating fried egg sha”.. and she had this look on her face and she said “didn’t you hear what I just said” and I replied her ” I heard,I just don’t have the power to care, people die everyday, someone will still die today,so…Bleh!” and she just kept staring like I was insane and finally said “na wa for you o”…Me just went to fry my egg jejely and ate in peace.

    TM am I normal like this? Lol

    Someone said I’m mean lol

  3. Unique Ell' says:

    Love the positive vibes you have on today TM! Tapping into the goodness all around me now! I sure feel good now! Thanks TMM

  4. grace says:

    nice you woke up feeling happy, cant say for myself though,so gisting time,hubby was gisting with the mother and she said the daughter husband no be better person,so i asked hubby what she meant by that,this morning he asked her and she said the guy does not allow the wife to pass night at the sister place,to me d excuse is just too flimsy, so i now asked hubby if for example he refuses me passing night in my parents place and my parents say him no be better person how will he feel, in life i feel we should not always judge people always turn the scenerio around and see how you will react if the tables were turned,sorry am just blabbing but am really pissed right now because the issue now brought a little misunderstanding between me and DH.SO WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OUR FELLOW READERS TM YOU ARE ALSO INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE

    • Jeffrey Jamez says:

      Why will the wife even pass the night at her sister place when she has her own husband’s house? The only justifiable reason to pass the night there if they’re not in the same town. But if it’s same town,I see no reason why she should spend the night there.

    • We are all individuals and quite different. Some men wouldn’t have minded her spending a night out, others would. But your DH & MIL should learn to be objective. Better still, your SIL should learn to restrain “Opinion Polls” in her marriage.

      My people Sai Dem no dey tell woman: Born as you take born before.

      Same way, I believe: Nobody dey marry same way. Or even marry twice same way.

      *chews chewing stick*

      Choi! But I’m loving IAAG already… tori can sweet

      • FavouriteShades says:

        Thank you TM…see why I love you,you are open-minded and aware while still been a principled person….am not married but I know enough about marriage to know that one rule doesn’t apply to all.

        Just understand your spouse and align appropriately… Some husbands won’t mind if u r sleeping over at a friends for days but some husbands,few hours sef they have mega problem.

        And I really love the part of limiting opinion polls in your marriage

        • Fave, life is a teacher on its own. As we grow and mature, it teaches us even more and because the lesson plan is different for every individual, no one knows it all. We all just learn as we go

  5. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Yippee!!! So good to be back here, my network has been terrible this past days…couldn’t even log into this site and many others but today am here so abeg let the gist begin while I go to read the many episodes of MHS and NPL that network made me miss…

    Yes!!! Like TM,

    I feel good!!!!

    • Welcome back, Kosnie.

      Any network problem trying to stand in your way of opening this blog… Holy Ghhhooosssttttt…. Fire!


      • Glowing Kosnie says:

        Hehehehehe TM… You’re funny gaan!!!

        And I join TM to say Ameeen to this wonderful prayer…Lolz

        Do av a Beautiful week ahead TM

  6. jojodia says:

    I’m at the dentist for my monthly braces check up. Then have to go back to the office for a borinnnnnnnggggggg training.
    How do u totally forgive someone who hurt realllllll bad, as in words cannot describe the hurt.

    Right now, I wish for a lot of things that I know God will make available in due time.

    Blessed day to everyone.

    • So Jojo uses braces hehehehehe that’s one mouth I’ll pay to see.

      It’s not always easy to forgive o but you have to try. It’ll actually make your life easier.

    • Depends on who. But then again, no one in my close family has hurt me “real bad”. And they won’t.

      If it’s a BF… Ex-bf… No forgiveness. Lai-Lai. You can’t play karate with my heart and think I won’t Kong-Fu you… Whoosai!

      Meanwhile, I’d like to see the braces too. Now I’m thinking heroine with braces on her teeth and hero… #thinking *wink*

      • FavouriteShades says:

        Ahh TM….God said we should forgive oh

        when it comes to exes, i havent learnt to see value beyond emotions so yeah i forgive but i cant say i forget sha…thankfully time helps to dull the memory.

        Basically,i think we should learn to really forgive an ex,yeah yeah…i know its hard….at least be cordial,doesnt mean you have to be chummy like before(you might need to not talk to your ex for a ‘while’ if you just broke up)

  7. mystiq says:

    Okay good morning /afternoon on my end… To answer Jeffrey NO us not normal but sometimes it’s like that. ..o felt that way sometime last year everyday u will hear one person died I ran out of emotions jare…

    So am Enroute N one guy in d bus bought one of there how to make money books that was written by another broke person (I say his broke becos I sawthe writer o) when so d amebo in me wanted to see Wat he had written and only the first page spoilt my mood I had to pray for inner peace. The OGa said The power of money is the greatest power after the power of God and if u have money u will have a glorious life and wonderful marriage and how ur money can answereth all things… The part that talked about how to make more money had no reference to giving or paying tithe o, instead he talked about not exhausting ur account and wise spending… I did not continue. .i was so angry at the mentality of the man and she had to pray for my own sanity.

  8. chic says:

    My husband thinks I’m too nice and I should stop being too nice since a lot of people abuse it and use it against me. So now I’m learning to be harsh. Its not easy but I’ve realised a lot of people are not nice..
    A friend of mine always called me crying and I’ll squeeze from the little I have and send to her. At a point I told her I don’t have to give her and immediately the calling me to cry stopped. I was shocked.
    So I’ve decided that my niceness henceforth go get sense.

  9. I woke up this morning feeling energetic, I was able to my morning devotion without dosing off. I feel good!

  10. mercy says:

    *YORUBA -HAUSA COMMUNITY are having a showdown here in Ife town. I school in OAU Ile Ife and there’s bn a riot since morning
    Several casualties both Yorubas and Hausas have been rushed to the accident and emergency unit of OAUTHC. According to those who came to drop them,there are more injured people at the riot scene.
    According to the townspeople, the cause of the whole fight is a woman. One of the market women who were forced to close their shops told us that a Yoruba woman propositioned an Hausa man to get money for NAPO contributions, the enraged Hausa man slapped her and she in turn went to report the assault to her husband who is a NURTW member. The husband was said to have organized thugs who went to demolish the sheds and shops of Hausa men in defence of his woman last night.
    In retaliation, Hausa men visited a primary school and attempted to fight back by hurting the little children ,but the NURTW heard about this and quickly stopped them,hence the massive showdown today.
    Shops have been burnt, properties demolished and lives lost. Commercial vehicular movement is very minimal and people are generally in a tense state. Presently we are yet to hear a report from the Ooni.
    We were told that this isn’t the first time Yoruba women will proposition Hausa men and Hausa women have had to report them to the Ooni in the past. plus i have been writing tests all week and will continue to do so till Friday…had to take alternative route home.tense and stressed

    • Wow hope you’re safe o Mercy.

    • chic says:

      Just be careful this period.
      ideally, the school should be shut down for now.

    • Gosh, Mercy, I’m so happy you and yours are all safe. My God, what a drama! And a sad one two. Do you know I’ve kind of heard how a woman is behind the 1st world war?

      Women! I fear them!

      We just pray this dies down and calm is restored. Meanwhile, good success on your tests, Mercy.

      • FavouriteShades says:

        hmmm…women have been causing kasala since the beginning of time.

        Our prayer and our aim as women is to be like women like Queen Esther in the bible who positively changed the course of history and saved generations

  11. mercy says:

    yes I am.safely home now and the police have taken charge I think..

  12. Adefunke says:

    I cried a lot this morning, and people started asking me if I had malaria cause my were puffy, thank God I feel better now.Depression is a bastard.

    • Toyenlon says:

      Iti s well with you sis.

      • FavouriteShades says:

        Depression is a multi-bastard…infact am tempted to think its more spiritual than clinical….silly devil no wan make children of God dey happy..but naa lie,we have overcome..crazy devil.

        Nwaiz,trust me….you will get over it…am speaking from personal experience….abeg cry when it all feels overwhelming, talk to God too(notice i didnt say pray) talk abeg…tell him how its doing u….above all….please stay productively busy and around people

        you go dey aii….megahugs

    • Aw, my sweet, sweet Adefunke. So sorry, darling. *big higs*. Whatever it is, you can beat it… because you have the strength in you. It might not look like that. But actually we are equipped to carry and manage our different burdens. It is how we are made. Chin up, dear lady. You are a woman and made out of the rib of a man… that makes you twice stronger than a man is.
      Be happy. You deserve to be.

  13. Abi says:

    I bless God for seeing this day but I’m sad now one of my friends is getting hitched while I’m still here single as always
    Lord help me, I’m suppose to be happy for her but I feel as if my time will not come

    • Ego says:

      Don’t be sad, be happy for her. Even the good book tells us to rejoice with those rejoicing. And remember that life ain’t a competition ground, so be yourself and trust God for your own day must surely come

    • Toyenlon says:

      Your time will surely come, have faith. God makes all things beautiful in His own time, and yours will be soon.

    • chic says:

      Don’t go making yourself feel like an aunty gwegs o, God’s time is perfect. You should celebrate with her as others will celebrate with you when your time comes.

    • I get your feeling, Abi. I feel like that when it comes to baby matters. I am happy and sad at same time at the announcement of a new-born. I’ve even distanced myself from baby dedications and all such for now as I start crying and feel hurt during or after. People might not really get it and sometimes, consider it envy. But I’m not the kind to care too long what “people” say, so I do what suits me best.

      Just hang in there. And know that a zillion can marry and even on same day but none has married your own man. He is out there and he won’t marry anyone else until he finds you. Be happy and do fun things meanwhile. Marriage is not easy o and it takes a lot from every woman. So enjoy “Miss” Abi for now o. When you become “Mrs” you battle to retain your identity.

      Cheers, sweetheart

  14. Roselyn says:

    Wow, did I just missed all this? Choo! Bad network, power failure and busy body nawaa ooo! Ok, me I enjoymented all that I read. Pele to the crying section and make una cheer up for nothing pass God. Thumps up to the merry section, continue to be happy cos that the best medicine and key to good health and loong life. Thanks TMM oh! Sorry TM. Lol.

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