Hey people, it’s another Thank-God-it’s-Friday and we are at Let’s talk Sex chat post again.

How’s the week been for you? Already on your way home after putting in a hard day? Whatever the case, get in here, relax and let’s have fun.

We had our first Let’s talk Sex talk last week and it was on Kissing. It was a revealing post and I fainted under one comment. It was that “informative”… lol.

Well, with everything in life, it’s different strokes for different folks. One man’s meat, many times, can be the other man’s menace. Some like sugar, others prefer honey and yet others can’t stand the sweet taste.

So… Sex: Pleasure or Torture?

I don’t want to rule the roost on this matter, so I’m going to step out of the way and allow everyone in. Let’s all get in on this. And I want us being plain God’s-own-truth honest. It’s Let’s talk Sex: No holds barred… So say it like you mean it.

But… let’s ease off on the eff-word. Sex is sex. That’s the word for it, so let’s like big boys and girls own it… No kinky terms please.

Right. That’s out of the way.

There are quite a few things that can sex torture. Not everyone enjoys it. I hope we know that. For some folks, it’s just a drag and let’s-get-itover-it and for some others, it’s plain I-can’t-stand-it torture. And there can be just about any reason for the adverse attitude. Could be abuse, bad-sex first experience. Some say, asexual… there are many reasons.

And then we have the can’t-get-enough-of-it crew. It’s not food, they know, but they can’t stay long without it.

Humans… all different.

Which crew do you belong to: can’t stand it? Or can’t get enough of it?

Okay, maybe I can’t entirely stay lips-sealed on this. So, I’m going to say that the one man I’ve enjoyed sex with is the one married to now.

Nah, nah, nah, I’m not fibbing. This is God’s own truth. He gets me there. Simple. But… I am not a sex freak. Can stay year… long years without it, if I have to. I know, TM is an odd creature. Lol. But that’s just me. Sometimes I can be: O lawd, I’m coming home. And others times, I’m like: Dearest, can we take a raincheck?

What about you?

You like it? Love it? Or… Can’t stand it?

Share your sex love or hate with us and while you’re at it, have a banging Thank-God-it’s FRIDAY!

Next week, we’ll be talking Sexonsibility. My coined word for: Sex Responsibility.

Y’all have a great weekend.


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