“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.” (Proverbs 23:7 KJV)


She stared at the little creature with fluffy dark hairs, big ears and the most curious pair of eyes she’d ever seen. She didn’t quite know what it was. It wasn’t like her though. Something about it was different. But she liked it… and she wanted to be like it.

It moved. Pushed its tiny frame off the floor and sat on its bum-bum. And then it opened its mouth wide and yawned, shaking its big head.

She did the same too. Opening her mouth wide as she imitated the yawn and then shook her little head from one side to the other.

It eyed her. Just stared at her like it was trying to figure her out.

Then it moved again. Raised its bum-bum off the floor and stood on all its legs, then it started to walk.

It can do that? She was shocked. She’d thought only big people can do that. She stared at it, moving on all its legs, from one place to another. She was challenged–she too can do.

So, she jerked up, pushing her bum-bum off the floor until she stood on her own legs. Then… she moved. Moved her legs… took her first steps… and walked.


That little tale is my mother’s on how Theo came to walk one sunny day at her Uncle’s home when she was only nine months old.

You think you can… then, you can.

You think you are able… then you are able.

Bravery… it is of the mind.

You have that dream. You want to take that first Business step. No one in your family’s done it before. Everyone is muttering, “You can’t do it.” “It’s too tedious.” “You will fail.” “Give it another year.”

Do you want to do that business? Do you want that promotion? How about that Professional Certificate all of your friends… and even their enemies failed at several sittings? You want to write that book? You want to go into that relationship? That girl, you can’t stop thinking about her?

Whatever it is; Whatever you desire to do; Whatever you want… so long as it is right and legal, get up and move. Stop Procrastinating.

A brave mind… is a victorious mind.

Every victory is first won in the mind.


A few Courage Bullets from a Man I have come to respect so much: Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

“Success is the accomplishment of Purpose.”

“Your perspective determines how far you will go.”

“Your mentality will define your destiny.”

“Bravery turns cowards into champions.”

“Courage is expressed through prompt action.”

“If you cry at the battlefield, you become a casualty.”

“Until you step out of the boat, you can’t walk on water.”