It’s another Giveaway get-lucky day, yay! Yay!! Yay!!!

Yes, we are publishing two new novellas — Midnight Dance & Kiss By Moonlight.

OMG! It’s happened again at last!!! Yeah right, I heard someone say that in my head. Lol.

Midnight Dance & Kiss By Moonlight have been a long time coming. As a matter of fact, I’ve been writing both stories, and frankly three more, since round about July 2016. It’s just been an on and off thing… well, mostly off really. For a while back there, my writing stalled. It just hung there, unmoving, dead on one spot. Barely anyone noticed; I was, after all, still writing free-reads for the blog.

But someone did. Someone who shocked me by her simple, yet very insightful observation. And her telling me, sort of shook me out of the inertia I was wallowing (with pleasure) in.

I am thankful for this person. She may not know it, but she simply touched, and quickened, something in me. And she’s become one of my most favourite persons in the entire planet earth.

So, all right. Enough with the wishy-washy emotions! Dang, TM, don’t bore these dear folks! Ha-ha!

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Now, I’d like to state here that these Giveaways are not about favouritism. Uh-uh, it isn’t. And folks, that don’t mean I haven’t got favourites. I do. Even Jesus especially loved the family of Lazarus, Martha and Mary, and it was constantly said in the St. John’s Gospel of the Evangelist John himself: “the disciple whom Jesus loved”.

So, no be TM start am. Our Almighty Father sef said of David: “the man after my heart.” Na today! He-he-he.

So Giveaways is not about favourites. It’s all about appreciating commenting blog readers, shikena! Therefore, so long as you comment, and keep commenting, TM will take notice of you, add your name/moniker in her orishirishi commenters’ register and someday soon, you will mark register in Giveaway get-lucky post day. Na so.

So, who’s getting lucky today, huh?

Shuo! Who im heart dey beat kpoa-kpoa-kpoa so? Ha-ha-ha. Just kidding!

Midnight Dance Giveaway Winners for today are:

* Jojodia

* Roselyn

It is my sincerest pleasure appreciating these two LS e-fam members. They’ve been supporting, in every way oh, the TM David-West ministry. And their love for me no end for blog mataz oh. After-after sef, dem dey usually connect with me for candid. Beta pipul, hehehe!

No jealousy abeg! Pikin wey wash hand well-well, must chop with im elders. Na so!


And Kiss By Moonlight Giveaway Winners for this day are:

* Grace

* Mystiq

* Iyke

These ones too are highly appreciated on Life and They stick with me like I’m honey and they’re bees *wink* *wink*. Ladies and gentleman, I truly appreciate you. As you give me your unwavering support, so may God stand like an unwavering Watch-Tower over you and yours.

And that is the Giveaway for February 2017 eBooks release. Thank you all.

Now, I want to give honour to my Talent-Giver. I don’t write just because I am brilliant. I write because the One who is Almighty and Everlasting bestowed this amazing talent on me. When I am confused and don’t know how next to approach a scene (and that happens often), He is there to whisper into my ears and say: “See them there. Hear them talk.” And my mind’s eyes open and my hands get scribbling again.

So, to honour Him who stands like a Rock gidigba behind me, I am giving out two free copies of each novella to the first four commenters (not mentioned on the Giveaway list of today) who will pick a title.

This is what I mean: If you are not: Jojodia; Roselyn; Grace; Mystiq & Iyke: then you can get either Midnight Dance or Kiss By Moonlight, so long as you are among the first four to comment on this post and you indicate which one you want. If you notice 2 commenters have already picked Midnight Dance, go for Kiss By Moonlight. Okay?

This is me giving thanks to my Talent-Giver for all of His mercies. He’s got my back like no other. He’s my Upper-Iweka Marketer. He’s my World-Wide Promoter. He sells my eBooks and maketh me rich. I make whatever money I do because My Alpha and Omega, im dey provide like Fountain of Living Water wey im be. You can’t do harm to TM and be allowed to get away with it. Mba! I salute you, The Definer of My Destiny!

And that is that, folks. The very first of our eBooks release Giveaway for 2017… many more coming your way. So, don’t keep this URL bookmarked *wink*.

Thank you all for being a part of the Life and e-family and above all, for being commenting members. I love you. God bless you.


Oh P.S. (I be don forget… as an old woman that I are na, hehehe)

The eBooks are being released tomorrow. So, that’s when all winners will be sent their copies via their email accounts used on this blog.

Okay, I don remove…