Let’s talk: Premium Stories

Good morning, folks.

Please, e-fam, let’s all be a part of this conversation, as it is very important. Do not ignore, or swipe past without reading and leaving your thought on the matter. Thank you all.

So, many would recall that I’ve once, maybe more than once, talked about having a page/category where premium stories… i.e. stories that readers will have to pay to read will be posted. I recall talking about it sometime last year. Probably around February of last year and a few readers had encouraging thoughts on the matter at the time.

Well, that plan is still on. It was actually only delayed because I was looking out for a Payment Gateway where mobile recharge cards could be used. And I do believe I have at last found one.

Negotiations are still ongoing though and I am still evaluating them. But it is very likely I’d be employing their services. There are not many choices out there in cases like this.

So, the point of this post is to find out readers willingness to pay for a story. I have so many… in short, too many storylines and new ones crop into mind everyday, so that I cannot keep up with writing for publishing with the ideas I’ve got. It will take 3 years of monthly consecutive writing to offset the storylines I have right now.

So are you interested and willing to read premium stories and by that, I mean, are you willing to pay to read?

Let us note that whilst I’m seeking readers opinion, it does not mean that if the majority says: No, we’re not prepared for premium stories: that these stories will automatically become free reads.

No, that won’t happen. Such storylines would only be left for when I have the time to dedicate to their writing and publishing.

And also, saying no does not mean I will do away with the idea. It is something I have been considering and have even weighed on the other angle of posting a couple of chapters of such stories and then stop to publish the stories into eBooks.

I hope we understand each other there.

I am only, and very much, interested in knowing how many of us will be interested in a Premium Stories section and are willing to pay for it.

So, let me hear from you. And also, if you have better suggestions or have any idea how I could charge for stories using a recharge card payment system, let us hear it too.

I thank you all for reading and patiently await your responses. Y’all have a nice day now.



LSDL will return tomorrow please. Thank you.

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28 Responses to Let’s talk: Premium Stories

  1. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Its a grand idea….Been waiting for you to take this steps since..And also paid membership would be a great idea too…..Like a monthly sub thingy.

  2. Adefunke says:

    I am in support of it.may our efforts be crowned with great success

  3. Favour says:

    Its an awesome idea

    I am in

    2017 #TMpowerMoves…..legooooo

  4. Ego says:

    A welcomed idea… and the recharge card payment method is just it as this will make the whole thing a lot easier.

  5. Zinnie says:

    It’s all good as far as one can pay with recharge card…

  6. Joan says:

    It’s a wonderful idea. And there’s nothing better than getting paid for what you love doing

  7. star says:

    I support 200%. were man dey work nah there him dey chop. nah im make dem call am WORKSHOP

  8. Omotola says:

    It’s a welcomed idea, considering the quality of stories you write, everything shouldn’t be free. And the recharge card method of payment will make it easier. Nice work anytime!

  9. phuntor says:

    its really not a bad idea, with your quality stories and technique sure people wont mind.keep up the good work

  10. Datoks says:

    Yes o, pls make it recharge card option I beg

  11. Roselyn says:

    Great one. Am in.

  12. Grace says:

    Nice idea recharge card option is better cos it is stressful going to bank to pay in little money

  13. Tosin says:

    Its a good idea, T.M.

  14. Mystiq says:

    Am totally in support

  15. Ohitare says:

    It’s a good idea but recharge card payment might not work – or have you thought about how to cater for readers not in Nigeria?

    • I am already thinking on that. The Recharge Card Payment Gateway will better serve Nigerians but I’ll definitely need another for non-Nigeria living readers. Thanks for the reminder, Ohitare.

  16. frances says:

    Definitely absolutely and all the ly(s).
    I will check a payment solution we just rolled out and see if it will work for you.
    Will confirm to u tomorrow.

  17. Emmanuella says:

    It’s a great idea! Your story lines are superb so I wudnt mind payin for it

  18. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Am totally in support and that Recharge card thingy??? Me Likey!!! #TeamTM #PremiumStoriesRock

  19. jojodia says:

    Solid idea

  20. Toyenlon says:

    It’s a good idea.

  21. kemmy says:

    Its cool. Am interested

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