2016 – in review

A couple of hours more to go.

It’s amazing how we’ve come from January 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016. 366 days almost gone, with only a few meagre hours left to call the year a day.

I bet we are all grateful to see this day. I sure am. It went by so fast but I am, and I know we all are, grateful for every one of its day we were blessed with.

As I woke up this morning, still in my mother’s house and getting set to return to PH, I remembered that if my father was still alive, today would have been his and my mother’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. I remembered this morning and then, I simply thanked God for “what is” today.

How has the year been for you?

How did 2016 treat you?

For me, it started me on the last walk of my thirties and just for that, I learned, chose to learn, many things. I chose to let go many things and I chose to begin to “foresee” the coming of many things. It was a good year. Not as good as I’d hoped, and prayed, for but good. Good, so I am thankful for the moments and the hours and the weeks and the months and the year I was blessed with.

It was a good year for me as a writer and a blogger too. Again, not as good as I’d prayed for, but surely better than last year. This year, I published 5 eBooks, one of them a novel I’d been re-writing since 2014. It was a good year too for lifeandspices.com.

So many things I prayed for and did not receive. So many things I did not pray for and was given. So many, many more things I am still hopeful for. Today, the 31st day of December 2016, the very last day of the year, I say THANK YOU, LORD for 2016.

So, how was 2016 for you?

How was lifeandspices.com for you in 2016?

This was our first full year as a self-hosted blog, so share your experience here this year.

Which one of our free-reads delighted you most?

We had quite a few —

* House on the Hill

* Key to my Heart

* Body on my Doorstep

* Dinner For Two

* Beyond the Grave: Blood of the Innocent

* Mercenary Wife

And a bunch of short stories and Flash Fictions.

So, which one did it for you? Which was your 2016 all-round number-one?

As we reminisce and share, I thank everyone for being a part of LifeandSpices.com in the year 2016. I thank all who made it a point, and an act of affection, to purchase any, or all, of my eBooks. As this year draws to a close, I pray the Lord God Almighty to bless you and to lead you, and yours, majestically in 2017.

Thank you for sharing this year with me. I love you.


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28 Responses to 2016 – in review

  1. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Mercenary Wife did it for me!……. Hopingto see more from you next year TM……I’m always proud of you!!

  2. Gift says:

    Now I’ll be a little greedy here,mercenary wife and house on the hills is my choice can read them over and over again it time permits though,lol,thanks tm for dishing us with hot sweet interesting story I pray next year gets better for all of us despite the recession

  3. mcsteph says:

    Happy new year in advance ma. Its being an exciting ride here, one which i enjoyed i must confess. God bless you more so that you can write more interesting books for us.
    House on the hill for me and key to my heart.

  4. Adefunke says:

    Happy new year ma.house on the hill shook me,it’s actually a love story. then, the mercenary wife.kudos ma.hope to see more of u in 2017

  5. Unique Ell' says:

    TM,trust me a your books were a hit back to back!I loved them and enjoyed them all.I keep going back to them!God bless and give Increased Greatness this year IJN

  6. Patience.Bassey says:

    Happy new year ma’am
    House on the hill and mercenary wife did it for me.
    All your books are inspiring.
    Thanks for riding 2016 with us here.

  7. Nykky says:

    Happy new year TM. I wish you a prosperous new year. 2017 has been declare a year of all round recovery and so shall it be for all of us amen. HOTH was one of the best so far. Mercenary wife though a fiction but I know a friend that her story is so close to MW. You are talented and creative I can only pray that God will continue to bless your inspiration. Regards to your wonderful husband. My Angels sent their greetings and a bear hug.

    • I claim the blessing of all-round recovery in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
      Wow! Someone in something similar as MW? Life indeed must be stranger than fiction. Do hope it worked out for her.
      And oh yeah, HOTH was a great read… and a pleasure to write. Lol

  8. Ayoola says:

    happy 2017 ma’am TM
    HOTH….was my all round number 1, it was really “HOT” and then dinner for 2, who wouldn’t lice Theodore and kome? ryt her name was Kome..
    then we have mercenary wife, hmmmm, spicy…
    key to my heart was simply amazing.
    BOMDS….that one was hilarious….
    BDG…took us into reality, d evil heart of d world and vengeance of God

    Ok I know you said 1 o…..but I can’t help it…I love ’em all… thanking YOU

  9. Kemi says:

    happy new year TM baby. we thank God for his mercies in 2016, mercenary wife n key to my heart are my favourites. more grace n strength in 2017. ur hear desires shall be granted dis amen

  10. Pearl Josephs says:

    Happy new year TM. For me, in the correct order, Mercenary wife, key to my heart and house on the hill made my year. God bless you more in 2017

  11. Paula says:

    House on the hill did it for me.

  12. All of the listed touched me in their own unique way and I learnt a lot. House on the Hill nailed it.

  13. mercy says:

    happy new year ma.LS reads were one of d fun things I always looked forward to in 2016.thanks for bn so cool and keeping here well spiced. all the stories were real good but House on the hill did it for me! I cn read dt book in a deserted island!all d reads were beautiful. ..but HOTH is my all time favourite

  14. Toyenlon says:

    Happy new year TM. I love mercenary wife most though all the books are exceptional. More grace to you this 2017.

  15. MercyKings says:

    Mercenary wife and key to my heart were my best.House on the rock took third place. Thank u so much for these stories and ur live for writing.
    Happy new year T.M.
    I will be making some book purchases very soon. 3-4 of them actually. Tried adding u to WhatsApp to no avail.

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