Welcome December

Oh my, we didn’t do this the very first day, but the month is still all new and all glamorous and we are still celebrating the freshness of getting into December, the very best, most glorious month of every single year… yay!


So, it’s welcome to all LS e-fam members to this amazing month. And to all celebrants, birthday celebrants and all anniversary celebrants alike, may this month be the very best you’ve had this year. May every single day of this wonderful month of celebration, bring you reasons to rejoice and to share your joy with all around you.

This too is my man of the millennium’s birthday month, so I’m especially wishing my M a happy birthday in advance and also wishing us both a joy-filled, happy-days-filled, mega-money-filled, twins-filled married life as we get set to celebrate our fourth year together as “Dearest & Pretty… Lol.

Have a blast this month, everyone, and may the last days of 2016 be the very, very, VERY best for you all.

Love you all,

Happy New Month… *muah*

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14 Responses to Welcome December

  1. Iyke David says:

    I have been expecting this since 1st day of the month!
    Thanks, We need it! Thanks once again and you too remain blessed!

  2. ogochukwu says:

    Tnx so much and i Wish u same

  3. Toyenlon says:

    Happy new month to you too and happy birthday to your dearest.

  4. VictorA says:

    happy new month to everyone. happy bday and happy anniversary to all celebrants, and happy birthday in arrears to other December babies like moi.

  5. Nancydearie says:

    Amen,Happy New Month to All, may GOD bless and prosper us all this new month and may HE grant us our heart desires In JESUS NAME AMEN. Happy birthday to December Celebrants and Happy Anniversary.

    • Thank you, Nancy. And I did see your mention on NL. Thanks for it. Thing is writing competitions that involves scouting for votes is not my thing and after the mistake of the Etisalat Flash Fiction competition, I won’t try it ever again. I believe Literature should be critiqued by the experts. Thanks for the mention all the same. I know you always got my back. I love you

  6. Ego says:

    Happy new month to all of us @ LS and happy birthday in advance to TM’s Dearest. Good things shall come our ways in this month and beyond.

  7. jojodia says:

    My birthday in a bit

    December babies rock

  8. I pray God make us fruitful in all ramifications of our lives.
    I love you Maama.

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