Mercenary Wife – 4



It wasn’t working. Nothing she did was working. And nothing she’d expected was happening. She hadn’t expected him to keep her prisoner in his bedroom but he had. He had kept her locked up in that room all day long and had returned a good minutes after nine p.m.to start shooting orders at her like some soldier husband.

Richelle hissed under her breath and stared with animosity at the TV screen she wasn’t watching. She hadn’t imagined him to be the type to spew out orders at his wife either. But you obviously never really knew a man until you were living with him as most people did say. For Christ’s sake, she’d had to rummage his refrigerator for something to eat! And he hadn’t even cared if she was going to die of hunger locked up as his little prisoner wife. Not that she’d felt much of a hunger with the anger that had been broiling inside of her.

Damn it! She’d tried everything she knew. She’d tried, multiple times and in multiple ways, the one thing she knew that never failed—seduction. But even that, especially that, had failed. Even when she could see desire in his eyes and feel it in his body, he never caved. He wasn’t the kind of man to be seduced. She’d realised it.

“Who knew there were those types?” Richelle muttered. Who’d have thought she’d wind up with a man who wasn’t dying to get her naked and who wouldn’t jump at her many unsubtle overtures to do just that? She was possibly married to an asexual man and she was doomed.

Richelle sighed. She couldn’t afford to lose. Not all of this. But she was becoming desperate. Three days at home, ready to be at his beck and call, and him barely sparing her a cheap glance—it sure was becoming frustrating. She wanted him back at the place where she could manage him—crazy about her and willing to do anything for her. There was no way she was allowing herself lose a man who could dish out five million naira without blinking. That just wasn’t allowed to happen. Not in this one lifetime she’s got.

But how to get him back?

He wasn’t falling out of love with her, was her?

No, that couldn’t happen. Richelle rejected the thought with a shake of her head, flung her legs down the bed, heaved off it and turned off the television. A man like Simon, no matter how betrayed he might feel, wasn’t the type to take back his heart when he had given it. He wasn’t the type too to tell a woman he loved her when he didn’t.

And he’d told her he loved her. The thought made Richelle frown as it usually did when she wasn’t feeling smug at having won herself that big prize. She’d felt, the first time he’d said it, like she’d been presented a pot of gold but she couldn’t clearly see the gold. It had been weird feeling that way, puzzled, uneasy, scared—and confounded as to why that was. And she felt all of that now.

Richelle pressed her fingers to her eyes. Love wasn’t the bargain she wanted. It wasn’t the prize she’d played this game for. It wasn’t the triumph and satisfaction she craved for. It wasn’t something she understood… or believed in. But if he felt it for her and he, himself, truly believed he did, then it could be her trump card. And she should use it. She just needed to figure out how.

Feeling a better handle on things, she strode to where she’d kicked off her sandals and slipped on the four inch New Look ankle straps. Now, she could go see her mother. She’d been a pain in her neck the last few days, hounding her with calls and demanding text messages. She wanted to see her. Richelle didn’t like the prospect of doing so. But it was inevitable and now she was feeling confident again, maybe she could handle her.

Of course, her mother would blame her for this. She would consider it failure. And she would be annoyed by it. The craps and bullshits she had to put up with, Richelle grimaced.

“Aunty, are you going out?” Nene’s voice carried over from the dining room arched entrance. “I am setting lunch already.”

Richelle glanced at the housekeeper. She worked hard. She kept to her business. And she was as ugly as sin and almost as fat as a whale. So in her estimation, she was the perfect housekeeper and a no-threat at all. A plus was that she was a damn good cook. She wouldn’t have minded taking over that part of her duties, but since Simon wasn’t going to be impressed by her efforts… why trouble herself?

“I am, Nene. I have to go see my mum. Actually, just made a spontaneous decision to do so.” And because she liked her, Richelle added with a genial smile. “I’ll probably still be eating that when I get home, so just keep it warm for me.”

“Okay, ma.” Nene acquiesced with a nod. “Have a good visit, ma.”

“Thank you, Nene.”

Inside the parking garage, she contemplated the G-Wagon with thoughtful eyes. Simon always used the Hyundai Genesis when going to work… and well, anywhere else it was he went to. It had been this G-Wagon though on their wedding day. And it was obviously going to be her ride today, as she wasn’t going to flag down a taxi when it was sitting pretty right here. Lucky for her, he had a hanging board for all his keys right on the corridor wall.

Richelle got behind the steering wheel with a satisfied feeling, pulled out into the driveway and joined the mid-afternoon mild traffic. There sure was nothing as pleasurable as handling a real car. Well, maybe except being handled by a real man, Richelle amended the thought, chuckling to herself as she drove towards Elekhia at a paced speed that suited her.

She parked the wagon outside her mother’s premises. There was not just enough space for more than two cars in the bungalow house’s narrow yard. A besotted Politician had bought her mother the house a little over a decade ago. It had been their route out of bank-draining house rents and the degrading position of tenancy.

“Good afternoon, Aunty.” Ada, her mother’s maid, welcomed her.

“How are you?” Richelle offered her usual genial smile to the almost above teenage years girl. “Where’s mum?”

“In her room.”

“I’ll join her there then.” Richelle decided and swept through the elegant living room with absent appreciation. One thing you could give Noreen Mekini credit for was for possessing a superior taste. She had eyes for elegant stuff and she always found a way to get them.

She knocked on the solid wood door. Polite manners were mandatory with her mother.

“Come in.” Her more hoarse than husky voice invited from inside.

Richelle inhaled, then fixing a smile, opened the door and walked in.

“I see you finally found the time to leave your palace to come see your mother.” Her mother grunted after  a laconic glance at her.

That was Noreen Mekini. She never pretended. Except when it suited her to pretend. Which was more than half the time with outsiders, but never with family.

“I just got married barely a week ago, mum.” Richelle strode to the bed and gave her the mandatory mother-daughter hug. “I’ve been preoccupied with my husband. We are in what many would call the honeymoon stage, I believe.”

“Indeed you are. Or should be.” She looked her over only as Noreen Mekini would. With a sweep of the eyes that was thorough and critical. “And I’d like to know why that is not the case.”

“Can I at least have a drink and sit down before you start drilling me?” Richelle asked with a playful roll of her eyes.

Her mother waved a nonchalant hand of consent.

She pulled open the stainless beverage cooler, got out an orange can drink and walked to an armchair to settle in it. She was stalling. Calculating how much to tell; and realising there was no avoiding telling it all. Not with her mother.

“I am waiting.”

She wasn’t waiting. She was impatient. Richelle thought with a wry smile and set down the canned drink on the black wood stool. “We had a fight.” She prevaricated. “A misunderstanding. But we are resolving it.

“Hmm.” Her mother’s mouth pursed. Her eyes went narrow and scrutinizing. “Misunderstanding about what?”

“Simon doesn’t much care for us sharing our problems with others, mum.” She was still hedging and she knew it was futile. “He’s kind of private like that.”

“With you shut up and tell me what you did to make him cancel your trip to Paris?” Noreen ordered with a hiss.

“Why would you so quickly assume I am the offender here?” Richelle asked, sulking.

“Because I’ve spoken with Simon and though he told me nothing, his tone told me you’ve clearly offended him.” She paused and slowly amended. “Or more to the point, that you have hurt him. So, what did you do, Richelle? And don’t let me repeat the question before you answer it truthfully.”

Richelle grumbled under her breath and wished she’d stayed at home. “He overheard me talking with Uma and completely misunderstood what I was saying.”

“Uh-hmm.” Her mouth puckered even more. “And what were you saying to Uma?”

“I was just talking to her.” Hating the feeling of a criminal in the dock, Richelle pushed to her feet and strove not to pace. “He wasn’t supposed to hear us. I didn’t know he’d be at the door eavesdropping.” She hissed, and cursed under her breath the fate that had brought Simon to the door right at that moment.

“What did he overhear, Richelle?” Her mother slowly got off the bed.

Because her eyes were too focused on her, Richelle took an automatic step back. “I was just…” She backed another step. Pulled a nonchalant shrug that failed woefully. “I didn’t really mean any harm. I was just feeling frisky and lucky and Uma and I were just chattering about why I married Simon and Voke—”

“Voke?” Her interruption rang out like a bullet. “As in that no-good idiot that runs errands at NTA?”

“He doesn’t run errands, mum.” Richelle defended. “He’s an administrative officer and does important jobs there.”

“Important jobs my foot!” Noreen hissed. “And what were you doing chattering about him on your wedding day? What exactly did Simon overhear you say that has him so offended?”

“Well, he wouldn’t have been offended if he hadn’t been eavesdropping on conversations that were not his business.” Richelle retorted defensively. “I was just being frank with my girlfriend, that was all. If he knew he had sensitive ears, he should have stayed off listening to keyholes.”

“Richelle, will you tell me exactly what you said so we can know how to resolve this matter?”

“I—I only said that I married him for his money and that…” She faltered. Then pushed up her chin stubbornly. It was done anyway. “That Voke and I were still lovers.”

“Voke and you are still—” Her mother’s hand connected with her cheek with a resounding slap. “You and that god-forsaken no-good fellow are still lovers?”

“You slapped me, mum?” Richelle stared at her in shock, her hand holding her stinging cheek.

“I will kill you with my bare hands, you stupid brainless girl.” Noreen swore, then let out a word of exclamation in their local dialect. “Did I not instruct you to let go that fool, eh? Did I not warn you?”

“I like him, mum, so I couldn’t just toss him out of my life.” Defiance bolstered as she still smarted at being slapped. “And you know very well, I only dated and agreed to marry Simon because of his money. You know he and I have nothing in common.”

“And what do you have in common with the fool you’re jeopardizing your future over, stupidity?” Noreen hissed and wagged a warning finger. “You just pray to God that you have not ruined everything with this stupid mistake you have made. My God! No wonder he called off the honeymoon. What else could he have done?” Another hiss, then she sighed. “This must be made right. I am not going to sit back and have you ruin both our lives.”

“Both our lives, mum?” Richelle stared at her mother. “I am the one who might be tossed out of her husband’s home, mum, not you.”

“And if you weren’t my daughter, I’d say that’s no less than you deserve.” She retorted before she swung down into the chair she’d vacated. “I will speak with him.”

“No, mum!” Richelle rejected the idea. “You can’t talk to Simon about this, mum. I wasn’t lying when I said he preferred matters between us to be kept private. He actually warned me not to talk to anyone about this. I’ll handle this, mum. I’m handling it. We are already resolving it.”

“Are you?” Her mother’s eyes narrowed into slits as they scanned her face. “You’d better resolve it and win back his affection and trust. That young man is the ace card I’ve been holding out for.” She crossed her legs and leaned back on the chair. As she did when she thought of matters that satisfied her. “Did you know that he had goods delivered to my store just Monday here at no cost?”

She hadn’t known. Two days after he’d heard her… He would still be that generous to her mother after that?

“He’s the real deal, Richelle.” Her mother’s quiet voice broke through her contemplation. “A man is worth nothing unless he can provide, and provide rightly, for his woman. And a wise woman never wastes her beauty on worthless men.” Her voice hardened. “Get rid of that insipid fool!”

“Mum, I told you—”

“And I know that sex is the only thing that’s got you charged over that idiot.” Noreen interrupted. “All that big muscles and superb technique might be interesting in bed, but they bring no satisfaction five minutes out of it. He’s a dead weight, so lose him.”

“Have you considered that I might not be getting that five minutes pleasure with Simon and his born-again prudish ass?”

“You want a plaything, you bid your time and you stay discreet. Stop wagging your tongue.” She lifted the orange drink, sipped and then grimaced. “Tepid.” She dumped it back on the stool and swept her gaze back at Richelle. “It wouldn’t hurt if you charm him with that gorgeous body of yours. It’s your greatest asset. A woman’s biggest weapon. Have a man who can’t have enough of your body and you have an eternal slave.”

“He’s already my slave, mum. He’s so besotted with me, he can’t let me go.”

“I’m more liable to believe that when I see you rolling in all that money he’s got.” Her mother dismissed with a mocking chuckle.

Richelle opened her mouth to tell her of the five million, then shut it again. If her mother knew about the money, she’d want a huge chunk of it. And Richelle needed something stored away, should there be a rainy day.

“You will see, mum.” She amended and walked over to hug her mother. “I have to be on my way. I want to see Uma before heading home.”

“You be careful what your mouth is whispering into that girl’s ears.” Noreen warned.

“Uma isn’t like that, mum. You know her.” Richelle brushed aside the warning. “She’s my best friend and would never betray me.”

“Fat lot you know about women.” Her mother scoffed. “Women envy other women. You’ve got an amazing man. Every woman wants one. Most will kick out the competition, just to get that one.”

“Uma is not like that, mum.” Richelle repeated and picked up her handbag. “I’ll see you in a few days. Take care.”


Richelle turned at the doorway, and frowned when she beckoned her to come.

“If he proves difficult, you come to me. We’ll have him putty in your palms with just a little extra care.”

It took a minute. Then comprehension dawned at the flicker of her mother’s eyebrows. “What do you mean, mum?” Richelle asked, despite herself.

“Don’t be naïve.” Her mother chided with a cluck of her tongue. “You know what I mean. It doesn’t hurt for a woman to have an infrangible hold on a man. You’d want to be certain of your position in his heart and in his home.”

“He loves me, mum. That makes me certain.” Richelle stepped back. “I don’t want this. I can handle Simon, mum. So, let’s leave this.”

“Be sure that you do. I won’t forgive any more mistakes on your part, so be warned.” Noreen murmured and smiled.

No, she wouldn’t. But she wouldn’t forgive herself if she delved into things she did not quite understand either. “I’ll see you, mum.”

Richelle wondered how often her mother had had to do something extra to make certain of her place in a man’s heart and in his home as she drove towards Uma’s residential area. She’d been married twice. Her own father, her first husband, had died young, when Richelle had been just three or thereabouts. She’d remarried when she’d been eleven. But had separated from that husband when she couldn’t have a child after five years. There’d been men over the years. Richelle had seen them, known them, learned to accept them and kept out of their way. Then in the last four, five years, her mother had turned to the church and had become the dedicated Christian woman with a beautiful well-brought up daughter everyone now knew.

A fictive image her mother enjoyed more than she did.

Uma was just getting home when she arrived. And was astounded after Richelle told her that Simon had heard them talking.

“Holy Christ! I knew it was such a risk saying things like that. My God! So he heard us!” Uma gave a shudder. “How… I don’t know what to say. How devastating it must have been for him. Poor Simon. He must be heartbroken. He loves you so much. Anyone can see that.”

“Well, poor Simon is being vengeful now. He’s not only cancelled our honeymoon, he’s keeping a close watch on me. I think he might have an investigator or something like that watching me.”

“Are you serious?” Uma looked shocked.

Richelle lazily shrugged. “He had me locked up in the bedroom all day Sunday after we came back from the hotel, with my phone seized.”

“Jesus! This is serious!”

“Uh-hmm, it sure was.” Richelle agreed with a royal nod. “And when he came back that night, he was all prohibitions and forbidden rules. I wasn’t to tell anyone about our problems. I wasn’t to communicate with Voke or any other man, blah blah blah.”

“Oh Lord, this must have deeply wounded him.”

Richelle lost her patience. “Will you stop whining for him, Uma?  He locked me up in our bedroom for the better part of eleven hours and didn’t give a damn if I ate or not.”

“You can’t blame him for doing that, Rich. The things he heard…” Uma shook her head. “Those were cruel things, Rich. No man should hear such things and definitely not from the lips of the woman he loves.”

“Well, he wouldn’t have heard them if he wasn’t skulking about, eavesdropping on private conversations.”


“What?” Richelle gave a careless shrug. “It’s true though, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have been saying such things if I knew he’d be listening, would I?”

“It’s more that you shouldn’t have been saying them at all, whether he was listening or not.” Uma retorted, her tone reproving. “Richelle, you are the one in the wrong here. You betrayed Simon.”

“And how the hell did I do that? By sharing a simple truth with my best friend?” Richelle snapped, stung by her lack of loyalty.

“By marrying him under false pretences. He must have believed you loved him like he did you for him to marry you. And…” Uma made a gesture with her hand. “And all that talk about Voke, that sure was a huge betrayal.”

“How? I didn’t have his ring on my finger then and I never lied that I was a virgin.”

“But you two were in a committed relationship while you regularly slept with another man.” Uma let out a breath. “Just admit it, Rich, you messed up. You messed up big time. No man deserves this. No one deserves this.”

“Fine. I messed up.” Richelle grudgingly agreed. “I probably shouldn’t have been running my mouth so carelessly on my wedding day.”

“You shouldn’t have betrayed him with Voke and you shouldn’t have married him when you didn’t love him.” Uma returned.

“Like every man and woman who get married are head over heels in love.” Richelle scoffed, then sniffed. “I don’t hate him either. Just so you know, I kind of like him. He might be too reticent for my out-there taste, but he’s usually thoughtful and generous. Those things I like.”

“So, what’s going to happen with you too?” Uma asked after a silent moment.

“Nothing.” Richelle continued to hope nothing. At least, nothing bad. “He says married we are and married we’ll stay.”

“Oh my, he’s such a gentle soul. Richelle.” Uma came over and took her hand. “Rich, you can turn this around. You can win back his trust and make your marriage work. Just ask his forgiveness. Honestly do so and let go all things in the past like Voke.”

“Hmm, talking about Voke, let me have your phone.”

Uma stared at her. “Why?”

“Because I need it.” Richelle snapped impatiently and got up from the couch to snatch it up from the centre table. “I need to call Voke.”

“What!” Uma reached to snatch the phone but Richelle was too fast for her and knocked off her hand. “What are you doing, Richelle? Do you want to totally ruin your marriage?”

“Actually, I’m trying to save it.” Richelle countered, briskly working her fingers across the on-screen keypad. “I’ll send him a text since I’m quite certain you won’t allow me talk to him in peace. I told you he seized my phone, Uma. I have this odd feeling he might have had it bugged. So, I’m actually playing safe here by alerting Voke never to call my line again or send messages to it.” She sent the message and looked up with a smile. “See, I’m trying to save my marriage.”

“Oh Richelle, when will you learn that it doesn’t hurt to allow your heart really love a man?” Uma sighed.

“Maybe never.” Richelle handed her the phone and lifted her handbag. “Got to go. Have to go play good wife to my sweet generous husband. By the way, since you’re the holier-than-thou churchy type too, how does one seduce a born-again Christian?”

“It is his heart you should be seeking to overturn not seduce his body, Richelle.” Uma answered seriously.

“Hmm.” Richelle considered and frowned. “And how exactly do I overturn his heart?”

“Being truly repentant it’s a fine beginning. Asking genuine forgiveness is another solid step.”

“Mocking me, are you, Uma?”

“No.” Uma shook her head, smiling. “Being honest. If he’s a really good Christian, and I think that he is, you will need God’s intervention winning him back, Richelle.”

“And I suppose you think I should become born-again just to do that?” Richelle scorned.

“It never hurts to be.”

“No, thanks. I don’t need God’s intervention. I’ve got my wiles and magic powers.” She flashed a wink before sweeping to the door. “You’ll soon find that all men, even those holy-holy types, want a hot little naughty mama in their arms when the lights go out.” Chuckling, she got back into the wagon and back on the road.

That was the one chance she needed, to get herself into Simon’s arms. Or him in hers.

As usual he came in just minutes before dinner time. And as the good wife, she had the table set and his dinner waiting. It didn’t matter that she hadn’t prepared the meal. She’d overseen its preparation and had taken care of its setting up. That sufficed.

“Had a good day at the office?” Polite conversation was acceptable by him. It was when she sought more that he brandished his stonewall and fenced her off.

“I did, as a matter of fact.” He did not look at her.

But then, he barely looked at her when they were together. Richelle had a feeling he was avoiding having to succumb to the desire that lied hidden beneath his aloof eyes.

“I did too.” She smiled genially and lifted the fork to her mouth, chewed with enjoyment. “Went out today. To see my mum and thereafter, Uma.” She glanced at him. “I’m sure that that’s not news for you as your private eye must have enlightened you on my movements.” She paused, picked her glass of water and sipped. “That is if you do indeed have a private eye.”

He smiled. That usual cool smile that revealed absolutely nothing. “And how is mum?”

“She’s wonderful.” She went back to her food. She would sneak underneath his guard sooner, or later. “Buoyed over that her new son-in-law is taking care of her and still worried something might really be wrong if we cancelled the honeymoon.”

“I am sure you reassured her that nothing was wrong.” His eyes were directly on hers.

Richelle beamed. “I told her whatever it is, we are resolving as husband and wife.”

His eyes stayed on hers a moment more, then he dropped his gaze and went on with his food. “So, what else did you do today?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Richelle parried.

He slowly raised his head and looked at her.

Richelle felt a sudden heat at the unfathomable look in his eyes. “Nothing more.” She cleared her throat, shocked at its croakiness. “I thought of doing some shopping, but figured some prudence with money might be advisable.”

“Prudence with money? You mean with your five million?” His mouth quirked, then straightened. “Feel free to begin spending it. It’s yours. Though I would counsel some investment but you’re free to do as you please. I’ll be providing a housekeeping allowance tomorrow, so you can manage affairs here as you deem fit.”

“You would? Thank you.” She reached for his hand. “I truly appreciate all your generosity, baby. To me, to my mum. You’re the kindest man I know.”

“Hmm. You’re welcome.” He slipped his hand from hers. “I believe I’m done. And since I am particularly fatigued tonight, I’ll head straight to bed.”

“Oh.” Richelle pushed back her own chair and stood with him. “All right. I guess I’ll do the same.”

“Goodnight then, wife.” He said with the mocking smile that accompanied that appellation.

“Goodnight, Simon.” Richelle murmured.

But in the master bedroom, she couldn’t sleep and knew she had to do something.

She knocked on the guestroom door, tried the handle and gnashed her teeth when she found it locked. “It’s me, Simon.” She called out

It took a full minute before he opened and stood in the doorway. “Want something?”

“Yes.” How can he look at her near-naked body and still master his control. “You.”

“Ha.” He nodded. Then folded his arms across his chest. “Another sexual move, Richelle?”

“No. Yes. Why not?” She was becoming frustrated. “We are husband and wife. Sex is allowed between us, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” He agreed with another single nod.

“So, why are we holding back from each other?” Richelle tentatively touched his arm. “Baby, I know you probably feel like you can’t trust me—”

“I don’t trust you, Richelle.” He cut in.

“God, Simon, I’m trying here!” Richelle snapped and then inhaled forcefully and tried to regain her calm. “I did wrong and I want to make it right. But how can I do that if you don’t let me? Tell me what you want to do and I’ll do it.”

“Go to bed.”

“Go—” Richelle ground her teeth and swallowed her frustration. “Gosh, Simon, we are married! We are supposed to be sharing same bedroom and same bed. That’s what it’s supposed to be. Even the bible says that husband and wife should not deny each other. It’s right there somewhere in that holy book you’re always catering about.”

“Hmm, I see you’re suddenly interested in what the bible has to say about husband and wife.” He said, tone and eyes amused.

“I am very much interested in it.” Richelle bristled, peeved at his not taking her seriously. “And so you should be too.”

“Aha.” His eyes gleamed. “So you want to know what the bible says about marriage, huh? How about we start with what it says about a good wife. Interested in that, Richelle?”

“Ah…” She faltered, then tucked up her chin defiantly. “I definitely am.”

“Wonderful. Wait here.” He shut the door in her face and returned before the second curse pitched out of her mouth. “Here.” He handed her the bible, opened to some page. “Proverbs 31. Begin from verse ten to save your time.”

Richelle gaped at the open bible in her palms and then at him. “What? You want me to read the bible?”

“You said you were interested in what the bible says about a good wife, right?”


“Goodnight, Richelle.”

The door shut in her face again.

“Damn it!” Richelle cursed, stamped her foot and stamped back to her room. “Bloody hell!” She flung the bible on the bed and stormed back and forth, fuming and cursing.

Why was it so difficult to seduce this one man? Why was he so… so un-temptable? Why did he have to be so resolute and hard-hearted and unforgiving and—

“Oh, damn it all!” Richelle grated and flung down on the bed.

She glared at the bible. It was ridiculously opened to that page of Proverbs 31.

“So, you want to taunt me with God’s Word, huh, Simon? You want to shame me and condemn me with the words of the Almighty?” She snatched up the bible. “Well, let’s see what God has to proverbially say about a good wife.”

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is above rubies.

Richelle snorted and jumped the next couple of verses.

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

“Hogwash!” She slammed shut the black hardcover bible and dumped it on the nightstand. He wanted her to read instructions given to mindless cultural women of an era even before Jesus was born? “Nonsense!” She yanked aside the cover and dove underneath it.

That was the problem with these fanatical Christians. They never could differentiate one era from another. The lot of them were still operating in zero-forty AD.

“Nonsense!” She pronounced again and forced her eyes shut. She would get him all right, sooner or later. Flax and wool, her African ass!


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  11. Zinnie says:

    I think “no wonder” is in order here. What a mother! My elder sis used to say that “the worst thing that could happen to any body is to have a bad mother”. What a pity.
    Biko, no charm fashioned against Simon shall prosper.
    Thanks TM, for this wonderful episode…you’re appreciated.

  12. Ego says:

    Na wa o the mother is not even helping matter at all, what she is after are the benefits that come with being Simon’s mother in-law. Like mother like daughter. Yeye someborri

  13. Paula says:

    Better read that bible oh

  14. mady says:

    Her African ass?? Lolzz

  15. Nancydearie says:

    Richelle is so mean. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and deserves what she is getting from Simon. Simon is really a darling for not sending her packing to her momma’s house. She is an ingrate and would never change. Well done TM. God bless u.

  16. Doyinsola says:

    What a mother! I pity Richelle…. Oga Simon, the Lord is your muscle ooo… Weldone ma’am

  17. datoks says:

    Thanks TM, am so loving this Simon guy

  18. Ayoola says:

    I see….Richelle’s mom is big disgrace. After reading dis episode I somehow pity Rich, imagine seeing one’s mom change hubby like underwear #yucks#.
    Simeon is simply d best, I salute is discipline
    Rich’s friend though, I see her liking Simeon #like like. yes that kinda like….
    And I doff my gele for Ma’am TM. u too much.
    #i pray dis comment enter o

  19. Justice says:

    Richelle is actually a good geh….she just happened to be a product of wrong foundation.

    She can’t admit to doing wrong because she doesn’t seem to see nothing wrong in all she did.

    Her redemption on the way…

    Simon can live out love for Africa

  20. Never underestimate the effect of wrong upbringing.
    I pray Simon gets all the wisdom he needs.

  21. Favour says:

    Oh Lord give all the single ladies a husband like Simon

  22. Mz Tee says:

    uhnmmm…….mothers……..y do I av d feelin dat all diz z frm a past frm richz past……Mummy TM weldone

  23. Tanx so much for this wonderful episode. I pray Simon gets all the needed strength to be able to tolerate Richelle’s behavior.

  24. frances says:

    I believe the songs of Solomon will also do wonders for Riche girl. In fact she shd put d wordings into use morning noon and night and c if things will not begin to be different.

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