Mercenary Wife – 2


She sat, stunned and gaping at him, for the longest moment. Then she started to shake her head. “I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me. What are you saying, Simon?”

If his heart was wounded before by overhearing her make a mockery of him, having her lie to his face with a shocked expression that made him sound like a man right out of his mind blistered afresh those wounds.

“You didn’t misunderstand me, Richelle. And I am sure you heard me correctly.” Why did he have to feel so much pain instead of rage? “You married me just because I had money? That is the sole reason you dated me?” And why was his heart begging her to deny it when he already knew the truth? “How can you be so mercenary?”

“I am not a mercenary.” Richelle objected and sprang from the bed. “Good gracious! Simon, what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this? We just got married for heaven’s sake! Are you purposely trying to hurt me?”

“If I’m purposely trying to hurt you? Really, Richelle?” Who was this woman? Simon stared at her. At her self-righteous indignation. Had he ever known her? “The show is over, Richelle. Your game is up. I heard you. I heard you talking to Uma. Just minutes ago.”

“What the heck are you talking about?” She slammed her hands to her waist and glared at him with unblinking furiousness. “Of course, I was talking to Uma. Not only is she my best friend but she happened to also be my chief bridesmaid who was helping me undress and change my dress. What I’d like to know is what were you doing eavesdropping on our conversation? Like how could you even be listening at keyholes when I’m talking, Simon. Don’t you trust me then?”

No, he hadn’t known this woman. He hadn’t known this woman who obviously was not only a cold-hearted mercenary but was also an accomplished liar and an Oscar-worthy actress. A fool in love and a poor judge of character, that was who he was.

“You must think me too much of a brainless fool. Or is it the fact that you have me wrapped around your little finger that makes you confident you can spring back into the mind game you’ve been playing since we met even now?” That rage he’d been pleading for suddenly surging through the fog of pain, Simon grabbed her arm and yanked her forward. “Listen to me, Richelle, I heard you. I heard all your bragging to your best friend and chief bridesmaid. I mean nothing to you but an easy means to an end. I am nothing but a boring, exhaustively conservative with lots and lots of cheddar. You don’t care about me. You never have. You probably never will.” That hurt more than all else.

“And you’ve been sleeping with Voke. A boyfriend I never knew about obviously. But then, I never really knew you, did I?” How could her body pressed against his still seduce and make him hunger for her? “You can’t get enough of him, right? And you plan on resuming your love affair with him once we are back from our honeymoon.” The rise of disgust threatened to choke him. “But we’re not honeymooning anymore, are we, Richelle? So maybe you can go ahead and call up your Voke. He’s the man you’d rather have in your bed, making you want more, right?”

“Simon—” She faltered and blinked. “Baby, I… I think you misunderstood us.” She tried to twist up her hand to touch him.

Simon jerked her off.

Her hand dropped and she bit her lips, her eyes starting to water. “It wasn’t like that. I mean, what you heard… that’s not how I meant it. You misconstrued everything. I couldn’t have married you just for your money. Simon… baby, I love you. You know I do.”

“I know you are a liar.”

“No, I’m not.” She stepped forward, raised her hand and then let it drop again. “You got everything mixed up. It was Voke… it was him I meant that I found boring. It is him I don’t love.” Her eyes were brimming with tears and a pleading innocence that would have lulled his heart only yesterday. Now, it only devastated him. “I know I never mentioned him before… well, you always insisted that our past was dead and had nothing to do with our present, so I didn’t bother to tell you how much he hurt me. How he put me in a place where I literally lost all my self-esteem and started to believe no man would ever want me, let alone marry me.”

She inched closer, clasped her palms against her stomach, and her voice trembled. “When you came along, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. And when you turned out to be such an accomplished man and a real Christian too, it was just too overwhelming. Simon… baby, my darling. What you heard was me bragging to Uma how lucky I was to have found you. You’re the only man I love. The only man I want beside me. Holding me, loving me.” She touched his chest, stroked his body with her own. “I love you, Simon. I can’t pretend that I am not happy you’re rich. I mean, everyone likes and needs money, right?” Her arms circled his midsection and her fingers trailed his back. “But I didn’t marry you for your money. I couldn’t have, not when I love you as much as I do. You are the only one now, baby. It’s only you. It will always be.”

Simon stared at her satin pink lips and wished he didn’t feel such temptation to kiss their treacherous, lying lushness. “You make me sick with your lies.” He told her, nausea thrusting up his gullet. “It makes me sick to know that you considered me a gullible fool and I proved you right by falling for all your lies. And I would have continued doing so, wouldn’t I, if I hadn’t overheard you?” The pain was back and Simon knew he needed to get away from her. “You’ve been caught, Richelle. Could you at least give me credit enough to possess the common sense to see through this little act you’re putting up? It’s an Oscar-worthy act, I give that to you. But I see the lie all too clearly now.” He turned away.

She grabbed him and whirled around him to face him. “Don’t walk away, Simon. Please, don’t walk away. Let’s talk about this.” She held tightly to his hands and stared beseechingly into his eyes. “I know this is all confusing. Maybe I messed up. Maybe. But we can work it out. We are married now and married couples don’t just give up on each other. Let’s sit down and discuss this. I’m sure if you would just listen to me, you would see that this is all one huge mistake. And when we are away from all the piled up stress from the wedding planning and in Paris, I am certain you will realise how it is only you that I truly love.”

“I told you, Richelle, we are not going to Paris.” He extricated his hands. “There is no honeymoon. A marriage based on lies and illusions, like ours, don’t need one.”

“That cannot be. It just cannot be!” Her eyes sparkled, for the first time, with annoyance. “We just can’t cancel our honeymoon. For heaven’s sake, what will everyone say?”

“Have I ever seemed to you like the sort to care about what anyone has to say?”

“Well, I care about what people would think and say.” She flung at him and stamped her foot. “I care about what my family, and yours, and our friends would say when they see tomorrow that we are not getting on the plane and flying out to France. Simon, my friends, my IG followers are expecting me to upload photos of places we visited whilst in Paris. I already updated my profile to just married and skipping off to the shores of France. Imagine how I would look like a fool and a cheap little liar if I have not a single photo to upload about any part of France, huh?”

“But you are a cheap little liar, aren’t you? So that shouldn’t worry you.” Sickened by her superficiality and self-centredness, Simon swept past her and towards the door. He needed a blast of fresh air—of any kind of air that wouldn’t be as suffocating as her presence. “There’s no honeymoon and you can update your status and enchant your followers with the news that your boring husband just said so.”

Simon stood a moment in the spectacular hallway and just breathed. He had a numbing migraine and his stomach roiled with that nausea that continued to tickle his throat. He really needed fresh air.

He drove around the GRA area of the city and ended up, after he’d done his third round prowl, in front of the Blinkz Lounge. Women, mostly near-nude, flanked the vicinity of the nightclub. He could have any one of them for a cheap price and he’d be in no doubt that they were with him for his money. He could have any one of them he wished for, but that wasn’t the kind of man that he was. He was the kind of man that was in love with a woman who cared nothing for him and who married him only for his money.

Simon restarted his car and drove into the night.

You blabbering fool!” Richelle cursed herself, prowling the length and breadth of the suite as panic shot its wicked darts through her.

Gosh, this could not be happening. Everything she’d worked for. All the work she’d put into this… and to lose it when she’d should be basking in her triumph? Damn it, she was a fool! How could she have been so careless? How could she have let loose her tongue when she knew he was practically within earshot?

But, bloody hell, how could she have known that he’d be eavesdropping on her conversation for God’s sake? Richelle grabbed a pillow and flung it. And because the effort didn’t minimise her trepidation, she flung herself down on the bed and ploughed her quavering hands through her silky weave.

No, she would not lose it all. She could not afford to lose it all. She’d worked too hard for this. Eight months, she’d put on her A-game, swallowed every irritation and smiled through little annoyances. Eight months, she’d worked at being the kind of woman he would fall for and she had gotten him to fall for her. She had gotten him to propose and she had gotten his ring, his spectacular rings, on her finger. No, she wasn’t losing him. She wasn’t losing all that she was rightly entitled to.

How long had she waited for a chance like this? How often does a woman get lucky enough to find a man with pure gold and the exquisite consolation prize of being a bible-rambling faithful-as-a-dog Christian, huh? A woman was lucky if it happened to her once in her lifetime. This was her chance. It was her chance to live the life she’d always dreamed of. It was her chance to be the woman she’d always known she was born to be: the wife of a millionaire. And by that extension, a millionaire herself.

Richelle rubbed her palms down her face and raised her head. She has to win him back. He was crazy about her. He was in love with her. She could use that. She would use that. She’d worn him over first time, she would do so again. He was a good man, a good Christian. Good Christians believed in forgiveness. So she’d lament the errors of her ways, and she’d have him eating right out of her palms again.

Confident once more, Richelle straightened and her eyes sparkled with determination.

It was eleven p.m. before he entered back into their suite.

“Baby, God, am I glad to see you.” Richelle leapt off the sofa and rushed towards him. She tried not to be irritated when he evaded her hands. “I was so worried, baby. I didn’t know where you were. I didn’t know if I should be calling anyone, or if I should just wait. I was just so scared.” That much was true. She’d been scared he might have gone back to his house and had abandoned her at the hotel.

“I am really glad you came back, Simon.” She scrutinised him. He didn’t look like he’d been drinking. She’d have been surprised if he had been. But maybe a little inebriation would have made matters easier though. “It tells me you believe, like I do, that we can work things out. You want us working this out, don’t you, baby?” She reached for his hands, and this time, he didn’t flinch away. That gave her hope and she drew herself closer and rubbed her pink satin nightwear clad body against his. She felt the stiffening of his body and was encouraged. “I am sorry for allowing this to happen on our wedding day and ruining our wedding night, baby. I am really sorry. Please forgive me.”

He stared into her eyes. There was a touch of cynicism that worried her. But Richelle refused to dwell on it. “What exactly are you asking forgiveness for, Richelle?”

“For allowing this to happen.” She reached up and tenderly touched his face. The taut muscles beneath her caressing fingers did not yield. But that was the nature of his strong-boned frame. “For bringing you to a place where you’d hear something from me and be hurt by it. For almost ruining our wedding night… our first time together.”

“In a nutshell—asking for forgiveness for nothing that was your fault.” He took her hand and pushed it off his face. “Let me guess, this little act would be you trying to wrap me around your little finger again, right?”

“Simon, please.” She followed him through the living area into the bedroom. “I didn’t mean any of those things. It was just girly bragging, nothing more. Surely you know how foolish we women can talk sometimes.” He grabbed a pillow from the bed and her heart skipped. “Simon, please, give us a chance to resolve this.” She snagged his hand as he walked past. “I am really sorry and I love you. I swear it.”

He jerked off her hand. “When you are prepared to tell the truth, then you talk to me. Meanwhile, I’m going to sleep on the sofa. You’ll pardon me if I’m not interested in sharing the bed with you, won’t you? I’d hate to disappoint you after one minute.”

“Goddamn it! Simon—”

The rest of her words fled her as he spun around and yanked her to him, his hand clenched around her arm, his eyes blazing with fury into hers.

“Don’t you dare swear at me, or God help me, I will completely forget that there is God.” He thrust her off, spun around again and strode out of the bedroom.

Richelle stumbled as she backed away. Damn it, this wasn’t going to be easy. She could really lose it all. Bloody hell! She could really lose everything.

The next morning, she wasn’t sure who woke up first between them. But he was sitting upright on the sofa when she walked into the living area, his hands crossed between his legs.


“I’m going to have my bath. The family will be here soon.” He cut her off, got up and brushed past her into the bedroom.

Richelle stared after him and crushed the desperate desire to throw of her nightwear and fling herself into his arms. Somehow, she doubted seduction would work. Not when he was still so angry, and they were pressed for time.

But she tried coaxing when they were dressed and riding down the elevator to join their waiting families in the hotel’s lobby.

“Don’t let’s cancel our plans, Simon.” She begged. And briefly considered stooping to her knees. “Think of how this would confuse and affect our families. Your parents will be shocked and my mother would definitely be hurt by this.”

“You’re not thinking of anyone but yourself.” He aimed her a cold look of scorn she’d never known he was capable of. “And save the false cajoling, I’m not changing my mind.” He stepped off the elevator and walked in the direction of the lobby, leaving her to scuttle after him.

Her mother, his mother and father, Paul, his cousin and Uma were there. Seeing them, Richelle felt her heart pummel and a cold sweat rise over her.

“Simon. Baby, don’t do this to me. Please.” She whispered hoarsely beside him.

“Good morning, dad. Mum.” He ignored her, leaned forward and embraced his parents and then, her mother. “Good morning, ma.”

“Morning, my dear boy.” Her mother twinkled up at him. “I see you two must have had a busy night from the tiredness over your faces.” She laughed gaily. “I foresee sleep-through flights ahead of you too.”

“Then it is lucky for us we won’t be taking any flights today.” Simon said mildly and with a faint smile.

“Hmm.” Her mother, and just about everyone else, gaped at him. “What was that you just said? Not taking any flights today, what do you mean? How do you plan on getting to Lagos and then be on your way to France?”

“Mum, what Simon meant was—”

“We are not going to France.” He cut her off, focused on his parents and her mother. “We are going to be staying home.”


The cry out was from her mother. But it was his father who demanded. “What are you talking about? You have made plans to spend your honeymoon in Paris. Tickets have been booked. Everything is set.” The man, she knew simply as Papa TJ, looked from his son to her. “What is going on here?”

“Nothing, Papa TJ. Simon is just—”

He interrupted her again. “Nothing’s going on, papa. Richelle and I just decided we’d prefer to stay home instead of gallivanting the Europe.”

“No, we didn’t—”

It was Paul who butted in this time. “What is wrong?” He asked and his eyes swept from worried to accusing as they shifted from Simon to her.

Richelle swallowed a hiss and ignored Uma’s confused and worried stare. Paul had never liked her. She knew he thought her not good enough for his cousin. That was the least of her problems now—as it has always been.

“Nothing is wrong, Paul. We just changed our minds about going to Paris, that’s all.”

“How can you two just change your minds from one day to the next?” Her mother had recovered from her shock and her eyes were spitting fire at Simon, and at her when she spared her a glance. “Did something happen? Did you two have a newly weds quarrel last night? Because we all know these things can sometimes happen.”

“We didn’t have a fight, mum.” The last thing she wanted was Simon spilling details to his family. “We are only deferring the honeymoon trip. Simon and I plan on travelling on a later date.”

“No, we have no such plans.” Simon countered and offered a general apologetic smile. Not to her, of course. “We’re sorry this is a shock to everyone. But believe us when we say there is no problem at all, just a change of plans.” He gestured towards the exit. “Could we head home, please? I think we are clustering the hotel’s lobby.”

“We should be heading to the airport and not home.” Her mother snapped. But she didn’t resist when Simon’s mother nudged her towards the hotel’s exit doors.

Richelle tried once more to plead with him as he drove them back to his house. But he said nothing to her but his expression remained unyielding. He didn’t change his mind either no matter how her mother ranted and his parents coaxed. Neither did he spill details despite Paul’s continued pressing. He only requested that they be left alone as they were still, after all, newly weds. And very reluctantly, their family had dispersed.

“How could you do this?” Richelle ground out the second they were alone. “How could you be so mean and so thoughtless and so implacable?”

“You think I am mean, thoughtless and implacable? Really?” He seized her hand and pulled her towards the master bedroom; tossed her inside despite all her protests and ground through clenched teeth. “You are the mean, thoughtless and implacable one. You have no thought in your head for anyone beside your self-absorbed self. Your only grief is that your game’s over and your plans thwarted. And let me assure you, dear mercenary wife, they will forever be thwarted because you might have fooled me once, but you will never again do so.”

He snatched the iPhone off her hand. “Now, how about you stay here and try to meditate on your crimes, hmm? Or maybe, try to work up a backup plan. That would be more your style, not so?” He added with a sneer before slamming out of the room.

It was the key clicking in the lock that snapped Richelle out of her momentary state of shock. “Simon!” She ran to the door and banged on it. “Simon, open the door. You can’t lock me in. You can’t take my phone and lock me in. Simon!”

Hearing the gates open and his car hum out, she gave up and staggered back to the bed. Oh God, she might be losing all that she had worked so hard for. What was she going to do if she lost him? How was she going to begin again when she’d come so close to triumph?

God, her stupid bragging mouth was going to cost her. Richelle rubbed her head and tried to think. She needed to think.


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43 Responses to Mercenary Wife – 2

  1. Grace says:

    Hehehe firsts to comment,serves her right,I hope he diovrces her oh

    • Jeffrey Jamez says:

      Divorcing her would be letting her go too easy. right about now she’s his pet.. he can do whatever he likes with her. I’m loving the fact that he’s taking the psychological route.. She is so going to see a side of Simon she never knew existed.

      The fact that some of us guys can be like mumu when we are in love doesn’t mean we’re foolish. There’s always the other side of “mumu men” that no lady wants to see, trust me.

      • mcsteph says:

        I agree, the “mumu side” is more interesting. I’m somewhat having a perverse pleasure in her pain God forgive me. She’s just so cruel, self centered and callous. Ahan, she cares about IG more than Simon sef. Simon, torment her and don’t divorce her. #rubbingpalminpleasure. T. M. More ma

        • Zinnie says:

          Aha,good to know I’m not the only one finding pleasure in her pain. She’s so gonna get it from Simon that she’ll be forced to truly love him at the end.

          Well done ma’am TM and I beseech you, as the creator of this beautiful story, to ensure Richelle is well tormented.

  2. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Hhahahaha I’m loving this Simon guy!!!!….

  3. Justice says:

    Unrepentant Richelle……

  4. favour says:


    There’s always the side of mum men no lady wants to see……

  5. favour says:

    Mumu men*

    Auto correct sha

  6. jojodia says:

    TM,please biko, this kind of story is meant to be written as a full a novel that ur readers can devour straight on. I do not have the patience of waiting for subsequent updates.

    Ah, this story is too ‘HAWWWT’.
    I’m so loving Simon right now.
    For every mumu button that a Loving Dovey man has, there is always that ‘off-switch’ that when touched, the unimaginable reaction can cause a volcano.
    Ratchet AKA Richelle is in for a long ride.

  7. Mammy says:

    Kai this girl will not repent?

  8. Am loving this story already. And Simon,you are too much. I love your style.

  9. mystiq says:

    Aahhhhhhhhh (that’s a joyful ahhh) I just luv simon…congrts to all d new mommies

  10. Dharmmy says:

    Yeah! Love does not mean stupidity. She prepared d meal, she shud enjoy it. Kip up d gud work ma’am. My first comment here

  11. mcsteph says:

    T. M, could you please make Simon not open that door for two more days…..just saying

  12. Teee says:

    Simon, please don’t become monstrous o!!! Just teach her lesson finish

  13. Patience Bassey says:

    I’m so loving this!

  14. Gracious says:

    Hanhan, Stupid girl. She is still on her scheming and planning game. Keep planning away. I felt so bad for d poor guy. So much pain Simon must be going thru. Teach her her a good lesson buh nt beating o, biko. TM u rock for life.

  15. datoks says:

    Nicee, so Nice Simon..you cant fool people all the time, this serves her right

  16. Favour says:

    Rechelle is so unrepentant. She didn’t even show any remorse. Am sure Simon will forgive her if he sees a little remorse

  17. Adefunke says:

    chai, this is bad for you Richelle

  18. Marnie Jerimiah says:

    Simon! Simon!! Simon!!! How many times did I call you?

    You are doing well, keep up the good work.

  19. Iyke David says:

    He changed his mumu buttons without telling her! Wish that he will hold himself.
    But if he forgives her,he gat a big heart!

  20. Toyenlon says:

    This Richelle is unrepentant, i like the approach of Simon. This is a wonderful one, have a blessed week TM.

  21. Ego says:

    Aahan this is skimming gone wrong. See where her big mouth landed her,yeye somebody

  22. Treasure says:

    MA, you are at it again. Always irresistible stories

  23. Ella mum says:

    Yes! Simon don’t forgive her easily without teaching her some lessons. Ensure she is fully remorseful. Aha what a girl!. I can’t just imagin y she is an olodo. Well done TM dear

  24. mercy says:

    this story is sooooooo delicious TM do we v to wait till Thursday to gt d next serving??m salivating already na

  25. frances says:

    No need to lock doors or seize phones,just offer her d best treatment ever-changing SILENCE. there is no better cure than that. She will repent or go gaga.
    I will love to see her go gaga smtime. Just saying.

  26. Roselyn says:

    Stupid girl, Paris, here you come, for your dream. You better pray to God to grant you wisdom to work things out. Yeye dey smell. Thanks TM

  27. Zinnie says:

    Oh Simon, how I love you. You have no idea how much I hate to see people not take action even when there’s need to, all in the name of “love”.
    TM, if you ever plan to turn this into a movie, biko don’t fail to feature me in it. E dey sweet me for belle

  28. cleo says:

    i love it.

  29. How could anyone be so self centered and greedy?

  30. Nancydearie says:

    Simon, its quite a pity that you married a Jezebel who doesn’t care about human feelings and who is out there to ruin you but thank God you found out on time but I must confess that it was her beauty that intoxicated you or should I say that blinded you. This should teach guys out there a lesson. The deed has been done so he has to thing of the best way to resolve the issue at hand. TM, you are damn good. May God continue to bless you. Its well with you.

  31. Mz Tee says:

    first of all….Madam Tm u didnt welcome me on board wen I joined d fam oooo ehn ehn……..in love wit diz already……..I promise to drop comment to each episode xo help me ad PHCN…….#winkz

    • Are you sure I didn’t welcome you to the LS e-fam?

      Chai! I must have thought you were one of the old folks from Alifediary returning like the prodigal son. Lol.

      Oya, hugs, my darling, and welcome on board.

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