Mercenary Wife – 1

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It was a fashionable society wedding. The kind that dazed the imagination of guests and that had them talking above whispers. The kind that had sighs filtering out of mouths that curled in wistfulness and that sent dreamy envy into the eyes of witnesses. It was the kind of wedding where everyone, everyone who mattered, was there. The affluent and the prestigious titled members of the community were there. Families, from far and wide, friends, some with whom contact has not been made in the recent years, graced the occasion. Then, there were those who were guests by way of extended invitation. They did not require the custom crest wedding invitation card to be there; and they filled the awnings that had been set beside the gates of Le Grandeur Banquet Hall.

It was a dream wedding, her dream wedding, and it had been his pleasure to make that dream come true. He was married, Simon still felt dizzy at the thought, and it was an exhilarating dizziness. He just married the woman he loved. That he would fall in love, and be loved in return, and then to have to live the rest of his days experiencing that love, was extraordinarily unbelievable for him.

Had he believed in love before he had met her?


But he had never considered that he would have the blessing of such a wonderous love. Many thought her the lucky one. They were wrong. He was the lucky one. The blessed one, for he did not believe in luck. A man found his purpose and God blessed his works.

He had found his purpose long ago—business. It had started as nothing grand , selling stationaries while still in secondary school. Then it had been recharge cards amongst a catalogue of school items in the university. Then he’d added photography into the mix. But that hadn’t lasted long as the hustle to buy and sell had pulled him fully into the trade business.

He’d started with small supplies, and then he’d opened a provisions store. Then another. Then he’d gotten a chance as a distributor for Dufil. Then it wasn’t just Dufil alone he was a major distributor for. There was P & G and Golden Penny. And just three months back, he’d signed on as a distributor for Dangote Cement. He’d added two impressive supermarkets on the side and was working on finishing the building for the restaurant he had in mind.

No, he wasn’t lucky. He was a man blessed by God, and God, in his infinite mercy, has multiplied that blessing with the love of a gorgeous woman. Richelle. She was his wife now. His. Simon felt his mouth curve as the rustle of joy, and fires of desire, blended into one inside of him. He couldn’t wait to make her his. It had been a long wait, their eight months together.

“It is makes a man envious when he walks into a room and finds his brother smiling to himself.”

Simon turned at his cousin’s words. His cousin, his best friend—and his best man. Like himself, he’d changed from their tuxedo white suit and was now wearing an easy wear.

“A man needs not be envious, not when same blessing shall soon become his.” He said, his smile widening. “Wow, I can’t believe I am married, Paul. I can’t believe she is finally all mine.” A low chuckle rolled out. “Can’t believe I’ll be making her mine tonight.”

“It just happened mere hours ago, so you’re still dazed.” Paul tipped one hip on the Eames desk. “But maybe you have been dazed since you met her.”

“I have been in love, not dazed.” Paul was a sceptic and most times, Simon agreed with him. Not today though. Not in the matter of Richelle. “You don’t have to be a love cynic, Paul.” Heartbreak can make a man doubt the existence of love, and loyalty. “There is true love out there and a man can be blessed to find it. I have found it—with Richelle. And I am going to enjoy it. Every single day for the rest of our lives.”

“For your sake, I hope that will be the case.” The worry in Paul’s eyes was unconcealed.

“It will be. I have not a single doubt. I am happy. Be happy for me.” Simon cast him a sidelong glance. “Is it so difficult to like her? I’m in love with this woman. And this woman, is now my wife. She is now a part of our family, Paul. I need you to completely accept her.”

“She doesn’t—” Paul broke off his speech and exhaled deeply. A rueful smile covered his dark face when he spoke again. “Forgive me, bro. I shouldn’t do this, not on your wedding day. I only worry about family. But believe me, I am wishing you every happiness and I sincerely hope, and pray, that that happiness lasts forever.”

“Now you’re talking like my brother and my best man.” Simon shot him a grin, walked over and gave him a quick embrace. Then he aimed a glance at the suitcases by the bed. “Hey, want to be a helpful brother and see to this for me? I need to hurry up my wife. I’m impatient to get her alone and all to myself.” He tossed a wink.

Paul responded with an affable smile. “You go ahead. I’ll take care of them.”

“Thanks, bro.” His itchy excitement bubbling, Simon strode out of the room and down the corridor and then into the foyer that sprang before his bedroom. Their bedroom, once they were back from their honeymoon.

He raised his hand to knock and then paused at her rolling laughter. God, how he loved the sound of her laughter. The way her voice went deep and then, the sound trickled out of her like drumming bells. He let his hand drop as his mouth curved, desirous to hear more of the sound before knocking.

“Oh please, Uma, don’t be so naïve.” Richelle’s lightly deep and husky voice was punctured by a chiding, and a derisive, note when her laughter ended. “This wedding might have been my dream wedding… well, it definitely was. It was everything I ever dreamed of. Gosh, I still can’t believe I wore a designer dress straight out of a store in London.” She made a throaty sound that was mostly a soft chuckle.

Simon felt the swell of pride even as his stomach walls clenched at the rippling sound. She made him feel things no other woman ever have.

“Yeah, the wedding, everything about it, sure was a dream.” Richelle continued, a string of squishing noises indicating that she was moving along the leather carpet. “But the man I’ve just married—”

She paused. And Simon felt his heartbeat quicken with an odd tug of apprehension. It was the ‘but’. It carried such a note of negation. He pressed his hand to his pitching stomach, told himself to walk away and yet, remained there, eavesdropping.

“Simon isn’t exactly my dream man. Uh-huh, he’s not. Not by a long shot.” The compressing noise of the bed tinkered out. “Well, not by a long shot might be a wicked exaggeration, since he’s quite my dream man in that all-important factor—money. And dear Simon possesses it in heaps and loads.” Her throaty chuckle gurgled out. “Gosh, I love me a man with lots and lots of cheddar. Who doesn’t?” Squeaky noises of the bed accompanied her soft laugh.

“That, my dear Uma, is the only reason I married him. It is the only reason I agreed to date him and put up with his boring, exhaustingly conservative I’m-a-born-again self.” She made a tsk. “God, I can’t stand all that self-righteous prudish ways of his. It’s so annoying. No sex before marriage, can you believe that?” She made a tsk. “Well, maybe that was for good, ’cause I am certain he’s going to be one of those one-minute men. Those born-again types usually are, with teeny-weeny peckers. Which is why they cover their deficiencies with facetious holiness.”

There was another tsk and then, a lustful sigh. “Still, I’ve got me Voke. Dang! I’ve never known a man who knows how to make a woman want more and never have enough. Not having boring sex with Simon gave me the conscience-free leeway to enjoy hot moments with Voke. Not that my conscience would have been burdened.” She chuckled. “I am sure going to miss him whilst on the most tedious honeymoon ever. But I guess being in a romantic city like Paris will lessen that tediousness considerably. It sure is my plan to lessen it by shopping to my heart’s content. And when we get back, Voke and his big man will be making me feel alive once more.”

“What?” Uma’s voice was heavy with shock. The kind of shock that had Simon paralysed outside the door. “You don’t plan to continue seeing Voke after now, do you, Richelle?”

“And why the heck not?”

“You are married now. You are now Simon’s wife for God’s sake!”

“Please, Uma, don’t be so dramatic.” Richelle made a scornful noise. “Wives being faithful and strapped to their husbands’ belt is an out-dated, old-fashioned idea. Women have clued-up and they now know they have as much right as the man to enjoy good sex—great sex.”

“But—what if he finds out?”

“He’s never going to find out. Not when I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger.” Richelle laughed in her rippling throaty manner. “Simon is crazy about me. He’s blind with love for me. He literally worships the ground I walk on. Find out? Uh-huh, girl, he’ll never.”

Simon turned in the foyer, not exactly aware that he was doing so, and stumbled down the corridor.

He got into the guest room. It was empty. Thankfully.

He staggered across the room, stumbling until he entered the bathroom. Then he perched on the bathtub, stiffened his body to stop himself tipping into it. He was trembling, everywhere.

She thought him a boring, exhaustingly conservative born again. A low, trembling laugh shuddered out of him, and she’d married him just because he had money—in heaps and loads.

Dear God, what a fool he was!

A fool in love. There was another man. Voke. She hadn’t been keeping herself. She’d been welcoming another into her bed. She’d been having sex, while he’d been faithfully waiting their wedding night. Waiting to make her his, while all along another man was doing just that.

Hearing the door squeal open, Simon hastily opened the tap and splashed water over his face.

“Baby?” Her husky voice called out. “Simon?” The bathroom door opened. “Oh, there you are. I came to get you.”

She was so beautiful. With skin that was pale mahogany brown and smooth as cream. Her eyes were almost same mahogany brown and they were deep-set and dreamy on a face that looked like it was created on the pages of beauty magazines. She’d changed from her mermaid virgin-white dress and now wore a fitting shimmery dress that tipped off her knees, showing off great legs.

Simon expected hate. But all he felt was the torture of love and the heat of desire. The heart of man was desperately wicked, the bible said. But nowhere did it say that it was weak and treacherous.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” He didn’t know how he could speak, not yell. “Splashing water on my face.”

“Exhausted, are you?” She strolled forward, in her hip-rolling gait, and wrapped her arms around his neck, her face hanging above his own. “Don’t be. Tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for, right?” She kissed him on the mouth. “How about we get going? I can’t wait.”

Simon felt sick. He clamped his hands over hers, stilled the temptation to break them and slowly slid them off him. “Yes, let’s go.”

He let her slip one hand around him, walking woodenly beside her as she chattered and giggled.

“Oh, but this is lovely.” She gushed the moment they entered their suite at Le Méridien. “I love it. One step short of what I wanted for our first night together, but it will have to do.” She spun around and faced him. “Baby, I’m tempted to think that you are pining for your family. You hardly said anything all through the drive down.” She sauntered to his side, leaned her body against his. “I, of course, should be the one weeping and pining, but I know how emotional you can be. No worries though, I plan to make you forget everything else in the world once we are in Paris. You will think of nothing, and no one, but me.”

“We are not going to Paris.” Simon was not sure if it was an afore-thought or just a spontaneous decision now.

“We are not going to Paris?” Her forehead instantly creased and her arms slithered down. “How can that be when you told me everything was already set for our trip tomorrow? Did you change your mind?” Her mouth suddenly curved and her brown eyes twinkled. “You’ve planned a different surprise, haven’t you, you naughty man? Gosh, you make me go weak with how you spoil me. So, where are we honeymooning now?”

“Nowhere.” He stepped away from the numbing heat of her body and her seductive perfume. “There will be no honeymoon. I figured you’d prefer to stay home with your boring, exhaustively conservative husband.”

“Huh?” She gaped at him.

“I heard you, Richelle. The curse of eavesdropping, for now I am disillusioned.” If only he could hate her. It was be a relief from the gnaw of pain to do so. “You only married me for my money. Lucky for me I had heaps and loads of it, else I wouldn’t have stood the chance of your bestowing me with a moment’s attention, not so?”

“Oh Jesus!” She stumbled back and sat with a thud on the bed.


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  1. Ella mum says:

    What! Dis gal is mean. Simon thank u for telling her to her face. Richelle may repent. Well, felt bad for simon sha.

  2. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    This was painful to read….. I could literally feel his pain.. That pain of thinking the one you called yours has been shagging another!!…. Oh I know the feeling!!… Can’t wait to see how this plays out…. Nice start TM!

  3. Patience.Bassey says:

    Lol, it’s good Simon said it to her face.

  4. Favour says:

    Hmmm. Lesson of the day. ‘The Walls have ears’.

  5. Skarlett says:

    Yay! I’m a November baby and I definitely had a good read, can’t wait for more.

  6. Marnie Jerimiah says:

    Hmm, don’t know if he should have told her right away, he should have given her time to think she is still playing him, but sha am waiting to see what happens next.

  7. Ego says:

    See wickedness of the highest order . Bro Simon take heart o

  8. star says:

    hmmmmm some girls sha. I will just advice he remains himself. thanks mama

  9. phuntor says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the girl no try ooooooo that was harsh

  10. Joan says:

    He still loves her! Through all that hate, he still loves her and that’s why I think he’s gonna make her fall for him.

  11. mercy says:

    sad….really sad mayb Paul had guessed.I think Simon shd just gv her a clean divorce….dt girl is mean!

  12. jojodia says:

    Simon my man, u should have recorded her conversation so dat u can always play it for her…….back to back.

    She is sooo in for a loooonnngggg ride in dat marriage.

  13. Iyke David says:

    I think I should take back my comments on the question you asked guys about marrying her after knowing that she married me because of my money.With this I can not let her even near me at all at all!

  14. datoks says:

    Hmmm, wasnt expecting him to tell her,but its all good sha, am sure she will come up with a lie.thanks TM, looking forward to Sunday

  15. mystiq says:

    when dey say the heart of man is wicked this is typical…she will see luv n run n will beg for. Divorce n won’t get it. Its sad that a bunch of men r in d same kind of sham today

  16. mcstephm says:

    this is one of the reasons why most men fear commitment, some people can be so cruel.

  17. abi says:

    hmmmm some girls sha
    bro simon take heart and show her pepper

  18. favour says:


    The sadness of the new groom

  19. CHINNY says:

    No way! The girl mean die. But the guy is smitten sha, he still can’t keep anything from her. See how he rushed to gaan tell her he heard her.

  20. This story is interesting. l can’t wait for the next episode. Tanx dear.

  21. Esther says:

    This story is really going to be interesting. Ma’am TM, thumbs up

  22. Paula says:

    Ghen ghen!!!!

  23. Justice says:

    Sorry brother Simon….

    I think the approach here let’s crash it ,rebuild from scratch or path ways

    TM well-done

  24. mady says:

    Really Aunty TM.. U really knws hw 2 keep a sister busy n head deep in ur stories..
    Luv dis.. God bless ur work

  25. Doyinsola says:

    Broda Simoni, it’s a sorry case oooo. May God heal your marriage. Nice one TM

  26. graceful says:

    Wow this is going to be mind blowing… Keep up the good work…..

  27. Zinnie says:

    Can’t wait to see Richelle suffer for this. Girls like her make true love impossible… Mtcheeew. Take heart Simon, I’m glad you told her on time rather than dying silently. Thanks TM for sharing, hope to follow to the end

  28. Toyenlon says:

    Eeya, so sorry for Simon, imagine the agony and trauma he will be on that night, from anticipating his first time with her to discovering she’s not who he thinks she is. What an agony. Nice start TM, thanks.

  29. Mammy says:

    Chai! See woman abeg. She can now move in with voke abi na coke

  30. Gift says:

    On ones wedding day,,chai,this bride,what’s her name again is heartless

  31. frances says:

    Well I believe Simon baby needs this in a Kd of wake up call. Everything he might av noticed dt he pushed aside as nth wil come rushing back to remind him dt somehw he knew dt his paradise was not built on sand.

  32. abi says:

    I am so sorry for commenting late
    Bro simon u even try leave her for room if na me ehn na between front door and burglary I go leave her for this harmattan without food and water
    she go shout tire
    nonsense gehl

  33. gannie_perrie says:

    I so much love this… TM Una well done o

  34. Ujunwa says:

    Too bad

  35. harunablezin says:

    anoda bomb….wat! a great author u are….

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