A less than 300-word Dialogue Flash Fiction:

“I am the best thing that ever happened to you.”

He hurled the words at me and I cringed at the venom that imbued his voice.

“You would be nothing but a thing of shame if I had not picked you up and brought you into my home.”

His blazing eyes scorched me with the heat of their hate.

“I tolerate you when any other man would have thrown you out and married a better wife.” He hissed. A long pealed out sound of disgust. “I don’t know why I married you. I don’t know why I took you in—you and your bastard son!”

I winced then, roused by the arrow to my heart.

“Don’t call my son a bastard.” My voice trembled. But not out of fear.

“And what is he?” He shouted the words. “Who is his father? Do you know his father?”

“I know his father. And he is not you.” My head did not cower in shame. “I know his father but I gave him to you where I should not have. He deserved better.”

“Gave him to me?” His laughter rang with scorn. “You were pregnant and denied by the man who planted his seed in you. I gave you honour when he heaped shame on you. Gave him to me?” He spat on the ground. A non-visible spittle. “I gave him a home and a name when the vagabond who sired him took to his heels.”

“He deserved better.” I repeated that truth. “You gave him a home and a name and you took his humanity and his dignity as recompense for them.” My mouth trembled. In unison with my broken heart. “You took mine.”

“Then go!” He howled. “Take your bastard and go!”

“We will go. My son deserves better.”



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