Trailer – BTG: Blood of the Innocent

We are slowly drawing the curtain close on DINNER FOR TWO. We, actually, have just two episodes to go. It has been my sincerest pleasure writing this Romance story. It was a wicked-gleam-in-the-eyes pleasure choosing to begin the story from a place where both my hero and heroine were already in love with each other. That is the beauty of Romantic Fiction, and fiction in general, you can begin just about anywhere and still draw same conclusion.

You know, I am proud of romantic souls like Jojodia—who everyone now knows loves love. Lol.

Know why romantic souls like her make me proud? Because they are not scared to believe. They are not afraid to believe that love like that, all mushy and silly and “earthily” impossible can happen. They are not cynical or all “down-to-earth” practical. They are like me. I am a romantic and I love romance. I love the romance that makes a man wrap his arms around me when I slip into bed and begin to do things I probably wasn’t thinking of doing. I love the romance that makes me reach out and just hold his hand. I love the romance that makes us smile foolishly at each other over jokes that will make sane people go, “say what!”

And I enjoyed, and still enjoying, writing this simple sweet romance about millionaire Kome Douglas and big-boned Theodore Malik. And a tiny secret, I purposely chose his name to be “Theodore”. It’s been my pleasurable experience discovering many Theodores and Theodoras who are chubby. Lol. And the best being, Theodore from Alvin and The Chipmunks.

I believe that what we believe in becomes for us. I sincerely, and sanely, believe that.

So as we draw close to the end of this Sweet Romantic Tale, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the journey and I particularly want to thank everyone who made it a point to read and then to comment on every episode of this blovel. My prayer for you is that you will never lack people who will appreciate who you are.

Now on to today’s BLOG MATA… hehehe.

I used to do this way back on Nairaland and Alifediary but kind of stopped after TAKE ME AS I AM. But I am choosing to begin doing it all over again. So…



Do you believe in life after the grave?

Do you wonder what happens after a body is sunk six feet beneath the earth?

Do you question if the dead can see this world and possibly walk in it?

A little boy dies and his father and mother are torn by grief. A crowd gathers to mourn and console the bereft parents. The mother won’t stop crying, she’s lost her only child. The father gnashes his teeth and cries: if only he had done more.

And somewhere beyond the veil that separates earth from another life, that little boy looks down, on his parents, on the hoard of mourners, and the eyes that are gazing down, are blazing with rage. They have taken something from him, something he can never get back. He has been buried six feet beneath the earth but he wants to go back to earth—and he wants to return with vengeance.

BEYOND THE GRAVE: A Paranormal Fiction that tells the story of a little boy on the warpath for vengeance. You might think you have gotten away with, but there’s a warning: Don’t shed the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT!

Be a part of this epic story starting on Life and Spices.com: 4th October 2016. If you have to load and reload the life and spices.com homepage a million times over: I wouldn’t worry about it. This is a story to do crazy things over—AND YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

BEYOND THE GRAVE: BLOOD OF THE INNOCENTa Paranormal Fiction like never before on Life and Spices.com.


Get your reading machines ready, and be sure you come with your brave heart strapped on… it’s going to be a blood-curdling ride… buhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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38 Responses to Trailer – BTG: Blood of the Innocent

  1. favour says:

    Wow,so looking forward to this

    DFT has been awesome so far

  2. jojodia says:

    Biko TM, post the each episode during the day oooo, abeg. Don’t do that your 12am or 1am post o. I don’t want to faint cus of fear.

    Kai, she’s yet to post the first episode, but fear don already dey catch me.

    Please no midnight posting o. I hope my begi begi will be given a favourable consideration….all these one na grammar. please don’t just ppost at midnight.

  3. Marnie Jerimiah says:

    Looking forward to it. You reminded me of TAKE ME AS I AM, that set you in my heart AS one of the greatest writer ever created, and I sure have enjoyed every story read since. Thanks.

    • Marnie, here was I thinking you’re a new reader and you knew me from way back when? Hehehe. I’m honoured, and sincerely so, that you think me one of the greatest writers ever created *still struggling to fix my head right on my neck… too damn big now* *wink*

  4. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    TM you forgot to add dramatic theme song!.. Lol

    Would. Love to see your magic on this one!

  5. Nykky says:

    Bring it on TM midnight and all. We survive HOTH midnight posting we will survive this too Jojodia no need to fear, even Jeffrey fear that time too o. DFT has been wonderful let’s see how this will pan out. Morning TM.

  6. Tosin says:

    I have enjoyed every bit of /DFT and I am looking forward to this new series too. TM never fails to deliver.

  7. Ego says:

    Wow the story sounds scary o but all d same i know it will be a good read as usual. More inspiration to you TM

  8. Pacesetter says:


  9. mystiq says:

    First of all midnight trills …if I v nightmares am coming to ur house to sleep in your bed.

    I officially can’t wait till October 4th…too far, over anxiety will just finish me. #drinkswater don’t even have a choice

  10. adefunke says:

    fear dey catch me small small now. And TM is wicked, Na now she will start updating the story during the midnight, diaris God ooo…love u ma’m

  11. I felt chills but that won’t stop me from reading, I’m so looking forward to this story.

  12. Patience Bassey says:

    Wow, cant wait for this

  13. Roselyn says:

    Haaahaaahaaa! Chai! See my people. Doing press up in order to prepare my spirit, body and … For the movie, TM, bring it on, we dey.

  14. Gloria says:

    Hmmm.Beautiful prologue, waiting patiently

  15. datoks says:

    Am getting scared already o.TM if ubpost in the night, i will read it in the morning, i cannot come n be dreaming bad dream o..really looking forward to this. More wisdom TM.

  16. Paula says:

    Work had not allowed me enjoy stories of late .
    But I will definitely be following this.

  17. mady says:

    Buhahahaha….dah kin laff

  18. mercy says:

    I cn hardly wait!I love writings dt pull on my emotions n create dramatic theme songs n 3D scenes in my head.bring it on TM!I’ll b here evry nyt .Jojodia I’ll bring popcorn for two.U cn bring a *Ted* for hugs …lolll

  19. Roselyn says:

    TM, praise God with me ooo. My long lost e-book story Wey I never finished reading it before my palaser phone delete am. I was able to convice by ever serious workaholic hubby to lend me his laptop for few minutes which I ended up spending three hours with cos I was able to fish out my Match Made In Heaven story and I glued on to it till now. Infact guys make una go grab that copy now now cos TM finish work there. Wow! This is pure comedy sooooooooo hilarious. Weldone ma’am

  20. Mcsteph says:

    Ehen, now this is what I want , I can’t wait

  21. Ella mum says:

    Cleaning my glasses! Can’t wait for the thriller. Fingers crossed

  22. Fsf says:

    Oshey!!!!!!!!!Gbefun TM.
    Tm,the vampire diaries how far?I just finish a Tall Glass of Red wine and its the Bomb,Please make the final two available soonest.Thank you

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